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VANAGON archives – June 2011, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. '85 Westy AC question - gray wire with red end

  2. '85 a/c compressor bracket bolt specs

  3. '89 or '90 Westy on CL in Bay Area

  4. 1" EMT Jack Point Idea: Awning

  5. 1987 Vanagon Stalls

  6. 83.5/84 connector to 85+ panel checklist

  7. 85-86 Spindle Compatibility

  8. <No subject>

  9. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IEhlbHAgdGhlIGNoaW1wIGF2b2lkIGdldHRpbmcgY3J1c2hlZA==?=

  10. =?utf-8?B?VGhpcyBzdGlua3Mh?=

  11. =?utf-8?Q?Don't=20wanna=20go!!?=

  12. A little OT - old soviet passenger van photos.

  13. Aftermarket tach, was _____

  14. Any interest in a 5 speed Vanagon transmission?

  15. Anyone driven the Lillooet to Jesmond, Dog Creek, Alkali Lake to Williams Lake Rd?

  16. BC trip - from Pavillion to Alkali lake

  17. Blinker question

  18. Bra trade

  19. Brake Noises

  20. Brett H.'s back up light bracket

  21. CV Joint ?

  22. Camping Report -- Better than Ambien!

  23. Cold start issue

  24. Do AC hoses HAVE to be replaced on a 134a conversion?

  25. Don't wanna go!!

  26. Door Panel Removal Tool

  27. Engine tin that changes size

  28. Eurovan w/ 5-spd

  29. FS-1987 Volkswagen Vanagon Weekender - $3500 (Grand Rapids)

  30. Failed emission test

  31. Follow-up odd noise on new gowesty engine

  32. Friday news item (though relevant to the vanagon community) California to close 1/4 of its state parks??

  33. Fuel pump circuit information to file away

  34. Funny story from today

  35. Google Chrome and

  36. Help the chimp avoid getting crushed

  37. Help with removing lock away out of colomn

  38. LVC Searching for a project

  39. List Admin Comment: Re: [VANAGON] Spooked!

  40. Moderator Re: aftermarket tach

  41. Motor oil - Re: [VANAGON] Spooked!

  42. MountainJam Music Festival, Hunter NY - Anyone going?

  43. Natural Bus & White Westy N. Bound on I-81

  44. Neutral safety switch

  45. Not able to engage any gear

  46. Not able to engage any gear-Pilot beqaring choices

  47. Pop top issue

  48. Power loss after traffic jam

  49. Q&D bug traps.

  50. Question about using a GAS tank in a DIESEL application

  51. Rain Gutter Rack Clamps. Vanagon Specific Size and Shape?

  52. Shameless Vendor Troll Post - Vanagon Coil Springs are Finally Done

  53. Source for Sliding Door lower Guide Bearing

  54. Spare Tire Cover

  55. Spooked!

  56. Spooked! - Oil discussion

  57. Spooked!-temp gauge-oip pressure problems.

  58. Stereo/Speakers - review (kind of)

  59. Stiffer steering with new P/S rack?

  60. Strange pattern of tach and motor dying(long)

  61. Thermostats [Was: Spooked!]

  62. Thermostats [Was: Spooked!] But really! what do I know.

  63. Trade bras?

  64. Two questions about doors and rear hatch glass

  65. Uh-oh wheel bearing spindle trouble

  66. Vanagon mechanic in Albuquerque

  67. Volkswaffle

  68. WTB: Eurovan w/ 5-spd

  69. What size thread is an exhaust stud

  70. What's the best thing you've ever done to your Vanagon?

  71. Wheels upgrade

  72. [LVC] Suggestions for the taller gentleman?

  73. aftermarket tach

  74. aux back up light installed

  75. best lube for sliding door

  76. gas tank diagram

  77. hissing relays?

  78. is there a resource to find out cost of labor?

  79. labor estimate

  80. nattybus weekend

  81. need hatch

  82. odometer fix

  83. pop top painting

  84. pop top painting finished

  85. pop top work

  86. short history of the campsite

  87. speedometer removal

  88. syncro - heads up on potential power steering line issue

  89. tach in an 85

  90. valve adj. 90-2.o

  91. vanagon Digest - 2 Jun 2011 to 3 Jun 2011 - Special issue (#2011-456)

  92. vanagon Digest - 5 Jun 2011 to 6 Jun 2011 - Special issue (#2011-469)
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