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VANAGON archives – January 2009, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. 'Buyer Beware' - was A 2009 Heads Up

  2. 87 Westy for sale

  3. A 2009 Heads Up

  4. A New year; A New bus ....

  5. A"KEEP YOUR (2009) HEADS UP !!! :O)

  6. AW Owner & SdM Alumni in The News, Tough Lady- Harmony Bates

  7. AW: Interesting van on Ebay UK

  8. And That Should End This Thread was GoWesty / Zoltan - Comments

  9. And That Should End This Thread was Samson & Goliath - Comments (names changed to protect the innocent !!! :o)

  10. Any experience with Westfalia Enterprises?

  11. BBTB Anyone?

  12. Brake Lights

  13. Bullet proof Vanagon, Interesting van on Ebay UK

  14. Bus Fusion

  15. Buses by the Bridge - Roll Call

  16. Busted Cladding Holes..and tire guys

  17. Busted Cladding Holes???/

  18. Carfax Anyone?

  19. Carfax please?

  20. Carfax?

  21. Dead of Winter Campout

  22. Different H4 setup with Saab 900 buckets/adjusters on the Samba

  23. Early List Memories

  24. Early List Memories...


  26. FW: GoWesty vehicle for sale ad

  27. FW: subject Re: [VANAGON] bURNINGvAN

  28. Falken ZE-912 tires

  29. Front Springs

  30. Fuel filter 85 vanagon

  31. Fwd: MONSTER AWNING Prototype Pics on Flickr

  32. Go Westy sales tactics-on my soapbox with a long diatribe

  33. GoWesty / Zoltan - Comments

  34. GoWesty thread

  35. Here's something you don't see every day

  36. Higher Output Voltage Regulator ?

  37. Idle air Speed Motor wiring question

  38. Interesting van on Ebay UK

  39. Just out of curiosity; was RE: where to advertise westy for sale SOLD

  40. Leakdown, Compression & Light wiring

  41. List Membership Count

  42. List filtering thoughts

  43. List filtering thoughts / This List Can Live in Harmony;

  44. List member count

  45. List member count/History

  46. MONSTER AWNING Prototype Pics on Flickr

  47. Memories

  48. More early list memories...

  49. Need Euro Planner

  50. Need a piece of poptop canvas 48" x 12"

  51. Need a piece of poptop canvas 48" x 12"

  52. OOPS Re: need tires for 90 westy OOPS

  53. Out of Albuquerque

  54. Paging "Brooks" - Photo submitted for 2009 calendar

  55. Phrydaye Phollies ... and the theme tonight is: Snow! :)

  56. Plastic fuel line part - replace with what?

  57. Pop top install


  59. Rear main seal replacement on 84 with subaru conversion

  60. Rebuilt Tranny FS

  61. Removing the axle shafts (was: Towing a Vanagon)

  62. Replacement Wiring Harness (Lucas)

  63. Road cow; More early list memories...

  64. Sad Day responses!

  65. Sad day for our family, LVC.

  66. Secret $15 steel wheel source

  67. Secret $15 steel wheel source- Fit 1977 bay windows?

  68. Shade tree wiring of a cold start valve on a 2.1?

  69. Still STuck in Albuqueque

  70. Stuck in Albuquerque

  71. TOO Cool for School; Bus Toy!!(SVC)

  72. The 'tone' of the list; was RE: List filtering thoughts

  73. The 205/70-14 tire you really want!

  74. The Dead are touring...

  75. The Dead are touring... Worcester MA gathering?

  76. Top replacement

  77. Trip Report and some Lucky misfortunes

  78. Vanagon stuff for sale - Atlanta area but will ship

  79. stickers?

  80. Was Re: Removing the axle; Now Pinning the steering wheel

  81. Wasatch Westies ...More early list memories...

  82. Westfalia instrument panel.

  83. What GoWesty had to say about the hot topic of the day---

  84. What is the correct way to determine CV axle length?

  85. What's your relative MPG?

  86. Winter Gear Lube ?

  87. Wire Gauge Question? battery questions too!

  88. Zoltan says

  89. [Syncro] Any experience with Westfalia Enterprises?

  90. [Syncro] Busted Cladding Holes???/

  91. [Syncro] Nokian Hakkapeliitta CS will be discounted

  92. [WetWesties] BBTB Anyone?

  93. [WetWesties] Fw: "Taking Chance" HBO film scheduled to air Feb 21.

  94. bURNINGvAN

  95. bURNINGvAN/no BBB

  96. bUrNinGVan

  97. got hit by a front end loader

  98. monitors and rear view cameras

  99. need tires for 90 westy

  100. notable vanagons of boulder, co

  101. sad decline and a new sighting in Richmond VA

  102. shame on you Go Westy!!!

  103. shame on you Go Westy!!! Re: A 2009 Heads Up

  104. stuttering

  105. subject Re: Road cow; More early list memories...

  106. subject Re: bURNINGvAN

  107. value of 84 adventure wagon

  108. vanagon, 83 watercooled diesel

  109. was GoWesty / Zoltan - Comments-now Ben's fine work

  110. where to advertise westy for sale SOLD
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