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VANAGON archives – June 2007, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. "CRASY" Front wheel bearings

  2. "Camping" at a Mall Wart...

  3. 102mph - Turbo vs. 6-cylinder

  4. 1980 AFM for 80 US model westy(Air Cooled)

  5. 1988 Vanagon "Carrier" for Sale

  6. 86 Vanagon GL in Ontario for sale

  7. 91 actuator door lock driver side

  8. <No subject>

  9. AW: Odd Vanagon on Ebay (go figure...)

  10. Acetone tip

  11. Aftermarket suspension parts..

  12. Anybody use this product?

  13. Asking again about steering rack grease

  14. Atlanta Area Meeting

  15. Backfiring. How to proceed?

  16. Bad compression / good engine

  17. Big Brake maintenance (II)

  18. Body Panels F/S;

  19. BusFusion Bound Trip Report #01

  20. BusFusion Bound Trip Report #02

  21. Bzzzzzst! Intermittent sound from right rear...

  22. Calling Aux Battery / Wiring Experts...82 Air cooled Westfalia

  23. Colorado Get Together 2 Weeks Away

  24. Coolant flush after ATF cooler failure

  25. Dangers of Ebay Adventures

  26. Decel Valve.....Yikes!!!

  27. Digest response to Supercharger thread

  28. Dr Jack and BBTB

  29. Engine gasket set $94

  30. Eurovan Bentley manuals

  31. Exhaust manifold blown - rusted

  32. FS EV awning

  33. FS: 1991 Vanagon Carat - transmission problem

  34. FS: gray sliding door panel, 4spd shift lever.

  35. For how long have you been here?

  36. Friday NVC RE: Indy / NASCAR output

  37. Front wheel bearings

  38. Fw: Acetone tip

  39. Fw: Fw: [VANAGON] Acetone tip

  40. Fw: Main battery tight fit /Thanks for the advice

  41. Fw: [VANAGON] Acetone tip

  42. Fw: [VANAGON] Acetone tip - Myth Busted

  43. Gas Prices

  44. Gray water catch deal..

  45. Hatch Latch--Loren Bush comment please

  46. Hittin' the road..

  47. Hot clutch works, cold clutch doesn't

  48. How do I remove these clamps???

  49. Huffer motors..Turbo and SC...

  50. Ideas for adding water outlets to Westy

  51. Immobilise the van?

  52. Indy / NASCAR output

  53. Indy / NASCAR output (Fryday)

  54. Inline 4 - new transmission

  55. Inserting new chrome trim into windshield seal?

  56. Jerky Van continued

  57. Left over parts....

  58. Looking for part numbers

  59. Main battery tight fit

  60. Monterey Bay Craigslist: '89 Weekender

  61. More on ATF cooler failure

  62. NVC - 86' Cabriolet

  63. NVC: Gas Prices

  64. NVC: Gas Prices plus vanagons in Greece

  65. Natural Bus Trip Report

  66. Odd Vanagon on Ebay (go figure...)

  67. Oil fill tube gasket removal

  68. Panel Clips or Plugs

  69. Pop top shelf

  70. Pulsating brake pedal

  71. RTV colors

  72. Rear Headrests

  73. Rear headrests in full Westy camper? 3 point belts?

  74. SA (South African) Grille advice

  75. SA grills available soon cheap

  76. Silcone Coolants lines ???Re: 85 Gl Auto Tranny 5/8" Coolant Hoses to Tranny Cooler Busted-

  77. Sleepiing/Rest stops.

  78. Smoother ride? Is it possible?

  79. Some kind of shelf?

  80. South African grills?

  81. Spare 15 or 16" tire solutions?

  82. Speakers replacement

  83. Speeder Racer (NVC)

  84. Starting Issue

  85. Stretch Westy Google "Street View" voyeurism

  86. Tach wire on an 86

  87. The hottest engine swap going?

  88. Torque Converter seal install

  89. Trans-awn 2000 mounting brackets source ?

  90. VW Toureg TDI in Baja 500

  91. VW inline4 clutch

  92. Vanagon Brake Pads - Bendix TitaniuMetallic ii

  93. Vanagon Sway Bars

  94. Vanagon Sway Bars - PST

  95. Vanagon Sway Bars - pics

  96. Vanagon front A/C

  97. Video on how NOT to install a new Westfalia tent

  98. WTB Oil Filler Tube for AC Project

  99. Westy type/serial plate

  100. What grease for tie rods?

  101. What the hell is going on ...

  102. What's Wrong With my Compression?

  103. What's my behr unit worth?

  104. Who is making those new front AC units?

  105. [NVC] VW warranty scam

  106. [WetWesties] BusFusion Bound Trip Report #01

  107. another local Westy turns up

  108. brown cabinet latch source

  109. is it possible to not have a TPS?

  110. oh, brake I think I need thee

  111. oil drain plug

  112. oil pressure -- next round

  113. problems starting while warm

  114. reverse (manual) shifting

  115. spring vs gear clamps on silicone hose Re: Silcone Coolants lines ???Re: 85 Gl Auto Tranny 5/8" Coolant Hoses to Tranny Cooler Busted-

  116. test post

  117. test post - test reply

  118. window trim

  119. window trim replacement
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