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VANAGON archives – November 2008, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "Vanagon" Or "Westfalia" Toques? (aka cap or hat)

  2. 11th year on the list and how it has matured.

  3. 1990 Carat L ? ? ?

  4. AAA Plus Differences was Newbie '86 Vanagon owner here AAA Plus!

  5. ADMINISTRIVIA - Re: "Vanagon" Or "Westfalia" Toques? (aka cap or hat)

  6. ADMINISTRIVIA - Re: Off topic - Tips for beetle

  7. Actual Vanagon Sighting in SE PA

  8. Adding another seat to a westy thread

  9. Archive Search Trick Using Google?

  10. Backup light switch malfunction - blinking backup lights when shifting

  11. Being PC on The List (kinda long and stoopid). :)

  12. Being Politically Correct on The List

  13. Beside myself!

  14. Body work question

  15. Boston Bob's flywheel video

  16. Brake light switch replacement

  17. Bus vs Vanagon, how times change

  18. Buses in Bacalar

  19. CV joints...condition?

  20. Campervan Cookbook

  21. Can Stationary Wing Windows Be Replaced With Wings That Open??

  22. Can't get the gas going ...

  23. Clutch on 84 Westy

  24. Dash electrics: something's wrong, but what?

  25. Diesel fuel lines and air leaks = nostart

  26. Does ETKA like application exist for RENAULT? NVC


  28. Engine runs with no AFM?

  29. FREE: 2 person middle seat and rear bench

  30. FS New Norcold EV-351D AC/DC Refrigerator for Boat, RV, Cabin, Bar Room - $299

  31. FS: Complete 2.1 WBX

  32. FS: padded adjustable grey leather headrests for vanagon (Xr4Ti)

  33. FS: vanagon westy middle seats...and front capt chairs too

  34. FW: bucking in parking lots, motor revs up and dowm

  35. Faulty brake light switches

  36. Front End Damage-Opinions Please?

  37. Fwd: Re: Massive VW Bus Awning!!

  38. GPS Nuvi 750

  39. GPS Nuvi 750 - retailer

  40. GPS Reccommendation-Garmin Nuvi 750

  41. GPS to Consider: Garmin nuvi500

  42. Grease into CV Boots

  43. Happy Vanagon Thanks Give

  44. Hesitation, bucking, rough idle then died. The paranoia begins...

  45. Inner Tie Rod Pic

  46. Inverter shuts off when connected to deep cycle battery

  47. Little VW Content but Relevant for the DIY Crowd

  48. Locksmith refuses to cut VW key blank!

  49. Massive VW Bus Awning!!

  50. More East Coast Buses for Sale

  51. Newbie '86 Vanagon owner here

  52. Newbie '86 Vanagon owner here AAA Plus!

  53. Nokian 16" tires FS

  54. Off topic - Tips for beetle

  55. Off topic - Tips for beetle (reply from digest)

  56. Oh Dear, Oh Deer... Mel Came Through With the Dough for the Doe

  57. Oil temp musings and hairbrained ideas

  58. Phryeday Phollies

  59. Rear wheel bearings - adjust or replace?

  60. Recommendations - Water Tank Hose

  61. Removing sliding windows and saving the gaskets?

  62. Some stumbling after warm restart

  63. Telekinetically bent VW-van

  64. Thanksgiving Divorce

  65. Timing - 0 or 10 BTDC

  66. Timing 2.1l WBX

  67. Tires for a 90 weekender

  68. Tires/upper balljoint/steering rack work. Report

  69. Vanagon Issue # 7 has been put to rest.

  70. Vanagons at the Death Valley Marathon?

  71. Wanted ... Newer type parking brake handle

  72. Westfalia Bits & Pieces

  73. What is the best grease for CV joints?

  74. YAHOO!!!! Blackbeard SUCCESS ! ! !

  75. [Friday][LVC] 11th year on the list makes

  76. [PVC-VW] PVC meeting?

  77. [VanDwellers] Re: City dwelling in a VW Westfalia

  78. engine conversation available

  79. fuel hose sleeve alternative?

  80. list political correctness

  81. lost key

  82. lost key...Re: Beside myself!

  83. model makers - mod. new beetle into van

  84. problems with "ping" noise regardless of timing

  85. replace kitchen light

  86. replacement tent for my 84 westfalia

  87. smelly rear heater

  88. vanagon Digest - 21 Nov 2008 to 22 Nov 2008 - Special issue (#2008-1218)
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