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VANAGON archives – March 2007, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "Burping the cooling system" Long question

  2. '87 GL - missing cooling system bits

  3. 200,000 mile club

  4. 5/8" heater hose questions (searched archive)

  5. 6k Road Trip w/Westy with 142K miles

  6. =?utf-8?Q?A_tool_for_removing_the_rear_axel_nut_on_a_Vanagon=2e?=

  7. A Westfalia from Westphalia?

  8. A tool for removing the rear axel nut on a Vanagon.

  9. A tool for removing the rear axel nut on a Vanagon.-Remember to torque properly!!!!!

  10. A very nice picture site, have a look!

  11. Advice needed for Lucky-Seven . . .82 Vanagon

  12. Air in cooling sysetm..found it...(was burping the cooling system)

  13. All the shops for VWs in the US

  14. Any Vanagon Clubs or Van shows in the SOUTHEAST?

  15. Auxiliary battery for 89 Westy

  16. Awning anyone?

  17. Baja Syncro Chronicles vol 113, long

  18. CHEAP Vanagon insurance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. CV boot seperated

  20. Camping Oven- Betty Crocker Bake Off

  21. Can the O2 sensor get wet and cause problems?

  22. Canadian tree planting (video)

  23. Carb Conversion Question

  24. Carfax anyone?

  25. Carfax needed please

  26. Clean - rust free - Vanagon back hatch needed

  27. Clutch Pedal Repair Pics

  28. Cooling System Pressure Testing - make your own tool

  29. Cooling System Pressure Testing - make your own tool CHEAP!

  30. Cooling System Project (Tools)

  31. Cute little rats - found their way home!

  32. Do I need a new engine?

  33. European-only front crash guard?

  34. Eurovan headlight bulb

  35. Expensive Syncro Westie

  36. FIXED Fridge 12V operation

  37. FREE 15" steel wheels (5x112 - fit the vanagon) from a '93 EV in PA

  38. FS: 15" Audi 5000 turbo/200 turbo set of (4) four wheels for $100 in San Francisco Bay Area

  39. FS: 1986 Vanagon Westfalia - Calgary, Alberta

  40. FS: Carat interior grey kit, Kelowna, BC

  41. FS: instrument cluster w/ tach/digi clock, and snap in curtain kit for vanagon

  42. FS: vanagon westfalia swivel base, Kelowna, BC

  43. FS: westfalia 84 stove/sink countertop, Kelowna, BC

  44. FS: westfalia fridge from 88, Kelowna, BC.

  45. FS: westfalia upper bed matresses, beige, Kelowna, BC.

  46. Fr Air/Heater box mod pics + secret info for AirHeads!

  47. Friday--Money making idea

  48. Fridge 12V suddenly not working, LP LED stays on

  49. GoWesty Discount?

  50. Hall sender bad? Unt why?

  51. Heater /defroster slides

  52. How to install Wiper Shaft

  53. Hypermilers...

  54. Locking mechanism for sliding door 86 GL

  55. Locks again in 86GL

  56. Low beams blink off when hitting hard bumps - 87 Westy

  57. Lowbeams blink off when hittting hard bumps - 87 Westy

  58. MAPP for brazing? (repair enlarged hole in Vanagon clutch pedal)

  59. MORE 12v fridge not working info

  60. Mod. Fresh air box to recycle cabin air? (did some searching in arch.)

  61. Moving again

  62. My '82 Vanagon GL Diesel For Sale in MA

  63. My FINAL Tire Comment... I promise!

  64. N. California Campout??

  65. NVC paging Karl Wolz

  66. NVC--did I kill my inverter?

  67. New Email... Same Cranky Dude.

  68. New member

  69. New oldie sighted in Richmond

  70. O2 Sensor - situation 90' 2.1 (kinda long)

  71. O2 Sensor Fix

  72. Paging the guy who wanted to buy my Syncro Westy

  73. Parting out a 91 GL

  74. Pilot bearing seal

  75. Pistons & heads installation videos

  76. Porsche to acquire Volkswagen?

  77. Pressure in Fuel Tank at fill up

  78. Problems on the road

  79. Projekzwo Lower Grille Fog Lights - Kit Update

  80. Propane gas system checkup

  81. Reminders for Newbies (and a few Oldies as well)

  82. Road trip to Santa Cruz - pictures

  83. SDC - Everybus T's : TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

  84. SINK PUMP maybe fixed!

  85. Silicone, silcone/latex caulking question (Has VC. Honest!)

  86. Solar Panel config?

  87. Source for sink water supply hose - 87 westy

  88. Speedometer cable problem - jumping

  89. Starter Help

  90. Subject: Re: Projekzwo Lower Grille Fog Lights - Kit Update

  91. Surging between 1700 and 3000 rpm

  92. Swapping a tach for the clock?

  93. Syncro logos positions

  94. TLA problem

  95. Thanks, I got them, All the shops for VWs in the US

  96. Tiico Conversion-Alloy Wheels-Tires

  97. Tire troubles: Resolved satisfactorily..

  98. Trickle charging battery with 1.8W solar panel = failure

  99. Trickle charging battery with something other than solar?

  100. Trickle charging hungry squirrels

  101. Two in the Az Republic Classifieds today (an 84 and 85)

  102. Using a UPS unit as inverter

  103. VANAGON T-SHIRTS..... What do they look like?

  104. Vanagon Mechanics / Clubs in the Vegas/Phoenix area

  105. Vanagon T-Shirts

  106. Vanagon T-Shirts - COLOR?

  107. Vanagon tire pressure?

  108. WANTED: left grey adjustable armrest from bluestar/whitestar/89 wolfsburg

  109. WTB Vanagon Factory trailer hitch

  110. Water on the floor ...

  111. What is the cable and plug in these photos please

  112. What is your opinion on additives?

  113. What size of profile?

  114. What size of profile? -GPS

  115. Whats my vanagon worth?(Westfalia highroof Joker diesel)

  116. Where is the rat??

  117. Where to sleep?

  118. Window A/C Mount

  119. Wiring radio to accessory instead of battery?

  120. Wiring radio to accessory instead of battery? (correction)

  121. [Busesinzamora] Impending Road Trip West

  122. [Syncro] European-only front crash guard?

  123. adding a/c - '85 down pass vanagon overhead unit v.s. Behr

  124. adding a/c - '85 down pass vanagon overhead unit v.s. Behr in-dash a/c

  125. any MD's in the house? help with windshield removal tool...

  126. are your front doorpanels warped or wavy? easy fix. read and save!!

  127. audiovox cruise control issue

  128. camping spots at 9:00 PM

  129. cheap '86 westy weekender on samba....$2000

  130. cheap 1980 camper for parts PA N.J

  131. closest VW parts

  132. does your 80-87 van spew gas all over when you top it off at

  133. does your 80-87 van spew gas all over when you top it off at the pump?

  134. east coast VW show - Englishtown NJ vw show and go.. sun April 22

  135. electrical short?

  136. empty gas tank fuel problem

  137. fyi

  138. holy smokes! (exhaust question)

  139. installing alloy wheel (carat wheel) caps Re:Tiico Conversion-Alloy Wheels-Tires

  140. manuel trans pop's drops out of third gear

  141. need a carfax check

  142. ravenous insulation munchers

  143. re problems on the road

  144. replaced a few cooling system hoses

  145. seafoam

  146. seafoam and other additives

  147. spring is here! time to alternate your captains chairs for even butt wear!!

  148. starter help

  149. trailer

  150. unsubscribe

  151. vanagon "LT" style truck mirrors on ebay

  152. vanagon Digest - 21 Mar 2007 (#2007-311)

  153. vanagon Digest - 26 Mar 2007 (#2007-324)

  154. vanagon Digest - 26 Mar 2007 to 27 Mar 2007 - Special issue (#2007-325)

  155. who bought mary's '89 westy with only 40k mi for $4000????

  156. wolesburg van on eBay

  157. wolesburg van on eBay is a Whitestar
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