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VANAGON archives – January 2005, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '91 Syncro Westy FS in Seattle

  2. (no subject)

  3. 02 sensor replacement question

  4. 15" wheels with tires!! SNOW TIRES!! Not mine!!!

  5. 1984 double cab fs

  6. 89 Vanagon FS - Adventurewagen highroof camper w/ incredibly low mileage

  7. 91 GL Oil Cooler O-Ring replacement

  8. <No subject>

  9. A/C wiring on 84s

  10. AC radiator

  11. ANy of you know electronics?

  12. ATF level too high - cause?

  13. Anyone running ETKA 6?


  15. Backfiring?

  16. Battery Malfunction

  17. Best Company to use to ship vehicle?

  18. Billy Bones sails again

  19. Broken Spark Plug Electrode/Tip

  20. Buying a Used Van

  21. Can sender unit cause it?

  22. Circumnavigation of Lake Superior

  23. Cold start problem '87 Syncro - repaired

  24. Cololant Leak - screw doesn't fit? 84 westy

  25. Door Lock in handle Q?

  26. Dual Mass Flywheels and I5 dimensions needed (AEL)

  27. Dual Mass Flywheels and I5 dimensions needed.

  28. Duals??

  29. Electrical Gremlin

  30. Electrical pollution?

  31. End of Diesel Vanagon Saga

  32. Engine Died, got it running, but rough under load...

  33. Exhaust fastener sizes needed

  34. FS

  35. FS $ Empi Scoops

  36. FS rare westy sofabed front panel with DOOR...also other sofabed

  37. FS rare westy sofabed front panel with DOOR...also other sofabed parts

  38. FS: '86 Syncro with '91 Subaru 2.2L. $1800 Tacoma/Seattle, WA

  39. FS: '86 Syncro with '91 Subaru 2.2L. Tacoma/Seattle, WA

  40. FS: 2 person westy/vanagon middle seats w/ belts

  41. FS: 87 Westy in Asheville, NC (not mine)

  42. FS: Ebay: Vanagon Hatch Holder

  43. FS: Paulchen Rear Bike/Cargo Rack in PA

  44. FS: power windows - possible retrofit??

  45. FS: vanagon speedo cluster with tach, good upgrade for early vans or ones w/o

  46. FS: vanagon westy rear table, rear table arm, and knob

  47. Final drive level check

  48. For Sale: 85 Vanagon engine parts

  49. For sale

  50. Free 1975 VW Camper Van (California)

  51. Fuel sending unit testing procedure?

  52. Fw: Speaking of...

  53. Garmin ique 3600 & Palm device

  54. Gas filled struts for pop top

  55. Gas gauge does not work

  56. Gauge too high ...

  57. Grease mess in rear brakes

  58. Headlight screw adjustment clips: Rectangular 87 lamps

  59. Heads gasket job (new section)

  60. Humboldt area listees

  61. Humboldt area listees/bURNINGvAN!

  62. Info on recoding your locks

  63. Injector cleaning

  64. Injector cleaning results

  65. Insane elevation of camping to a tea ceremony

  66. Interior / Exterior Sunshade Prototypes

  67. Is this battery charger any good?

  68. LED light are on now...

  69. Lighter plug in dash a big joke...

  70. Mounting a Fire Extinguisher in Westy?

  71. Muir and Bentley are good but the list is great

  72. NVC Phenomenal Photos

  73. NVC: where to get repairs in Atlanta, Montgomery?

  74. O2 Sensor Wire

  75. Other engine conversion options?

  76. Other engine conversion options?<F>

  77. PSI Coolant System

  78. Pahrump NV - place to camp

  79. Pahrump NV - place to camp ----> TECOPA

  80. Places to camp

  81. Power Window Conversion Kit?

  82. Question about 2.1 cylinder and head question

  83. Re Circumnavigation of Lake Superior

  84. Re the insane elevation of camping to a tea ceremony

  85. Rebuilding Vanagon Shifter

  86. Remaned engine

  87. Reminder: True Canadian Winter Bus Camp-out, February 19-20th

  88. Rotor Replacement

  89. Rotor Replacement - Diesel??

  90. Spark Plugs

  91. Speaking of...

  92. Stove Repair

  93. Swap your seats for even Butt wear!!!!!!!

  94. Teaser <<<< Re: Other engine conversion options?<F>

  95. Test Drive to the Rockies

  96. Type 2 (1974) Interior Elements Installation

  97. VERY IMPORTANT: Bentley Publishers donates 100% of web

  98. VERY IMPORTANT: Bentley Publishers donates 100% of web revenue to tsunami relief through Jan 10!!!

  99. VW Ragster

  100. VW has no plans for Microbus in N.A.

  101. Van Stuff

  102. Van Stuff (Heidelberg OEM installed Radio)

  103. Van Stuff (Heidelberg OEM installed Radio) - 1432

  104. Vanagon Sighting

  105. Vanagon running rough

  106. Vanagone

  107. WHICH WAY to adjust?

  108. WTD: Passenger side windows, replacement tips

  109. Watercooled M Al and Sue Brase

  110. Watercooled Mexican Microbusses - photo pickup

  111. Weird POWERLOCK Problem

  112. Where to start?

  113. Wow!

  114. [T2] who has air cooled timing scale?

  115. aux battery

  116. brown '84 dash touch-up paint?

  117. car bra mildew

  118. car bra mildew/and canvas mildew

  119. charging system problem? battery sitting for a while.

  120. ebay Vanagon going cheap, East Coast

  121. fog light switch

  122. humboldt area listees

  123. is anyone parting out a 84 or 85 vanagon?

  124. items at

  125. items at (window insert pics)

  126. last chance 84 Sunroof Vanagon CHEAP PROJECT

  127. might be an injector that is

  128. my tiico syncro vanagon is for sale

  129. mystery connector coming off rear heater circuit on my '84

  130. need help w/automatic transmission problem

  131. please remove from list !!

  132. re. Vanagon Hatch Holder

  133. smoke signals

  134. sold my vanagon.. leaving list.. just wanted to say thanks to everyone..

  135. spring type tube benders

  136. subaru head leaks (SVC)

  137. subaru head leaks - from subaruvanagon list

  138. subaru head leaks - more info from subaruvanagon list

  139. vanagon Digest - 9 Jan 2005 - Special issue (#2005-32)

  140. vanagon Digest - 9 Jan 2005 to 10 Jan 2005 - Special issue (#2005-35)

  141. was "the insane elev. of camping..." now pit toilets

  142. was:Watercooled Mexican Microbusses; now:fryedayes follies

  143. westie weekender for sale in Richmond

  144. who has air cooled timing scale?
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