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VANAGON archives – January 2008, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. (a little positive thinking)

  2. 1985 Westy with Subaru 2.2

  3. 2.4 WBX longblock Go westy style

  4. 5-speed vanagon on 2wd

  5. 60 Years VW Bulli - The Book / Group Purchase Closed

  6. =?US-ASCII?Q?60_Years_VW_Bulli_-_The_Book_/_Group_Purchase_Closed?=


  8. ATF level

  9. Another BZ Shelf Gets Installed!

  10. Anybody else seen these cool AC's (no pun intended) & leather seats found on Vanagons sold in Thailand?

  11. BURNinGvAN

  12. BZ shelf

  13. Butane, methane, propane, pentane, hexane...distane?

  14. Dirty Fuel and Poor Performance

  15. Distilled Water

  16. Distilled water

  17. ESC Warranty

  18. Early Westy prices!!

  19. FS Westy- Turbo Diesel Joker on Samba

  20. FS: 15" and 16" alloys for vanagon

  21. FS: 1985 Westy with Subaru 2.2

  22. FS: TDI swap & Kennedy adapter kit (Guelph, Ontario, Canada)

  23. FS: flip out side table, fits all passenger vans, 5 minute install.

  24. Flywheel Mods?

  25. Fwd: FS: TDI swap & Kennedy adapter kit (Guelph, Ontario, Canada)

  26. Fwd: Vanagon Crash Video Snipets (Almost Fryday)

  27. Government MPG ratings site

  28. Hylomar or other gasket sealant

  29. Install a 5 speed syncro tranny in my 2WD Vanagon

  30. Installing weekender interior in pass. van

  31. Last day for BZ-Shelf contest Submissions!

  32. Looking for Fake tools site!!

  33. Looking for Fake tools site!! [NVC]

  34. Looking for a receiver hitch...

  35. Manufacturing Vanagons in private?

  36. Manufacturing Vanagons in private? - musings on the practicality thereof

  37. Moving into the 21st century was Re: Wallaced?

  38. My 2 mods

  39. NVC Re: Stevens Creek Volkswagen in Santa Clara

  40. NVC: Type 1 case -bURNINGvAN 2008

  41. New Car Dealers And Parts Prices

  42. New Car Dealers And Parts Prices-a service advisors

  43. New Car Dealers And Parts Prices-a service advisors perspective (long)

  44. Nice VW Bus Write Up

  45. Not shifting into 4th gear...maybe?

  46. Oil filter performance

  47. Paint the plastic bumper extensions?

  48. Pictures needed

  49. Propex and outside temperature

  50. Ran out of gas; only took 13 gallons to fill

  51. Re : Re: My 2 mods

  52. Re : Re: Propex and outside temperature

  53. Rear arm rest removal

  54. Rear westy arm rest removal

  55. Replaced my windshield myself tonight- easy job

  56. Replacing front upper body panel?

  57. Stevens Creek Volkswagen in Santa Clara

  58. VWs for sale

  59. Vanagon Crash Video Snipets (Almost Fryday)

  60. WTB: Used Haynes for 93-99 Jetta/Golf (for my Vanagon engine conversion)

  61. Wallaced?

  62. Water in gas

  63. Westy -- Little Brown Caps

  64. Windshield

  65. Workspace needed in Vancouver BC

  66. Your message to vanagon-request@GERRY.VANAGON.COM

  67. [LVC] North American International Auto Show / roller bearing lifters..

  68. [TDI-conversion] Flywheel Mods?

  69. bURNINGvAN 2008

  70. coffee filter for dirty coolant?

  71. distilled water for coolant

  72. distilled water for coolant - was New Car Dealers And Parts Prices-a service advisors


  74. major fuel leak

  75. owners manuals FS

  76. propex and outside temp

  77. uh-oh

  78. vanagon Digest - 29 Jan 2008 - Special issue (#2008-131)

  79. vanagon Digest - 30 Jan 2008 (#2008-140)
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