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VANAGON archives – November 2009, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '85 Westy Wiring question about the S9 fuse

  2. 93 Microbus arrives: Anyone have a South African ETKA?

  3. A Current Question

  4. A Current Question of humor

  5. Aerostar Westy wannabe for sale in Atlanta

  6. Another Pressure Bleeder "How to" + Question

  7. Any Suggestions for 24-hour, straight through driving road trip??

  8. Any Suggestions for 24-hour,straight through driving road trip??

  9. Anyone know if California Campers is still operating?

  10. Auto Haulers and archives

  11. Baja

  12. Belated Bob Donalds anniversary

  13. Brake Parts Reccommendation/Advice

  14. Brakes still going to the floor

  15. Carat pop-out table latch info needed

  16. Cost to R&R seal between tranny/differential

  17. Dash Power outlet..?

  18. Does the H4 bulb put out more light than the 9004 bulb?

  19. FOR SALE: Whole bunch of Vangon and other parts

  20. FRIDAY OT - Headlight aimage

  21. FS Audi 5000 CS Turbo wheels - Little VC

  22. FS: '91 auto parts only Vanagon on VA CL

  23. FS: 1982 Diesel Vanagon Los Angeles

  24. For sale Portable camping generator....NVC

  25. Frydaye: Seattle Vanagonauts-Help The Cause!

  26. Fuel Injectors/Oil Cooler Leak

  27. Fw: FS....84 westy Vanagon

  28. Fwd: Re: Service Interval, Real Wheel Bearings

  29. GPS recommendations?

  30. Gasoline-like odour inside van!

  31. Getting a sample of the diff oil?

  32. HIDs? Was: Does the H4 bulb put out more light than the 9004 bulb?

  33. Headlight mods: was RE: Does the H4 bulb put out more light than the 9004 bulb?

  34. Hesitation when foot is down ...

  35. Images of South African van on website

  36. Inspections and traffic laws was Re: HIDs?

  37. It's official - I'm a masochist!

  38. Little problem with trickle charger

  39. MOD Mike Collum 11/9 status

  40. NVC- 71 Bus wiring

  41. Noid Light Recommendations

  42. PS re small oops Re: Belated Bob Donalds anniversary

  43. Power Antenna

  44. Risk Management was Re: Any Suggestions for 24-hour

  45. SA van images

  46. Service Interval, Real Wheel Bearings

  47. Sighting in San Antonio

  48. Silver Vanagon Stolen in Seattle

  49. Sliding Door Handle Part?

  50. Slight Vanagon Content - ham radio antenna for Westy?

  51. Stiff Accelerator - '90 2.1 Automatic

  52. Stolen Silver 86 Vanagon GL

  53. Syncro stutter

  54. The black box in engine compartment

  55. Uh-oh: is this going to be a problem

  56. Value of 2.1 Engine Cores / Crankshafts?

  57. Vanagon overnight camping @ Wal-Mart

  58. WAS Anyone have a South African ETKA? now Photos??

  59. WTB: Looking for an engine

  60. Westfalia Stolen in Seattle

  61. You can blame Me - was: steel coolant pipes 82 diesel Westy

  62. [Syncro] m-code data and more

  63. [WetWesties] etka on line with registration

  64. another aero tail idea

  65. distributor wiring question

  66. etka on line with registration

  67. exhaust replacement

  68. looking for explanation why shifting into third gear grinds when fluid warms up

  69. looking to buy good power steering hose from reservoir to pump, p/n 251 422 887

  70. online search for every thing from skoda to audi and zugot for second time today ... useful to some of those interested in finding some parts

  71. question on 1990 power steering fluid and lower hose replacement

  72. queston on H4 55/60w bulb to fit stock bulb socket

  73. request for ideas - Iltis headlights

  74. small oops Re: Belated Bob Donalds anniversary

  75. some info on my site

  76. source for coolant hose '91 GL Campmobile

  77. stolen VW van found - our five minutes of recognition?

  78. syncro sighting..White Salmon, Wa.

  79. vanagon Digest - 11 Nov 2009 - Special issue (#2009-981)

  80. wheel sizing
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