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VANAGON archives – July 2005, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. 2.1 oil leak revisited.

  2. 20 Spotted Van's found around Seattle and Bellingham (rust? NVC:o)

  3. 30 mph only

  4. 4th

  5. 82 Aircooled Temp II sensor ohm's

  6. 83 waterboxer full westy for sale $2,750 in SF Bay area

  7. 84 Westy for sale in St Louis

  8. 85 Wolfsburg Weekender For Sale

  9. 87 westy: handling improvement suggestions?

  10. 87 westy: preventative maintenance

  11. 87 westy: sliding door mossie net stock?

  12. A/T

  13. AC for Camping. Best Buy Electronics Sale Item

  14. Adding light sockets to the tail light assemblies

  15. Advice...temp to high.... after new parts....

  16. Air Conditioning Manual

  17. Air Cooled Vanagon AFC Fuel Injection PDF

  18. Another portable AC question

  19. Any AC tech guys or gals out there?

  20. Anybody on the list from Quebec just arrive in Vancouver BC (roadtripper sighting)

  21. Anyone need a front rotor?

  22. Automatic Trans Axles for 5 speed? (right side)

  23. Awnings (yes again)

  24. Beat the heat portable AC unit for vanagon $77 bucks

  25. Bored dog went looking for a lost potato chip.

  26. Changing thermostat on 2.1L - Question?

  27. Comment and question.

  28. Custom mattress (Westfakia)

  29. Diesel water pump pulley diameter

  30. Digijet FI PDF

  31. Digijet FI PDF - finally got it

  32. Digital Camera

  33. Electrical discharging a capacitor

  34. Email Address for Bus People in the armed services wanted

  35. Engine Choices - Call for Data

  36. FA: Like-new Bus Depot "Koln" Tent w/Sleeping Cabin, Floor

  37. FS Vanagon Alloy wheels

  38. FS: 83 diesel Highroof camper on samba

  39. FS: 84 Westphalia in southern Colorado

  40. FS: Used pop-top canvas $35

  41. FS: cheap '87 westy on samba

  42. Final Drive Oil Seal Bushing

  43. For sale: vanagon carat/wolfsburg/weekender interior..w/ sofabed and sidetable

  44. Free 1973 VW Bus with A/C (San Jose, CA)

  45. Fuel Gage

  46. Gas Gage

  47. Got worse, now doesn't run

  48. Got worse, now doesn't run..


  50. Halifax 2 Vancouver: In Vancouver

  51. Help finding source for Yokohama Tires

  52. Help! failed ca smog check

  53. How do I remove the sliding window catch - 82 westy

  54. How to tighten radio antenna holder

  55. Ignition switch - no start

  56. Inverters on sale at Sierra Trading Post

  57. It runs! and tightening the oil cooler

  58. Jim- Oil leak revisited

  59. Low Mileage Syncro Westy for $6,000?

  60. Missing List Member

  61. Momo shift knob - guilty pleasure

  62. NDN: Re: Vanagon mattress pad

  63. Need Car CD Recommendations

  64. Never mind found the tires

  65. Non-T2/VW help needed in Watertown, NY

  66. Observations on AC

  67. Optima Battery safety question

  68. Owners manuals

  69. Pascal Giasson's visit

  70. Portable Air Conditioner aka hybrid electric vehicle continued

  71. Portable Air Conditioner aka hybrid electric vehicle continued - live and learn

  72. Prelim Vanagon Zetec Conversion Website

  73. Pretty Pictures

  74. Pump for gallon containers of Redline Gear oil

  75. R134 conversion

  76. Radiator flushing

  77. Radio in the vanagon

  78. Rear speakers

  79. Renting Westfalias

  80. Replacing windshield faux-chrome strip

  81. Searching archives - 50 most discussed topics

  82. Seeking Washington DC Camping Info

  83. Selling my 1986 Syncro Adventurewagen

  84. Share your solar success story?

  85. Sunroof Alternative

  86. Syncro front sticker

  87. Syncro replacement/Government surplus auction


  89. Thanks, on the Oil Cooler Seal;

  90. The cross bar under the rear bench seat GL

  91. Thermo gun results and Four speed MPG

  92. This Electric AC dialogue

  93. This is the real deal-----US Government surplus auction---NVC

  94. Tire Reviews .. a great success and growing daily

  95. Tires

  96. Touch up Paint

  97. Touchup Paint

  98. Touchup Paint here

  99. Trade middle seat in SF ? Have Blue. Need brown.

  100. Trip to Glacier & Banff

  101. Vanagon Tops - Conversion Options

  102. Vanagon mattress pad

  103. Vanagon mattress pad - and other random sleeping area thoughts


  105. WTB Passenger Side Lens Cover

  106. WTB: Westy luggage rack

  107. Westfalia and AC

  108. Westy interior light replacement (want one like my EV)

  109. What do most people do for trailer light wiring?

  110. What happens if you put 134a into a r12 systems without doing nothing?

  111. Window Lifter, new engine

  112. Years and color code for Alpine White

  113. [NVC] Digital Camera

  114. [Syncro] 20 VW Vans spotted around Seattle and Belli ngham

  115. [Syncro] 20 VW Vans spotted around Seattle and Bellingham

  116. [Syncro] Engine Choices - Call for Data

  117. [WetWesties] wanted: old muffler or cat

  118. a CRAZY story involving my westy

  119. actuators for now power vans

  120. anyone have any beta on northwest campers in bellington wa?

  121. canadian listers up! (nrvc)

  122. captains chairs

  123. coolant

  124. download help; was: Re : Re: Digijet FI PDF

  125. dust cap front left wheel

  126. for sale: westfalia interior and poptop section

  127. fuel pump did it.. she runs!

  128. fuel pump insulation??

  129. has your vanagon lost its balls?

  130. looking for late a syncro westy

  131. looking for late a syncro westy, converted to diesel (TDI)?

  132. need a/t for vangon

  133. oil leak above the oil filter.

  134. poptop from C/L sf bay FREE '87 WESTY!!???!!??!

  135. radiator cooling fan series resistance

  136. re. double door vanagon pics..(sliding doors on both sides)

  137. rebuilding master cylinder

  138. seat back organizer NVC

  139. switching AC power between hookup and inverter

  140. thinlites for sale Re: Westy interior light replacement (want one like my EV)

  141. tiny a/c window small can you get?

  142. van side awnings

  143. vanagon Digest - 3 Jul 2005 to 4 Jul 2005 - Special issue (#2005-531)

  144. wanted: crappy sliding door for 85/up in SF..

  145. wanted: old muffler or cat

  146. westy high-tops

  147. where is the fuel pressure regulator on my 82 vanagon?
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