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VANAGON archives – December 2008, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. (no subject)

  2. 14" Mercedes wheels for sale cheep_ Tampa, FL_ USA

  3. 2.1L DJ-code WBX into '84 Westy - first 1900 mile trip impressions

  4. 2009 VW Bus & Truck Photo Calendar - Album

  5. 2009 VW Bus & Truck Photo Calendar - Correction

  6. 2009 VW Bus & Truck Photo Calendar - Starts Now

  7. Anyone ever heard of a wierd backseat with a stock cutout section?

  8. Bad Guys and VW's was Bus sighting

  9. Better vanagon production videos

  10. Bike Rack--Thule Speedway 2

  11. Blackbeard-The Final Update

  12. Blue corduroy rear zbed, mint condition's for sale!

  13. Brake symptoms ?

  14. Brake upgrades and Power Slot Rotors?

  15. Bus sighting

  16. Campout Report - Buses in Ruins 2008

  17. Can't get the gas going ...

  18. DOUBLE Listmember Discount at BusDepot

  19. Defrost Windshield

  20. Domain Name ""

  21. FS: Billet Alloy Center Caps for Carat/Wolfsburg & most SA (Vanagon) alloy wheels

  22. FS: captain chairs, set for $90, various stuff

  23. Fog light set up and switch used.

  24. Front Seat Upgrade............Cheap Alternative To Recaros?

  25. Fryeday: interesting vans, cars, NZ rental campers... RHD cars in Canada warning

  26. GMail IT Question

  27. Haltec and other stand alone engine managment systems.

  28. Hauling a large item from MI - FL

  29. Headlight Upgrade

  30. Heaters for winter camping

  31. Heating van at night

  32. Hella E-Codes vs. Vision Plus?

  33. High Beam Blue Light Inoperative

  34. Interesing travel story

  35. Inverter shuts off when connected to deep cycle battery

  36. Is the Type2 list down?

  37. Jacking Up a 2WD GL w/Syncro stuff?

  38. Little VW Content but Relevant for the DIY Crowd

  39. Making of a Vanagon - Now New T3

  40. Making of a Vanagon - Now New T3: Remaking of the Vanagon

  41. Mercedes 15 in Mag wheels

  42. Mike Meuser

  43. New Floor Mats?

  44. New T3 - engine options.

  45. OK, got it working..........Turbo Soobie 2.5 on Cosworth dyno

  46. Oil Cooler leaking coolant

  47. Part Check-Lower Grill

  48. Part number

  49. Pictures of stretched Volkswagens

  50. Pop-top wanted

  51. Rattling gear shift

  52. Rear wheel bearings

  53. Recommended spark plugs for WBX?

  54. Seafoam for Squeaks?

  55. Sticky Accelerator pedal

  56. Stock German Mud Flaps Available Again

  57. Stupid question - is a "turn" = to one full revolution

  58. Test and winter heating

  59. Thank you and bless you guys sooooo much

  60. This looks about right - Turbo EJ25 on a Cosworth company dyno

  61. Transportation for a Transmission?????

  62. Update on the Haltech ECU Hassles


  64. Van friends in the Fla. Keys

  65. Vanagonites at NOT a Spring EveryBus 2009 EB2009 Hagen Stone Greensboro NC

  66. Vinyl repair

  67. WTB Alloy Center Caps;

  68. WTB: orly blue hatch.

  69. Wanted: Headlight grill assy. from pre 1985

  70. Westy AC cabinet

  71. Westy Winterising Wisdom?

  72. Wheel bearing brands

  73. Won't spray gas, won't start

  74. [WetWesties] Blackbeard-The Final Update

  75. align bore air-cooled

  76. align bore aircooled

  77. alloy center caps

  78. attn: Michael Sullivan re: van-cafe email

  79. car stereos - thanks for all the info

  80. fridge wont light

  81. google search

  82. google search and the archives

  83. junk yards for Vanagon parts.

  84. listserv commands (was Re: google search)

  85. master cylinder

  86. need 2 headlight lens for 1990 vanagon

  87. need rear rubber bumper guards

  88. need rear rubber bumper guards..rubber bumper strip trim piece for chrome

  89. oxs light came on

  90. radio and stereo question

  91. radio and stereo question - ignore previous (incomplete) ema

  92. radio and stereo question - ignore previous (incomplete) email!

  93. smelly rear heater

  94. squeaky belt?

  95. subject [Syncro] Re: WTB Alloy Center Caps;

  96. vanagon engine $100

  97. vanagon sighting NJ

  98. verdier for real?

  99. video: Making of a Vanagon
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