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VANAGON archives – June 2005, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "Look Ma -- No Seams "

  2. '82 Diesel Vanagon with 953K Miles on Ebay, #4556804465

  3. (Bad Throttle positioning switch?) Engine Hesitation / No throttle response

  4. 15" wheels - what about spare?

  5. 2" receiver style hitch wanted- possible trade?

  6. 2wd springs

  7. 40 days and 40 nights...

  8. 82 Aircooled Temp II sensor ohm's

  9. 83 Adventurewagen update and story

  10. 85 Westy middle seat question...

  11. A/C - Freon to R134 conversion

  12. A/C question

  13. AC issues

  14. AirLift In Westy

  15. Airlift spring supports

  16. Another Coolant Bleeding Question...bleeder valve in engine compartment?

  17. Anyone able to tow? Will pay (San Francisco CA)

  18. Are My Curtains on Correct?

  19. Bleeding Coolant...which way does rear heater switch go?

  20. Bob Donalds big valve engine--yet another update (WAY LONG)

  21. Body panel to change, left front corner, anyone knows?

  22. Bouncing idle

  23. Brakes....

  24. Bringing outside wires in (Westy)

  25. Cabriolet in Denver?

  26. Camping site by river available

  27. Can a 90A or 120A alternator be used for welding?

  28. Can someone with ETKA please look up two parts for me?

  29. Can someone with an '84 or '85 and someone with an '87 or up with AC do me a big favor?

  30. Coolant Bleeding Questions...need a Guru

  31. Coolant Flow & Auxiliary Water Pump

  32. Coolant Movement Problems

  33. Coolant leak??

  34. Copy Cats???

  35. Copy Cats??? LVC

  36. Crazy VW

  37. Crazy VW / was: Coolant Movement Problems

  38. DID any of you do it?

  39. Dennis Haynes hitch near Pittsburgh for borrow (rent)?

  40. Don't forget your stickers

  41. ECU swappable?

  42. Electric Mirrors - Fixed

  43. Engine hesitation in the afternoon, No problem in the morning

  44. Engine quit at freeway speed, no re-start

  45. FS four Vanagon chrome hubcaps

  46. FS: South African 15" wheels + tires, last call!

  47. FS: Syncro Parts

  48. FS: Two Dometic fridges, one Westy table

  49. FW: auto trans

  50. For sale: Old 2.1 engine

  51. Fuel sender inacurate (theory)

  52. Fuel tank small filler neck seal needed...

  53. GOOD 80 Degree Thermostat

  54. General/Sorta dirt-road worthiness of 2WD

  55. General/Sorta dirt-road worthiness of 2WD Vanagons?

  56. General/Sorta dirt-road worthiness of 2WD Vanagons? / Get Posi

  57. Ground connector part number?

  58. Help... Engine troubles, rapid backfiring under load.

  59. High resistance causing no spark?

  60. Hose ID

  61. How to lose your roof

  62. I have some of the 025121171 coolant pipes for sale

  63. I need a trailer hitch

  64. In search of gray westy curtains

  65. Interior light sequence on 7 seater......

  66. Interior lights..... got it...

  67. K & N Air Filter

  68. Location of oil leak

  69. Looking for Type I Engine (Trade for Wasserboxer?)

  70. Making Idle Adjustments

  71. More brake questions

  72. Muffler knocking on Van

  73. My First Westy!

  74. NVC ferries from Washington to Victoria

  75. NW Indiana Bus Storage Space Available

  76. Needs 3 brown curtain Tiebacks

  77. New Poptop rubber seal and canvas installer needed - Vancouver

  78. New Poptop rubber seal and canvas installer needed - Vancouver Canada

  79. New owner question

  80. No horn, no clock, no radio

  81. OEM Vanagon alloy torque spec>??

  82. OT VW doesnąt want drivers anymore

  83. OT VW doesnąt want drivers anymore (different link)

  84. Oh no. Exhaust stud breakage.

  85. Oil leaks from tower and air intake

  86. Parted out Westy...Found Bonus!

  87. Passed emissions- interpretting data

  88. Path of coolant in radiator

  89. Path of coolant in radiator - hoses and beverly hills tip

  90. Poptop Conversion - Syncro For sale...

  91. Power Converters RV, RV Battery chargers from Progressive Dynamics

  92. Power Steering Hose Fabrication

  93. Problem finding a gear 83 Westy

  94. Propane autostop valve question

  95. Question about post that bed locks on to.

  96. Rack and Pinion mount

  97. Registering van as classic in Penna?

  98. Repainting my syncro another color

  99. Rich Running 85

  100. Rust Resto Pics: "Look Ma -- No Seams "

  101. Santa Fe / Albuquerque area folks

  102. Scratches & Off Road Driving

  103. Skylight Alternatives ...

  104. Skylight Alternatives/low profile skylight

  105. Slow power windows

  106. Sticky front door locks

  107. TDI converison package for sale

  108. Three busted tires on same wheel, why?

  109. Tire Quandry

  110. Trans report : SOLVED!

  111. Trans report : rebuilt / new problems

  112. Trick to replacing the "Eye" bushing in the stabilizer link

  113. Value of Ignorance

  114. Vanagon AC Service Manual

  115. Vanagon Middle Seat

  116. Vanagon Tire Review Page just Published

  117. WTB good used 5-speed 93 EV Transmission

  118. WTB: GOOD 80 Degree Thermostat

  119. Wanted, roof trim, again! (anyone parting a Vanagon Adventurewagen?]

  120. Wanted: Bay front split bench seat

  121. Wanted: Core 84-90 Tranny's

  122. Westy camping at USGP--gripe

  123. Won't Start

  124. Yakima Rack on a Westy: Directions Online

  125. Yakima rack install directions

  126. [vanagon] odd vanagon on samba....vanagon "carrier"????

  127. alternator questions/ just bought a reman.alt..

  128. auto trans

  129. bumpers, middle seat for sale

  130. cailliper pin stuck??

  131. cailliper pin stuck?? (never mind)

  132. cheap '86 syncro for sale on samba ($1800)

  133. complete westy A/C system for sale... its getting HOT out there!

  134. finding lighted power on an 83

  135. finding switch able power

  136. for sale: vanagon captains chairs/front seats w/ armrests..(80-84 westy owners!)

  137. for sale: vanagon swival seat mechanisms (add to any vanagon)

  138. fried my CHT gauge

  139. gasket kit elring $60.00

  140. group AT rebuild project?

  141. joe's coolant problems

  142. need advice on how to pull sliding door cover off and not ruin paint or c...

  143. need advice on how to pull sliding door cover off and not ruin paint or cover

  144. need rear heater assy for 1986 Syncro

  145. need rear heater assy for 1986 Syncro - (or core...)

  146. neither the KOA nor retirement homes

  147. odd vanagon on samba....vanagon "carrier"????

  148. pilot bearing

  149. poptop

  150. rear bumper Like new FS

  151. replacement speakers

  152. replacing fuel hoses and injector seals

  153. short trip report - Van. Island

  154. spare ECU

  155. stove panel

  156. stuck in fourth gear

  157. tired 1.9l question

  158. vanagon Digest - 25 Jun 2005 (#2005-509)

  159. weekend report

  160. westy skylight parts for sale
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