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VANAGON archives – August 2010, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. 2 Crazy Interior Cooling Fan Ideas

  2. 5sp trans woes

  3. A starting battery to starter cable replacement story

  4. Blue foil tragedy

  5. Couldn't stay away

  6. Diesel - too much oil saga

  7. Diesel Vanagon at San Francisco area shop for sale

  8. Digifant start-up bad

  9. Does anyone have a good used rear brake backing plate?

  10. ETKA and the Vanagon AC system

  11. FS: 1987 Vanagon GL - $750

  12. FS: Front Chrome Bumpers $8 each

  13. FS: Mercedes 16" 8-hole forged wheels $150

  14. FS: Puch Road Bike to match your Syncro $95

  15. FS; Customs 4-port underseat AC Evaporator

  16. For Sale One 3 Bolt Frame mounted receiver hitch with Bumper

  17. Frame mounted receiver hitch wanted

  18. Friday off topic update

  19. Fryeday -- listserv

  20. Fryedaye Strange Fruit

  21. Fuel Line Leaking Bigtime

  22. Fuel filters

  23. Fuel lines to change - Seattle area

  24. Fw: Diesel - too much oil saga

  25. Fwd: VW story for Daily Camera

  26. Got some GoWesty 2wd springs!

  27. How to remove male and female connector from it's housing

  28. In Missoula, overfilled oil

  29. In-door wiring kerfuffle

  30. Insert came out with oil drain plug - What to do?

  31. Interior Modifications, Bike carrier type (Request)

  32. Lift Pop Top With No Spring Assist?

  33. Looking for a LED

  34. MEXICO - big problem !

  35. Mexico - big problem update

  36. Mystery engine cutouts

  37. Need help with leak at fitting on AC condenser

  38. New Stereo Install Questions (First Anual Noob-Aid Concert Series)

  39. Nice little Zerex shower this afternoon...

  40. Oil overfill... in a diesel

  41. Oil overfill... or not? (long post)

  42. Oil pressure light and buzzer-Arrgh!

  43. Pageing Denis Haynes

  44. Pending SALE now to Paul Re: FS: Puch Road Bike to match your Syncro $95

  45. Pop Top Spring & Cable

  46. Pop Top Strut - Cable - Spring PICS

  47. Quick tire/wheel/trip update

  48. Rear coilovers & Procomp shock mounts at BurleyMS

  49. Seen on I-94 westbound around Michigan/Indiana Border

  50. Seen on the road.

  51. Snap on wire connector tool

  52. Stainless steel end cap hardware

  53. Swage Bit + Bolt for Pop Top Cable. Strong enough?

  54. Syncro update - body work

  55. Temperature Adjustment cables was RE: trip out west

  56. The Samba Classified's Odd Responses

  57. VW story for Daily Camera

  58. Vanagon FS ad, likely bogus

  59. WAS:trip out west-NOW: Heater valve

  60. Want to see what's different on the Syncro 16 rear brakes?

  61. Was GoWesty 2wd springs! Now: Quick and dirty tire fittment trick

  62. Was: Re: Swage Bit ... Pop Top Cable. Now: more info

  63. Water level sensor in camper tank

  64. What the F....- Turn signal buzzer?

  65. [Syncro] Re: Frame mounted receiver hitch wanted

  66. bad news from mechanic

  67. blue foil false alarm

  68. can i take out the two coolant T T's to the rear hearter?

  69. cheap new and expensive used gas tanks

  70. coolant hoses that run from front to back

  71. deep cleaning westy water tank

  72. drilling into the Westy pop top

  73. eurovan westy faucet in vanagon

  74. - is owner a listmember?

  75. hydraulic clutch tube and fittings

  76. maine campouts

  77. master brake light misbehaving - fixed

  78. oil pressure buzzer-SOLVED

  79. pop top struts cable fitting

  80. shifter ball and cup - cuup removal

  81. start of my camperization

  82. starting and engine immobilizer

  83. subject Re: Mexico - big problem update

  84. subject Vanagon FS ad, likely bogus

  85. syncro fuel filter replacement

  86. syncro fuel filter replacement part 2

  87. those plastic breather thingys under the front wheel-wells

  88. trip out west

  89. trip out west/Glacier NP

  90. westy table height extension mod
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