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VANAGON archives – June 2006, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. 'Hard drives' -- and they don't mean ...

  2. 1.9 Questions

  3. 12V Cigarette Lighter Euro Adaptor?

  4. 225 70 15 tires

  5. 2nd row seat reversal

  6. 85 for sale in ohio

  7. 87 Misfires when damp

  8. A couple more questions

  9. A little help with measurements on a westy

  10. A question for the electronically knowledgeable

  11. AC Converting/Procedure/R134A

  12. Advice needed RE: front wheel arch remvoal

  13. Alloy Steyr Puch Emblem for Syncro

  14. An adventure while fetching a parts vanagon

  15. Anyone glue a leaky expansion tank with good results?

  16. Are syncro starters any different than 2WD

  17. Blocked Emai Help With Comcast?

  18. Brake bleeding tools

  19. Broke down in Omaha

  20. CV axel disaster

  21. Call for Musicians at BusFusion

  22. Carat w AC Sunroof

  23. Chicago area mechanic

  24. Circuit breaker under 110v outlet replace both boxs with 2 new GFI's ??

  25. Clutch Pedal Freeplay

  26. Counterfeit Meyle Part?

  27. DIGITOOL Wanted

  28. Digitool Availability - COST

  29. Digitool info link

  30. Digitool vis a vis Van-Cafe tool - origins, availability - do it yourself or new source

  31. Do Vanagon sliding windows fit in a breadloaf?

  32. Door Panels WTB

  33. E V W

  34. Electrical question

  35. FS: 50 lots of Vanagon diesel parts on Ebay

  36. FS: 84 New Paint in Utah

  37. FW: [WetWesties] a Swarovski crystal VW bus??

  38. Found on ePay... Ronal R9's

  39. Fuel Tank R&R

  40. Fwd: Re: Digitool vis a vis Van-Cafe tool - origins, availability - do it yourself or new source

  41. Fwd: [T2] Abandoning VW?

  42. Haka CS

  43. Haka CS- gearing effects of larger tires

  44. Hakka CS

  45. Head Leak Questions...

  46. Headlight relay

  47. Headlight relays FIXED

  48. Headliner shops in Houston?

  49. High beam indicator light not working

  50. High-beam Indicator Light Fix

  51. I Love My New Cruise Control (Long)

  52. Idiot lights

  53. Info on Bad Rear Shocks?

  54. Installing a 1000W converter

  55. Interesting rear heater core X ref and headlight find

  56. Is the Digitool still available from someone???

  57. Jotto laptop desks for GPS notebook?

  58. Larry Corcoran/Project Management/OEI/Corporate/KI-Inc is out of the office.

  59. Leak in back of 85 Westy with new seals

  60. Leaving for Florida soon!

  61. Looking for a Mechanic in the Santa Barbara area

  62. Looking for a mechanic in Santa Cruz CA

  63. Main crank pulley problem 85 Vanagon

  64. Main crank pulley problem 85 Vanagon (Solution and thanks)

  65. Make your front door handles look brand new for free--- in 10

  66. Make your front door handles look brand new for free--- in 10 minutes or less

  67. Make your front door handles look brand new for free--- in 10 minutres or less

  68. My Dometic is FS on eBay

  69. Need Design Input for VW User Reviews

  70. Need Seat Belt Extenders ...

  71. Paging Frank Condelli


  73. Ratio Rocker Group Purchase - Results?

  74. Removing the poptop -- how many people?

  75. Rondo Wheels 15x7, five spoke for eurovan

  76. Roof Top Air Conditioning

  77. SA 15" alloy wheels

  78. Sad...

  79. Sears Tools

  80. Seating Question

  81. Small VanVac reccomendations? [12volt?]

  82. Starter help- Sunday afternoon

  83. Suggestion for List

  84. THE Tabel is locked, won't come up ...

  85. Test Email

  86. Testing the idle control valve

  87. The Squirrels are back!

  88. Towing a Vanagon with a Vanagon : around town?

  89. Trailer wiring [SVC]

  90. Underseat storage bucket

  91. Undersized (but brand new) Bomon skylight may be for sale, or should I do something with it?

  92. VW Radio install ..

  93. We are back....

  94. What do you use in your parts washer

  95. What would you do

  96. What would you do -correction about Zetec conversion kit

  97. When in Doubt - Temp 2 - thanks to Digitool

  98. Your message to vanagon-request@GERRY.VANAGON.COM

  99. [NVC] help translate my trailer's tire size

  100. [Norton AntiSpam] Re: When in Doubt - Temp 2 - thanks to Digitool

  101. [WetWesties] a Swarovski crystal VW bus??

  102. alfa romeo (friday friday friday)

  103. anyone need any parts delivered from PA to GA or points in between?

  104. burning man impact on camper?

  105. buying a west coast van

  106. clutch/brake bleed pressurization tool

  107. clutch/brake bleed pressurization tool?

  108. drag race & Lesclaypool

  109. drag race in CANADA EH!

  110. drag race in boulder

  111. ebay item: 4647412033 NISSAN POWERED westy!

  112. ebay item: 4647412033 NISSAN POWERED westy! honeymoon hoax

  113. ecu cover for vangon westy.

  114. jerking, bucking, stalling...

  115. leaking transmission

  116. my bronze van ready for inspection~

  117. new idea for jumpseat feet "cups" on floor....Re: Seating Question

  118. paging Boston engines Bob Donalds

  119. parts question

  120. previous low power,gas smell, stalling

  121. radiator fan troubleshooting

  122. rebuilding the aircooled - while im at it?

  123. removal of rear trailing arm?

  124. splittie cartoon NVC !

  125. stalling after highway

  126. suggestion for moderator

  127. syncro fuel lines

  128. syncro wheels

  129. vanagon Digest - 13 Jun 2006 - Special issue (#2006-494)

  130. vanagon Digest - 9 Jun 2006 to 10 Jun 2006 - Special issue (#2006-485)
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