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VANAGON archives – May 2011, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '91 Vanagon Sliding door hardware

  2. 1981 Westy Slider Door Light Install Pics & Scintillating Comments.

  3. 2.1 puked coolant near oil filter when hot

  4. 2.1 rebuild - new nuts for case halves-thoughts for all bolted connections.

  5. AC refurb

  6. AC shops in Northern VA?

  7. Aftermarket Rooftop Cooling Experiences?

  8. Any tips on the last inch transmission mounting?

  9. Anyone know these Canadians?

  10. Auto Trans: Upshifting later, per GTA?

  11. Auto Trans: Upshifting later, per GTA? [REPORT]

  12. BUSFUSION Reminder

  13. Brembo vs ATE brake Disks

  14. Compromised Email-Possibly

  15. Electrical Failures

  16. FS: Flavel Stove for custom camper installation

  17. Failed Inspection- questions on rust and ball joints

  18. Followup: LED strip lighting power consumption

  19. Free Topo Map Sources

  20. Friday - Boston Area Dentists

  21. Front end suspension

  22. Fry-day - Transporter body restoration

  23. Fuse Block Sources

  24. Fwd: Project Update #5: The Bus by Damon Ristau

  25. Granny Grose's Buses 7

  26. Group buy for new Adventurewagen tops

  27. Horn Ring Replacement - Tips and Tricks

  28. How the dickens? (Pickle of the day)

  29. I have first gear back and new clutch finally in...

  30. Is the standard CV grease lithium-based?

  31. LED lighting

  32. Likelihood of Windshield breaking on removal?

  33. Lockers -- how hard to install LLSD?

  34. Locking Diff

  35. Maintenance Saga: '84 Westy

  36. Modified carriage bolts?

  37. Nvc-BUT related to last personal protection post

  38. PBS Westy alert

  39. Photo of LED light strip results

  40. Radiator fan

  41. Redline CV-2. User Input?

  42. Reposting Arkansas Trip Report Link - had issues this week...

  43. Rooftop A/C Experiences

  44. Rooftop A/C Experiences 12 volt AC option.

  45. Rooftop A/C Experiences 12 volt ac more seriously

  46. Solved: Any tips on the last inch transmission mounting?

  47. Sunroof - A/C

  48. Syncro drove! For the first time in 13 years!

  49. Trans upshift

  50. Trip Report (Boulder SVX motor purchase)

  51. Trip Report - Toronto to Arkansas and Back

  52. VW P/N anyone?

  53. Voltage at alternator blue D+ lead?

  54. WTB - (1) Hakka CQ

  55. What I did to my Vanagon today

  56. What Learned Yesterday - luggage rack edition

  57. What's a good lube for plastic?

  58. Wheel studs/spacer kit

  59. Z-bed Foam: 2240 Users? (aka 2.2 lb, firmer)

  60. [NVC} Blocked Ports -Linksys Router WRT54G- Request assistance

  61. annoying rattle/clunking noise solved

  62. automatic shift point adjustment was Re: Lockers -- how hard to install LLSD?

  63. auxiliary battery power to cab?

  64. boring post on transmission mount

  65. end play measurement

  66. friday - the old car season has started here

  67. friday chevy airstream

  68. giubo end of stock propshaft

  69. new Washington State public lands fees

  70. replacing hoses on oil cooler

  71. some sort of clunking

  72. some sort of clunking - rear end

  73. syncro stock propshaft comparison

  74. tw67syncro

  75. will '86 door handles work on my '84?
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