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VANAGON archives – March 2009, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. 16" Tire recommendations

  2. 2.1l throttle plate question

  3. 3 bolts aint enough!

  4. 82 westy drive belts

  5. CAN code reader?

  6. Carfax needed

  7. Carfax request apology and thanks

  8. Clog in Fuel Line

  9. Engine suddenly dies, restarts Ok

  10. FS: Jumpseats for $75 each & Westy Single Seat pedestals $150 each in San Francisco

  11. Flywheel Lock

  12. Free limited slip differential. Was: Locking differential..?

  13. Front Bumper Removal/Fog Light Install

  14. High beam blue light?

  15. Highway of Heroes - Vanagon trip report (limited vanagon content)

  16. Hot Water On Demand on Sale for Canadians

  17. How do you replace the bulb - WAS - RE: High beam blue light?

  18. I think I'm gonna sell it :(

  19. Internal Debate

  20. Ione #2

  21. LVC Owensboro, KY?

  22. Locking differential..?

  23. Looking for nice 85 for UK Couple

  24. Manual trans clutch lever

  25. Manual trans replacement

  26. Mostly successful manual trans replacement

  27. NVC -- My Son is having car troubles (Subaru) on way to Rochester

  28. NVC -- My Son is having car troubles (Subaru) on way to Rochester (Thanks)

  29. NVC Carfax request apology and thanks

  30. Oil pressure low limit

  31. One BIG Westy

  32. Propex 2000

  33. Radiator cleaning

  34. Rear Heater Hose Diameter...from the T to the heater

  35. Replacing FI with Carbs on WBX 2.1L

  36. Takes a darn long time for heater...

  37. Takes a darn long time for the heater to come up to speed

  38. That wonderful ignature VW "chrip"!

  39. The Vanagon Song

  40. Tie Rod Outer Ball Joint R&R Questions (searched)

  41. Tires - Why oh why NOT?

  42. Using LED's as dash lights

  43. VW Books on Interior Designs

  44. Vanagon Life - Video

  45. WBX 2.1 L Crankshaft End Play Adjustment

  46. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO ... THE VOLKSWAGON MICROBUS : Done in by the minivan, its time has come and gone

  47. Was Re: That wonderful ignature VW "chirp"! now ticket/ fine info

  48. Was: Opinion on Long Trip w/young driver to Florida from Texas-Now: They made it!

  49. Westy faucet changing

  50. [Adventurewagen] Vanagon Events.

  51. [WetWesties] VW Books on Interior Designs

  52. home made pressure bleeder

  53. home-made pressure bleeder

  54. how to remove an instrument panel bulb

  55. how to remove an instrument panel bulb Can anyone help

  56. issues with oi; alarm and temp light

  57. starting to wonder if

  58. things you should have with you on a long trip

  59. transmission types vs codes

  60. update on Matilda in Newfoundland

  61. vanagon Carat alloy wheel centercaps now available again...

  62. westfalia = chick repellant. (friday)

  63. what to do when you have the fridge out?

  64. where can i get 10mm wheel spacers?
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