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VANAGON archives – July 2002, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. "Busses Nowhere Near The Arch #18"...

  2. '86 MT grinding when entering 3rd gear

  3. (OT, but important) The Ford Excursion is DEAD!!!! YEEEEEEEAAAAAHHH!! YES YES YES YES!!! W00000H000000!

  4. (SVC) must read vanagon sticker

  5. 3 window tent and a question.

  6. 81 Vanagon seatbelt question

  7. 84 seatbelt confusion

  8. 84-seatbelts

  9. 85 GL with basic westy interior FS $1800

  10. <No subject>

  11. A Tiico installation Success!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. A need a Turbo Boost Gauge

  13. A/C compressors rebuild able?

  14. A/C hose

  15. AAC parts in Seattle-Tacoma Area?

  16. AC Leaks

  17. AC in a westy?

  18. AC upgrade - in-dash

  19. ADDCO is making a front sway bar for me this week, anyone else want one?

  20. AW: Heidelberg Radio from Vanagon

  21. AW: Sometimes it's the little things...

  22. AW: Vanagon Virtues and Type 2 contrasts( was ahhh..

  23. AW: aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I don't want to sell my van!!!!!!!!!

  24. Adirondack Campsites?

  25. Alt. belt vs. Pwr Steering belt

  26. Are Early and Later Style Disc Rotors Interchangeable??

  27. Automatic trans hesitation.

  28. Automatic trans performance questions

  29. Aux Air Flow Regulator

  30. Batteries in parallel?

  31. Bellevue Washington camping spots?

  32. Brittle screen in pop top tent

  33. Bus Depot Awning Instructions

  34. CV boots life

  35. Can the stock headlight wiring handle higher wattage bulbs?

  36. Can the stock headlight wiring handle higher wattage bulbs? -fish

  37. Carbs R.I.P.

  38. Carbs forever

  39. Clive bashing

  40. Common AC leaks?

  41. Common AC leaks? (my question)

  42. David Longman/IDBS is out of the office.

  43. DigiTool Pics or experiences anyone????

  44. Exhaust Gaskets

  45. Exhaust Stud size

  46. Exhaust install question -- sealant?

  47. FS: 1985 Vanagon $650 (Oregon)

  48. FS: 1985 Vanagon $650 (Oregon) --PICTURES ADDED--

  49. FS: 87 Vanagon Weekender w/Poptop

  50. Flush & Fill & Fan Switch questions

  51. Flush & Fill & Fan Switch questions - thermoswitch

  52. For sale to good home

  53. Ford Excursion is DEAD - Off topic

  54. Ford Excursion is DEAD ?

  55. Free: Jack & lug-nut wrench

  56. Free: Jack & lug-nut wrench - Oops!

  57. Front Speaker Recommendation

  58. Fw: Re: Ford Excursion is DEAD - Off topic

  59. Headlights fixed - thanks list!

  60. HighCountry festival income

  61. I sold my 87 Westy, sniff!!! And sniff again.

  62. Inline 4 COnversions

  63. Interior heater

  64. Just wondering

  65. List Stickers

  66. List of grounds

  67. Location of online Westfalia pop top conversion

  68. Location of online Westfalia pop top conversion directions......?????

  69. Location of online Westfalia pop top conversiondirections......????? FISH

  70. Luggage rack and poptop

  71. Major light upgrade (long)

  72. Mystery Electrical Trouble

  73. NO MAIL

  74. NONONONO was Re: Mystery Electrical Trouble

  75. Needed EKTA p/n search: starter cable 1982 diesel

  76. New Guy needs info

  77. New Guy needs info, thanks

  78. New guy needs help

  79. New to the south

  80. Part/part nos. needed

  81. Plastic ring on sliding door roller where?

  82. Portable AC Units

  83. Pulling one G in a Westie

  84. Radiator Fan Motor 1987 w/air

  85. Random Stalling, Need Help

  86. Re. WBX bashing

  87. Removing Badging question

  88. Removing the fridge

  89. Running Rich, need help (and wierd fuel pressure)

  90. Some what of a shake down run and small trip report to Cross Lake MN

  91. Sometimes it's the little things...

  92. Speedometer Calibration

  93. Speedometer Calibration/ Gear failure

  94. Splitty love story NVC

  95. Stainless Steel Exhaust Components

  96. Starter :bushing support

  97. Syncro part number needed

  98. The Mystery Machine saga continues

  99. Tiico - Welding Engine Mount

  100. Tiico COnversion

  101. Transmission shift lever bushing variances

  102. Traveling hwy 1 in CA, where to camp? caravan?

  103. Use of Lock Tite

  104. VW Bus

  105. Vanagon Virtues and Type 2 contrasts( was ahhh..

  106. Vanagon carbs FS - fit others?

  107. Vent glass needed

  108. WBX Whining

  109. WBX bashing

  110. WBX bashing (is quite well deserved)


  112. WTB: Heidleberg Radio from Vanagon

  113. WTB: Van/Bus flex plate

  114. WTB: printed circuit board

  115. Water pipe thermostat to waterpump R/R

  116. West Pop Top Seals

  117. Westy Middle Seat

  118. Westy Poptop Installation on a Sunroof Vanagon???

  119. What about a Swampy cooler?

  120. What is your dream van? Friday Topic

  121. Why I LOVE My Westy

  122. Why I LOVE My Westy AND my other vehicles

  123. Why I Love My - MULTIVAN - Westy

  124. Why I love My Vanagon

  125. Wierd wiring (was running rich)

  126. Window Size

  127. Window vents

  128. [Syncro] bosch super 4's

  129. [TRIP] Utah in Sept?

  130. [vanagon] VW Bashing

  131. aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i don't want to sell my van!!!!!!!!!

  132. anybody wanna buy a blue 84 1.9 digijet vanagon. (please!)

  133. anybody wanna buy a blue 84 1.9 digijet vanagon. (please!) (in memphis, TN)

  134. boom boom boom!

  135. burned up

  136. busted AC fitting

  137. coolant part # clarification?

  138. coolant smell up front

  139. d'oh! lost my front wheel bearing dust cap (on outside) anybody got one?

  140. diesel conversion

  141. dripping AC, part 2

  142. email change

  143. fire extinguishers, custom mounts etc

  144. fuel additive for gas guage

  145. major light upgrade (long)

  146. old messages coming in after "nomail" set

  147. power window fixed!

  148. propane tank use

  149. question about wider tires

  150. simple extinguisher mount

  151. swapping middle seat for rear-facing seats

  152. thinking of selling my 82 Westy

  153. tranny on 90 carat

  154. vacation

  155. vanagon Digest - 30 Jul 2002 - Special issue (#2002-910)

  156. westy windows
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