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VANAGON archives – May 2006, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. (found) Re: yokohama super-van tires no longer available?

  2. 1984 Vanagon GL H2O

  3. 83.5 Runs for about 4 seconds

  4. 85 & 86

  5. 85gl water pump

  6. 88 manual tranny issues

  7. <No subject>

  8. Anyone know what kind of foam rubber goes on the heater box flaps?

  9. Auto vs manual axle length?

  10. Bad O2 Sensor Symptoms?

  11. Battery Charge Mystery

  12. Better replacement for Westy faucet

  13. Buses By the Beach Camping Registration Info

  14. CV Joints (front inner)

  15. Cable shifter for Porsche trans?

  16. Cool German parking lot!

  17. Coolant hose bending??

  18. Cross winds and shock absorbers

  19. Cup Holder replacements

  20. Curious location change of water, electric vents 85 to 86

  21. Dash lights went out but not the add on gauges

  22. Delta Deep Six the lot

  23. Dome light bulbs

  24. Ebay- Vanagon Fuel Tank Gasket Replacement Kit

  25. Emergency flasher

  26. Europe. Only europe

  27. Exhaust stud & bolts removal problems

  28. FS 2.1 H2O pump spoken for

  29. FS 91 Westfalia "Fritz" - $12,000

  30. FS new H2O pump 2.1 $20

  31. FS: Blue Front Seats with Armrests

  32. FS: Colgan Bra $50

  33. FS: Sliding Windows

  34. Faucet install

  35. Feedback Request re: Quality German Auto Parts in Montclair, California

  36. Fiamma Bike rack parts

  37. First Long Drive, some observations

  38. Flickr

  39. Formica question

  40. Fresh air intake ? + link to my website!

  41. Friday poptop cleaning

  42. Front Hitch - Concept CAD

  43. GoWesty carpet report (and much more)

  44. Great Description of Westy on The Samba

  45. High fuel costs threaten Alaska trip NOT!

  46. High fuel costs threaten Alaska trip(LVC)

  47. Hints on installing Sirius

  48. Hippie Effort to Market Pot ~ IFilm at 11:00 Fryeday sooo hey

  49. How to not install Toureg alloy wheels on a Vanagon and why I am not driving a Syncro Doka to SdM

  50. I'm lazy


  52. Interesting Vanagon in Autoweek Mag

  53. Ipod installation in your van

  54. Ipod setups in Vanagons

  55. Is there a site that will help determin which VW parts will fit other VW'...

  56. Is there a site that will help determin which VW parts will fit other VW's(with part numbers)?

  57. Lake Superior Westy Roadtrip Report

  58. List hate mongers be ( g ) one!!!

  59. List hate mongers be gone!!!

  60. Marvel Mystery Oil in Canada

  61. Mirror glass for fiberglass mirrors

  62. More Fun with UPS

  63. More Fun with UPS-FOUND!

  64. NVC - Grateful Dead live streams of their live music

  65. New Propane tank and Regulator Fitting

  66. New wine tasting DB url

  67. OE Vanagon Diesel engine mounting hardware on eBay

  68. OT: Zetor knowledge?

  69. Oklahoma VLVC

  70. Pics of 87' Syncro Parting Out

  71. Power Mirror Retrofit?

  72. Power steering

  73. Power steering component differences

  74. Price on used engine/tranny needed (2 litre AC)

  75. Propane tank pressure?

  76. Radiator change

  77. Rats! (Good news and bad news) power steering

  78. Rear Bumper removal

  79. Rear heater & wheels

  80. Red Audi Vanagon

  81. Red Audi Vanagon in Denver

  82. Red Audi Vanagon in Denver(LVC)

  83. Replacing foam gaskets on the heater box doors

  84. SA mud flaps

  85. SVX Conversion List?

  86. Scraping Sound--Wheel Bearing?

  87. Seal - Sliding Door Handle

  88. Shifter Kit for SALE

  89. So what did you use for the heater box foam rubber on the doors

  90. Soundproofing material FS -- correction

  91. Soundproofing material for FS

  92. Stretching pics from last week

  93. Subbie SVX Conversion List;

  94. Subject: Re: Friday poptop cleaning

  95. Sunroof

  96. Syncro Event at Paragon Park

  97. Thanks (was cross winds, shocks)

  98. Thanks! (was shocks, cross winds)

  99. Tie Rod Boot

  100. Top of the WOrld tour

  101. Trip in the 84

  102. Turbo Your.... Anything

  103. URGENT - Can I import a vehicle into Canada with one day's notice?

  104. VW brake caliper Question(non vanagon)

  105. Vanagon $$ Value

  106. Vanagon Fuel Tank Gasket Replacement Kit - FS on Ebay NOT MINE

  107. Vanagon List Member's Web Ring?

  108. Vangon Front Recevier Hitch - Concept

  109. WANTED: Various washer/door/powerlock parts for '87 Vanagon

  110. Wanted screw-type supercharger

  111. Welding S&S Exhaust ??

  112. Help

  113. Help FOUND IT; Ignore:

  114. What happened to the GoWesty 3 Point Seat Belt Kit?

  115. Wheel Bearing Thrust Washer

  116. Wheel bearing scraping noise

  117. Will the wheel fall off?

  118. Window tinting

  119. Won't idle when cold ...

  120. Would someone be interested to rent out a Vanagon / Westy?

  121. [1] WANTED: Various washer/door/powerlock parts for '87 Vanagon

  122. [Diesel-Vanagon] Re: [Vwdiesel] Broken injector line "saga"

  123. [Syncro] Overland Big Brakes-Syncro

  124. burnt van sold to Canadian

  125. clock problem - no clock or light

  126. clock problem - persistant

  127. clutch lever has left the housing(Thank you. Thank you very much)

  128. cupholders and keys

  129. digital clock in stop-watch mode...???

  130. eBay questions

  131. friday funny - awesome conspiracy theory of how "VW" is the anti-christ!

  132. front wheel bearing questions...

  133. gas prices and a wonderful place to visit

  134. got my van inspected and it passed

  135. help....84 starting problems

  136. idle and black tower

  137. ok lets talk about wheel vibration now (2wd)...

  138. pop top

  139. saga water pump 85gl

  140. spiffing up my ride

  141. step

  142. vanagon Digest - 1 May 2006 (#2006-380)

  143. vanagon Digest - 4 May 2006 - Special issue (#2006-387)

  144. vanagon Digest - 5 May 2006 to 6 May 2006 - Special issue (#2006-392)

  145. was: I'm lazy now: fixed

  146. which wineries

  147. window tinting

  148. wiper removal...

  149. yokohama super-van tires no longer available?
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