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VANAGON archives – March 2008, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. 1695 MPG - Check it out!

  2. 1985 Vanagon - unique head leak - not at gasket - 1 inch to the left at #2 top bolt?

  3. 2002 Eurovan Camper Pop Top

  4. <No subject>

  5. =?US-ASCII?Q?60_Years_VW_Bulli_-_The_Poster_/_Price_Reduction?=

  6. AC question 1.9 compressor on a 2.1 motor?

  7. AW FS in Vancouver/Sunshine Coast

  8. AW in Vancouver Back on CL..... for more money!

  9. Air cooled camshaft

  10. Alert on 1.9l Coolant hoses becoming NLA

  11. Any grease or ...

  12. Anyone interested in a hot spring meet...

  13. BOTC Pre-registration discount days!

  14. Battery and alternator - generic auto electric

  15. Best place to buy new Vanagon radiator - 1985

  16. Best prices on Nokian Tires

  17. Brown window crank wanted

  18. Building a shower stall

  19. Building a shower stall/florida room

  20. Bulli Book Giveaway Survey

  21. CIS fuel injection, Inline 4 conversion.

  22. CV Bolts (Stripping For Attention)

  23. Carfax anyone?

  24. Clock stopped suddenly

  25. Clutch job labor hours?

  26. Clutch replacement Hints

  27. Cold Start/haltech Update

  28. Coolant tester adaptor

  29. Dash Cercit boards

  30. Diesel shift linkage

  31. Drivers Seat Swivel-The Verdict

  32. Engine Carrier installed: The Good Bad, and the ugly! --- ;^)

  33. Exhaust Gas Sniffer - Memphis TN

  34. FS: '84 camper in VA

  35. Floor Duct

  36. Florida Vanagon club, still going?

  37. Free Broadband from Google

  38. Friday: Worst Vanagon/Westy "For Sale" you've seen?

  39. Front Blower Doesn't

  40. Fuel Mileage and Upholstry

  41. Fuel Mileage and Upholstry and o2 sensors

  42. Fuel tank crossover vent piping

  43. Fw: Dash Cercit boards

  44. Fw: Fw: front suspension rebuilding (squeak squeak)

  45. Fw: Scraping steering wheel - not screws

  46. Fw: front suspension rebuilding (squeak squeak)

  47. Fwd: Out of Office AutoReply: Re: Is G-mail arguing with Gerry again?

  48. Hankook RA08 reeeeport

  49. Heads replaced, starts and runs crappy. Two questions.

  50. Horn sounding intermittently

  51. Installing "Euro" turn lights

  52. Is G-mail arguing YAHOO ALSO

  53. Is G-mail arguing with Gerry again?

  54. Is G-mail arguing with Gerry again? (13)

  55. Neil's motor..

  56. No Turn Signal

  57. Not-so-tempting adů(VWC)

  58. Out of Office AutoReply: almost FrIdAy

  59. POR Patch as a seam sealer?

  60. Possible For Sale in Texas

  61. Propane Hose Adapter (Useful Westy Accessory on Closeout)

  62. Question on Size

  63. Radio Install

  64. Rear Defroster Switch

  65. Removing Driver Side Swivel

  66. Ronal USA closing doors... Vanagon wheels?

  67. Scraping steering wheel - not screws

  68. Should engine mount move this much? (PIC)

  69. Should engine mount move... Now: Viewing Image of Fox mounts in ETKA

  70. Shower stall

  71. Sliding window latch

  72. Smog inspections..//??

  73. Snake Oil! Wurth it!

  74. Springfield

  75. Steering Wheel Adust/Horn sounds

  76. Syncro diff lock vacuum actuator position? up or down?

  77. Tongue Tool (Translation)

  78. Tristar Registry

  79. Turn Signals

  80. Useful Westy Accessory on Closeout

  81. Using electricity to produce hydrogen gas to lower my gas cost - is this for real?>

  82. VW zip tie with slots?

  83. Vanagon exhaust diameter? + Custom exhaust fabrication questions.

  84. Vanagons in Nature

  85. Was: Neil's Neil's motor..sort of

  86. Was: Should engine mount move... Now: Viewing Image of Fox mounts in ETKA

  87. What is going on??

  88. Where does this tube go?

  89. Which is more likely?

  90. Yet another Mirror topic

  91. Zamora Blog update

  92. almost FrIdAy

  93. cleaning inside of engine case - found hard black chunks

  94. clutch time

  95. exhaust gasket question 2.1

  96. friday on the news

  97. front suspension rebuilding (squeak squeak)

  98. passed DE inspection :-)

  99. propane hose adaptder

  100. radio install, replacement ignition switch?

  101. sanden sd508 vs sd709

  102. this has me rethinking dexcool

  103. vanagon Digest - 23 Mar 2008 to 24 Mar 2008 - Special issue (#2008-339)

  104. vanagon Digest - 25 Mar 2008 - Special issue (#2008-349)

  105. vanagon Digest - 26 Mar 2008 to 27 Mar 2008 - Special issue (#2008-357)

  106. voltage stabilizer/gauges not working

  107. weight as it pertains to mileage..

  108. zip ties
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