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VANAGON archives – November 2004, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. $5 100W inverter, Office max

  2. (no subject)

  3. 1.9 -- post mortem + jetta death

  4. 83 Diesel help

  5. 83 Diesel help (rare 5 speed diesel)

  6. 86 transmission hookup problem

  7. 86 transmission installation SOLUTION

  8. A good ham setup

  9. Accessing Terminal 50 on Ignition Switch

  10. Airs complete list

  11. Alternators and Batts

  12. Armrest for an 86 Westy

  13. Aux fuel tank update.

  14. Book - Next Exit

  15. Buses and Punkin Chunkin In The First State Nov.6th

  16. CA roundup

  17. CD/Speaker recommendations - 89 Westy

  18. CR list

  19. California Dreamin - Trip up/down coast, need advice

  20. Catalytic Heaters

  21. Changing My Diesel Fuel Filter for the first time

  22. Changing email address

  23. Christmas time in Southern Florida (caping, park, etc.) Need to book in advance?

  24. Clutch problems

  25. Credit Union Members - on the road

  26. Diesel engine needed

  27. Diesel motors

  28. Drop in gas mileage update 2

  29. F.S. '88 Westy, 53K orig., $8,500

  30. FOR SALE: Vanagon rear bench seat

  31. FS 2.1 Waterboxer

  32. FS: '87 Wolfsburg Weekender in New Hampshire

  33. FS: 1987 Camper conversion with 2.8 liter VR6..located in Belgium

  34. FS: 2.1 water pump new VW

  35. FS: 84 Tiico Westy

  36. FS: South African grill kits

  37. FS: front & rear locking diffs VR-6 2.8 liter SYNCRO camper $8500 in Belgium

  38. FS: round headlight buckets and wiring to use if youre converting from squares

  39. FYI/Roll Call list

  40. Frank G.'s clutch

  41. Frank G.'s custom instrument cluster

  42. Front seatbelts not retracting well

  43. Fuel hoses replacement section (including the fuel injector small hoses)

  44. Garmin IQue 3600 hand held GPS

  45. Gaskets for Cabnets

  46. George Bush Thread

  47. German Ebay

  48. HELP! Engine Problem

  49. Ham question: adding ground plane to Westy top?

  50. He's at it again

  51. He's at it again (reply form seller)

  52. Hello

  53. Ignition Kill Switch

  54. Inbox lost!

  55. Internet while underway

  56. LVC web page help

  57. Largest diameter wheel.

  58. Largest diameter... failures in politics.

  59. Largest diameter... tire failures

  60. LiMBO

  61. Lifter clatter - the recommendations work

  62. Looking for repair shop in Hollywood Florida Area ?

  63. Low RPM High Load Stumble?

  64. Memory Foam

  65. My onboard library

  66. NOT F.S. '88 Westy,, 53K orig miles

  67. NVC - Failures in politics.

  68. NVC Are you "That" Ron Lussier?

  69. NVC: Great persuit Video.

  70. Need 1.9 Water Cooled

  71. Need Chrome Window Weatherstripping Connectors

  72. New cheap Costco tire found - Load C, BFG, 14"

  73. Parts wanted for '88 Wolfsburg

  74. Passats and Volvos

  75. Re-Using Front Caliper Bolts

  76. Recovered Van!

  77. Removing the wardrobe/89 Westy

  78. Repair stands and measurement distortion

  79. Replacing rear brake cylinder, info and / or help needed

  80. Reverse Lights

  81. Roll call list

  82. Sears Michelins on sale

  83. Shift lever slop & selector shaft lubrication

  84. Someone have the part number for the universal O2 sensor?

  85. Stocking and Preparing your Westy - This is not spam

  86. T5 sighting

  87. THREAD OVER: RE: The real George Bush. No vanagon content

  88. Tail light lense temps with brighter bulbs

  89. Tail light lense... lens

  90. Tenth Annual Mid-Atlantic Holiday Bus Fest December 4, 2004 1-5PM

  91. The more I sit in the New VWs the more I want to get one...

  92. The real George Bush. No vanagon content

  93. Titian red drivers side door

  94. Torque wrench use

  95. Tucson, AZ mini-campout

  96. Turbo diesel 5-speed DOKA on ebay

  97. UPDATE: stuck in 4th something strange going on

  98. Urgent request: broken shifter, stuck in 4th 85 GL

  99. Vanagon sightings around Baltimore Sunday and Monday

  100. WTB Cylinders

  101. WTB Sliding door for 82 brown/ biege preferred

  102. Wal-mart store list

  103. Walmart location list

  104. Want an Easy Rear Light Upgrade? Bulbs Available.

  105. Westy book idea

  106. What the F??

  107. Window Tint/89 Wety

  108. Wrong address - OOPS!!!!!

  109. Your onboard library

  110. brake flaring tool

  111. gear oil - rebuilt tranny

  112. leaking brake reservoir?

  113. my new '88 Westy photos

  114. oil inside intake boot

  115. re. Passats and Volvos, OT, NVC

  116. reading list

  117. replacing rear brake cylinders

  118. secondary wiring question

  119. shameless plug for my site

  120. slow wipers

  121. spectra industries

  122. stuck in 4th, further ruminations

  123. upper ball joint hell

  124. vanagon Digest - 4 Nov 2004 to 5 Nov 2004 - Special issue (#2004-1073)

  125. vanagon reading list

  126. variable brake pedal travel

  127. variable brake pedal travel / Internal Leak

  128. where is the paint code?

  129. whoa! loose washer on crank UPDATE

  130. whoa! loose washers on crank

  131. winterizing

  132.       Re: Tail light lens e temps with brighter bulbs
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