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VANAGON archives – March 2006, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. (NEVER AGAIN)Re: 1983 Road & Track Westy test

  2. 1.9 engine breather/coolant hoses and exhaust gaskets

  3. 1.9 runs better with 02 sensor disconnected-kinda long cause I need to ventialte

  4. 1.9L case half ?? loctite 515 sealant

  5. 12V fridge necessary?

  6. 16" alloys for vanagon For Sale or trade

  7. 1983 Road & Track Westy test

  8. 72-29 Westy Sink Pump Question

  9. 76bus

  10. <No subject>

  11. AC Outlet Needed

  12. About those mud flap holes...

  13. Accessing the archives through email this link leaves

  14. Air conditioning-

  15. Ant-Theft Device - Battery Disconnect Systems/ Other Vanagon related sites...from hot VW Mag

  16. Audi Diesels in Vanagons?

  17. Audi V8 install pics

  18. Auto trans - not shifting into 3rd when cold?

  19. CV Joint Detail Website

  20. Chunka 1.9 WBX Bologna

  21. Chunka Bologna

  22. Digitool for the Digijet

  23. Digitool saves the day, again

  24. Disabling the fuel pump

  25. Does anyone know where to buy a yellow H2 bulb?

  26. Done: Re: (rear) cv joint

  27. Door Insulation Proceedure

  28. Everybus 2006 Frappr Map

  29. FS: 1986 westy on SF craigslist - cheap!

  30. FW: Vanagon Syndrome

  31. First Black Pope - FryeDay CornBall Humor

  32. Free 14"wheels and hubcaps

  33. Friday humor? TomC?

  34. Frozen slave cylinder

  35. Fuel Tank R&R Kits

  36. GoWesty Van Values

  37. GoWesty Van Values [Sportsmobile]

  38. H&R springs and Seattle area alignment shop recomendations?

  39. Have several 84 buses, on seems to sway more in wind.

  40. Have several 84 buses, on seems to sway more in wind. MUST BE SOLVED.

  41. Headrests

  42. Here are some snap switches that may fit to, be used in place of the $75 VW throttle switch

  43. Hi-torque starter installation

  44. High Mileage Maintenance Concerns

  45. I will fix your busted fiberglass bumpers!! Re:WTB: Carat Lower Body Cladding -

  46. I'm buying, any cheap vanagon for sale.

  47. Introduction

  48. Kenwood KSC-SW1 powered subwoofer

  49. My New Syncro Website

  50. NVC - F**d water in oil

  51. NVC - Plasma Cutters and Mig/Tig Welders

  52. NVC can anybody run a carfax for me?

  53. NVC- Estate Tax Auction

  54. OT vw bug question

  55. Oily puddle under my vanagon

  56. Opportunity on Large Used Parts

  57. Our first trip in our Westy.

  58. Poptop water-proofing

  59. Pressure relief valve?

  60. Propane lines

  61. Question to any fridge freak...

  62. RUST on propane tank R&R, comments needed...

  63. Shifter linkage cup and balll question

  64. Shirt Shift Kit

  65. So what is the gas tank problem?

  66. Sound insulation info and tips

  67. Syncro de Mayo 2006 Registration - 60% after site up for one week

  68. Syncro de Mayo Este 06 - new yahoo group formed for this event

  69. The road to Scorpion Bay Bing and Bob with Courtney Love

  70. Thoughts on Mr. Heater Buddy?

  71. Trailers, Portable Generators and the like

  72. Trailers, Portable Generators and the like(NVC)

  73. Travel Journals/ Mexico and beyond

  74. Trucking Companies for a Westy from Salt Lake City to Boston area?

  75. UPDATE, FIXED: intermittent stumbling, stalling etc

  76. Update: permanent fuel pressure gauge

  77. Update: permanent fuel pressure gauge - Source!

  78. Vanagan rebuild dino or synthetic oil??

  79. Vanagon Engine Temps & Oil Levels / Drama or Contribution / Technical Comment

  80. Vanagon Gas tank available

  81. Vanagon Short Shift Kit

  82. Vanagon Tow Behinds Build your own Tear Drop Trailer

  83. Vanagon Webring

  84. Very squeaky front end

  85. WTB rear differential lock externals

  86. WTB: Carat Lower Body Cladding - Psngr Side

  87. Was 12V fridge necessary? now rant (LVC)

  88. Wierd (Ignition?) Problem...

  89. [Syncro] My New Syncro Website

  90. [Syncro] Temperature.

  91. [WetWesties] Satellite Radio?

  92. antiswivel seat?

  93. any Austin TX Vanagonites have a junker in the driveway

  94. cargo boxes on top of westies

  95. changing the lock on outside door handle-easy, hard, or impossible?

  96. does gas tank leak mean loss in mpg?

  97. driving without sway bar?

  98. driving without sway bar? (was: Re: stabilizer link hitting coil? (WAS: Re: sway bar wiggling))

  99. heat, noise & rust

  100. home made syncro westy

  101. hot mail question

  102. how many different style seatbottom foams were used for the capt.chairs?

  103. how to ship a rear hatch?

  104. my new tires

  105. no sway bar = no improvement

  106. opendigifart

  107. propane tank R&R, comments needed...

  108. question for engine conversionists and thanks for the advice on the door handle!

  109. question for engine conversionists with real hose measurements

  110. relay

  111. removing front end stuff without jacking up?

  112. shifter linkage solved and the real problem persists...groan!

  113. snake oil VW Carriolet Carrado Cabrio Vanagon Supercharger/Turbo ???

  114. snake oil VW Carriolet Carrado Cabrio VanagonSupercharger/Turbo ???

  115. source for fridge heating element?

  116. stabilizer link hitting coil? (WAS: Re: sway bar wiggling)

  117. stone chips in fog lights - repairable?

  118. suspension newbie - shock dismounted

  119. sway bar wiggling

  120. swivel seat

  121. the back end of the Vanagon aerodynamics again

  122. type 1 rods vs 1.9L rods

  123. vanagon Digest - 20 Mar 2006 (#2006-243)

  124. vanagon Digest - 20 Mar 2006 to 21 Mar 2006 - Special issue (#2006-244)

  125. vanagon list tool library

  126. vw wierd ignition problem.

  127. was shifter linkage solved now replace rear wheel cylinder or both

  128. what's an '80 L worth?

  129. white vs black tanks Re: propane tank R&R, comments needed...

  130. windshield resins, was: stone chips in fog lights - repairable?

  131. yet another fridge question (ok you experts)...

  132.       Re: Update: permanent fuel pressure gauge - Source!

  133. über rare Oettinger WBX flat 6 vana gon engine FS
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