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VANAGON archives – February 2011, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. <No subject>

  2. =?windows-1252?Q?Re=3A_Trip_report_=26_Pictures_=96_Newfoundland_from_Vir?= =?windows-1252?Q?ginia?=

  3. =?windows-1252?Q?Trip_report_=26_Pictures_=96_Newfoundland_from_Virgini?= =?windows-1252?Q?a?=

  4. Anyone have a Westy utility hook-up for the filler tank?

  5. Are there also any BMW types on the Vanagon list?

  6. BD Map Pockets ?-Again

  7. BD SS coolant pipes

  8. Bad plastic(s)

  9. Bad plastic(s)...and how to fix them.. (cracked screw bosses, etc)

  10. Bent tan driver's door

  11. Canadian Mix (mea culpa, sort of)

  12. DPO caused damage on Vanagons

  13. Drive flange oil seal failure

  14. Embedding Video files

  15. FS: Middle bench seat for free

  16. Free Books

  17. Free Used Tires 195/75R-14

  18. Freeze Plugs was Oops - I let the engine freeze

  19. Friday Cartoon video: I'm Thinking of Buying a VW Van

  20. Friday rant: fabric stores and sewing

  21. Friday: Is it a Van or what?

  22. Fwd: Vanagon iPhone dock ideas

  23. Head light sale

  24. Headlight Switch Install

  25. Help with troubleshooting a 1980 Westy

  26. Hot Cat

  27. Hot Cat RESOLVED

  28. How are carpets formed ?

  29. I don't usually do this, but I thought it was important~ <<friday content>> I'm doing a charity ride from SF to LA in June.

  30. Indian Mini?

  31. JLP rebuilt wbxr engines in Denver ?

  32. Keeping vanagos secret and alive , was Canadian Mix (mea culpa, sort of)

  33. Konis

  34. Leaking coolant 1.9L

  35. Learned in the past week

  36. MMO; was Re: caliper pics

  37. MOD APPROVED Request .... for

  38. Map Pockets

  39. Me and Peregrine file ...

  40. Moan when turning

  41. Mod Posting reminder

  42. More questions on lifters etc

  43. NL pix

  44. Nashua silicone tape vs Rescue Tape (tm)

  45. New to list and to Vanagons

  46. Now freeze plugs, Was Oops - I let the engine freeze

  47. Oops - I let the engine freeze

  48. Originally: JLP rebuilt wbxr engines in Denver

  49. S/S coolant pipes - a different vulnerability?

  50. Silly question on AC vs WC Vanagons

  51. Spare 2.1 engine - how big can I make it?

  52. Taco plate temp sender

  53. Those ramps

  54. Totaled '88 Wolfsburg Value? (Seattle, WA area)

  55. Up the A pillar?

  56. Vanagon iPhone dock ideas

  57. Volkswagen Commercial: The Force

  58. WTB: Audi 20-valve 4-cyl engine

  59. WTH!! First it headlights, now wipers

  60. Who's got a West Virginia SYNCRO in Maui?

  61. Would this be a fair trade?

  62. alternator output question

  63. at the wreckers

  64. bleeder repair update

  65. bleeding failure!

  66. caliper pics

  67. clutch pedal wear

  68. cranky when wet

  69. dash removal, heater core flush, pedal assembly work

  70. finished caliper project

  71. o.t. Friday cats and weather (was BD Map Pockets ?-Again)

  72. ps Re: Audio help: 3.5MM to RCA pinouts/cabling (new stereo is in)

  73. stainless steel radius rod bushing collars

  74. there is another propex dealer in Canada

  75. vanagon Digest - 5 Feb 2011 - Special issue (#2011-100)
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