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VANAGON archives – November 2009, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '87 GL high idle problem

  2. '91 7-passenger Vanagon FS in Cedar Springs, MI

  3. A Current Question of humor

  4. Alternator parts sources

  5. Another VW Westfalia adventure begins.....

  6. Anybody need stove, sink, or frig parts from 85 camper?

  7. Auto Trans Rumbling

  8. Automatic Transmission Dipstick Location?

  9. Awesome accessory for your Vanagon

  10. Baja

  11. Beetle Clutch-NVC-Need a part rec

  12. Billet aluminum thermostat housings

  13. Brake Parts Reccommendation/Advice

  14. Brake Parts Recommendation/Advice

  15. Do I need to remove AC condensor to replace my radiator?

  16. E-code square headlight set - $?

  17. EV ECU needed

  18. Empty yards

  19. Empty yards - Vanagon Heaven

  20. Eurovan Winnebago Faucet fits Vanagon Westfalia sink?

  21. FS: oil pan heater new

  22. Friday Avuncular button-bursting

  23. Friday Self-Indulgent Photo Post :)

  24. Friday bird

  25. Friday bird AKICIV (All Knowledge is Contained in Vandom)

  26. Frydaye disgressions was Re: Mike Collum

  27. Fuel Injection

  28. Fwd: Mike's health - there's still hope

  29. Gel Cell's

  30. Getting a sample of the diff oil?

  31. Hard Drive Crash.....

  32. Heart vs. Head

  33. Heart vs. Head/Shuttle Buses

  34. Honest online camera dealer was: NVC ... but just in case

  35. Hope for NLA headlight adjusters

  36. How I filled 1.9 with coolant, was; Roadside BREAKDOWN...Water Pump Belt

  37. How many volts can ECU handle?

  38. Images of South African van on website

  39. Insulation on Engine Compartment? Side Steps?

  40. Intermittent brake sticking

  41. Introductions

  42. Jetta II list

  43. Jump seat seat belt help

  44. MOD -- Mike Collum -- don't be scared to read it.

  45. MOD Mike Collum update 11/18

  46. Mike's health - there's still hope

  47. Moderator Comment: Mike Collum

  48. Move 2000 lbs 436 miles on 1 gallon

  49. NVC - 16 inch VW wheel covers?

  50. NVC ... but just in case you were thinking of a cheap $$ camera ... Camera dealers online and addressed in New York State fraudulent

  51. NVC Bicycle touring

  52. Nice Westy in Kentucky

  53. Off to Sarasota!

  54. Overheating

  55. PS

  56. Pop top springs.

  57. Roof mounted SATELLITE TV dish antennae

  58. Service Interval, Real Wheel Bearings

  59. Should I replace my transmission?

  60. Subject: Fuel Injectors/Oil Cooler Leak

  61. Syncro stutter

  62. The transmission was just replaced by a 5-speed unit that was built by the Guru of boxes in Belgium.

  63. Use Alternator Wanted

  64. VW mailbox--Friday, NVC

  65. Van Repair and Harbor Freight-LVC

  66. Vanagon Heaven -

  67. Vanagon auto trannies

  68. Vanagon overnight camping @ Wal-Mart

  69. -over 100 vanagons on the lot.vanagon heaven.was Re: Empty yards

  70. Vw parts site

  71. WOW! That's a lot of smoke!

  72. West Interior "Shelf"

  73. Westy FS in Austin-But Ouch! Pricey.

  74. Why not CIS? RE: Images of South African van on website

  75. [WetWesties] Introductions

  76. [WetWesties] blinkin' buzzers!

  77. [WetWesties] etka on line with registration

  78. blinkin' buzzers!

  79. clutch...

  80. fuel cutout

  81. hard shifting question

  82. lonely in Portugal

  83. looking to buy good power steering hose from reservoir to pump, p/n

  84. looking to buy good power steering hose from reservoir to pump, p/n 251 422 887

  85. need help.....and free vanagon parts (mid atlantic states PA/NY/NJ/MD/DE)

  86. source for oem Carat alloy wheel centercaps?

  87. source of vinyl panel paper

  88. subject Re: Friday bird AKICIV (All Knowledge is Contained in Vandom)

  89. thermostat housings now being made

  90. vanagon Digest - 19 Nov 2009 to 20 Nov 2009 - Special issue (#2009-1009)

  91. warm thoughts and an Escape from NY in a VW camper.

  92. where does this part go
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