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VANAGON archives – June 2005, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '82 Westy diesel-to-gas w/ rebuilt trans! $5500 (Portland, OR)

  2. '85 Westy Ignition Woes

  3. '93 EUROVAN GL-FS in Grand Rapids, MICH USA $700 CHEAP616 366-3809

  4. 1988 Vanagon Wolfsburg, WLE For Sale - Not Running

  5. 2.1 is NOT overheating...sensor popped out of Coolant Tank...diagnosis???

  6. 2600 miles with no problems

  7. 84 fuel injection question

  8. 85 Westy For Sale

  9. 87 vanagon ecu

  10. <No subject>

  11. A member of our Community needs help - Replacement Engine needed in WA State

  12. AC 3rd speed not working (ever)

  13. AC Compressor on r134a system

  14. AC Duct Repair Part Number?

  15. AC issues

  16. AC parts interchangability

  17. Aftermarket AC questions--under dash, overhead, underseat?

  18. Airlift spring supports

  19. Americans going to Buses of the Corn?

  20. Another approach to vibration/noise dampening.

  21. Anybody with a thermo scan gun and two minutes?

  22. Australian Camper Vans!

  23. Australian Camper Vans!...Kia

  24. Bed seat in '84?

  25. Blower fan and motor, front heate r, 8100, 251 819 015                      

  26. Blower fan and motor, front heater, 8100, 251 819 015                      

  27. Blue crank pulley on rebuilt engine...who did it?

  28. Brand New AC Parts for sale

  29. Busfusion05 redux

  30. CV Joint issues

  31. Can a 90A or 120A alternator be used for welding?

  32. Can someone with an '84 or '85 and someone with an '87 or up with AC do me a big favor?

  33. Carriage Bolts for Poptop

  34. Cheap mechanics

  35. Clutch experts...a couple of questions...ASAP

  36. Continuing saga of symptoms imitating Vanagon syndrome--85 Westy

  37. Continuing saga of symptoms imitating vanagon syndrome--85 westy

  38. Coolant Movement Problems

  39. Coolant Tank Sensor popped to tighten? Need answer asap.

  40. Cooper tires

  41. Cruise control installation costs?

  42. Danger - Jump Starting with AC on !

  43. Digest Number 2372

  44. Digifant FI System Pro Training Manual PDF

  45. Emergency Contact Info and VW Shop Listings for the Road

  46. Enough volts - alternator

  47. FS: 1984 Westy - Ottawa

  48. FS: 1989 2.1L WBX engine

  49. FS: Aircooled vanagon heaterboxes

  50. FS: SA 15" 'Sunburst' alloys and tires

  51. FS: cabinets left over....

  52. FS: tranny and tent KW Ontario area

  53. Fan third stage fuse and relay location

  54. Free 2 passenger middle bench - You pay shipping or pick up in Toronto

  55. Fresh air fan enhancements?

  56. Fryeday Fun: Calling all eggheads (NVC)

  57. Fuel Tank Fuel line De-briefing Hope it helps someone.

  58. Fwd: Vanagon Westy for sale southern Colorado

  59. Gasoline small especially after filling up

  60. Gowesty nuts for Audi wheel mod

  61. HELP! runs good...dies...good..dies?

  62. Help - Looking for a 1.9 thermostat housing

  63. Help! Drive shaft broke off at CV joint

  64. Help!! Trouble with lights and signals

  65. Horn

  66. How do I ... (shifter stuff)

  67. How to fix...

  68. How to test

  69. Idling too fast...

  70. Impossible to unsubscribe

  71. K & N Air Filter

  72. LVC (GPS install question)

  73. LVC: Westy camping at USGP--gripe

  74. Luggage Rack Cargo Net?

  75. Luggage rack air conditioner

  76. Mellow Yellow gets Upper-level Storage

  77. Message for Tabe

  78. Mrs. Squirrel gets nice (NOT) floors in Mellow Yellow.

  79. Mrs. Squirrel gets nice floors in Mellow Yellow.

  80. Mrs. Squirrel gets nice floors in Mellow Yellow.(NVC)

  81. NVC Richard Frigault

  82. Need Elbow w/Flange Water Pipe

  83. Need Elbow w/Flange Water Pipe - GOT NEW ONES!

  84. Needed: 2 long front Lugs that fit thru 1990 Alloy wheels

  85. Needed: Power Steering Rack 85 Multivan

  86. New Poptop rubber seal and canvas installer needed - Vancouver Canada

  87. No gas? No gauge.

  88. Not cold in Maine (AC that is)

  89. Oil pooling in drivers side valve cover.

  90. Pick & Pull Wrecking Yards in SLC

  91. Pop Top ...Stupid is as .....

  92. Pop-top paint

  93. Question adding BEHR front AC to existing rear AC

  94. Really nice 7 passenger for sale in SF...

  95. Rear extension on a vanagon Riviera (almost a westy!)

  96. Rear hatch lock

  97. Rectangular front grille, headlights, and extra bright bulbs for sale

  98. Report: First camping trip with 88 Westy

  99. Rubber Floor Mat Sets

  100. Rubber Floor Mat Sets - reverse is flat

  101. Running Dometic Fridge while parking on hills

  102. Running Dometic Fridge while parking on hills Q.

  103. Rust on lip of front bumper

  104. S&S Header Exhaust System

  105. Seeking "Ice Guard"

  106. Speedometer

  107. Speedometer -- the straight scoop

  108. Speedometer -- the straight scoop ??

  109. Stranded: Oil Buzzer? OK now

  110. Stranded: Oil Buzzer???

  111. Strange, brief venting of coolant...? Advice sought.

  112. Substitute tool question

  113. Temp guage not reading anymore 89

  114. Update on Diana's journey in Westy...

  115. Update, Thanks, and Details

  116. VW DOT Fluid (LVC)

  117. Vacuum Powered Coolant Changeout

  118. Vanagon Syndrome in Digijet?

  119. WTB AC switch for '85 Westy

  120. Weird radio problem

  121. Westy rear seat belts

  122. What goes here?

  123. What is "Volkswagen Vanagon: 1980-1991 Official Factory Microfiche Archived on CD-ROM"?

  124. Where the heck is the part number on my AC Condenser?

  125. Where the heck is the part number on my AC Condensor?

  126. Won't Start

  127. Won't Start - Advise needed

  128. [Syncro] Can a 90A or 120A alternator be used for welding?

  129. [VWVANFULLTIMERS] A member of our Community needs help - Replacement Engine needed in WA State

  130. added more pics to seam rust por-15 project

  131. added oil cooler to homepage

  132. biodiesel in a diesel Vanagon?

  133. blower unit

  134. cluster electrical connector

  135. friday!!

  136. gasoline smell

  137. getting to heater cables and controls

  138. help w/ charging/fi

  139. help w/ charging/filling AC

  140. keep those parts clean

  141. keep your eyes out for a yellow Riviera!

  142. mechanics in IL or IN for '87 Westy engine replacement

  143. napa fan - junk?

  144. need help! - storing Matilda near Sea-Tac airport

  145. oil cooler replacement pics

  146. rear bumper?

  147. rebuilt engines for '87 Westy

  148. removing horn button?

  149. saga symptoms satisfied-- sianara to syndrome -Sammy suggest solution and it succeeds!

  150. some pics added to my site

  151. stabilizer link repair? advice?

  152. starter issues 85gl

  153. stranded... '84 won't start (after exhuast work??)

  154. undercoating, paint matching, etc.
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