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VANAGON archives – May 2012, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '85 1.9 manual shift

  2. '86 WE weekender Dometic fridge floor clamps?

  3. '87 Vanagon turns and turns but won't start

  4. 1.9 thermostat housing

  5. 1988 Vanagon. What is this in my gas? PIC

  6. 2.1 Exhaust. P. 26.9 Bentley: "5 Diaphragm Springs" ?

  7. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IEFpciBEZWZsZWN0b3IgQ2FyZGJvYXJkcw==?=

  8. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IEZyb250IEdyaWxsIFNwcmF5IFBhaW50IFJlY29tbWVuZGF0aW9ucw==?=

  9. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IFtWQU5BR09OXSBTbWFydCBjYXIgb3BpbmlvbnM=?=

  10. =?utf-8?Q?How=20much=20can=20I=20expect?=

  11. =?utf-8?Q?Idle=20control=20unit?=

  12. A FLAPS question?

  13. AW: German for "fuse"?

  14. Add Injector Cleaner Right Before Emissions Test?

  15. Add Injector Cleaner Right Before Emissions Test? Passed Emissions w/o It !

  16. Air Deflector Cardboards

  17. Anyone in Seattle area with a Bostig AT conversion?

  18. Auto trans wisdom please?

  19. Auto transmission

  20. BEHR A/C controls

  21. Back From Mothballing, Mystery Coolant Leak

  22. Baffles next to headlamps

  23. Best way to judge life left in Waterboxer?

  24. Best way to judge life left in Waterboxer? Oil preesure-temparature guages!

  25. Castrol Hypuron 15W-40 Synthetic Blend?

  26. Charge warning light LED question - David B.

  27. Clutch pedal goes only halfway

  28. Crankcase Breather tower ~ It comes apart !!!

  29. Digest Etiquette

  30. Door locks only work when doors are closed?

  31. EZ way to test rad fan?

  32. Engine Bay Negative Strap Questions. 1988 Westy. PICS.

  33. Engine: To Replace or Not To Replace. 85 Vanagon

  34. FW: Best way to judge life left in Waterboxer?

  35. Failed Ca Smog due to Evaporative leak

  36. Filling the coolant - Libby Bong

  37. Front Grill Spray Paint Recommendations

  38. Fwd: Best way to judge life left in Waterboxer?

  39. German for "fuse"?

  40. Got another shipment from VW Classic Parts today!

  41. Heater T pieces are ageing to fail

  42. High Pressure Oil Switch Wire; Tethered to Switch. OEM? PIC

  43. Hillbilly/red necking my westy!

  44. How many Volts at the injectors

  45. How many times have you camped in your Vanagon?

  46. How much can I expect

  47. I'm back . . . Bostig AT rumormill

  48. Idle control unit

  49. Is it too late to buy Mark Dearing's raffle tickets?

  50. Lessons Learned Again & Again

  51. Let's Talk Coolant Drainage (long)

  52. List test

  53. New Engine Wanted: 85 Vanagon

  54. No start; no fuel pump, no spark, etc.

  55. OK, who's got the good simple method...

  56. Oil Pressure Lamp?

  57. Oil Pressure Lamp? Denoument.

  58. Oil pressure gauges and engine life

  59. Plastic coolant pipes checking

  60. Putting a 2.1L where my 1.9L used to be......

  61. Rad R&R -- tools?

  62. Radius rod question?

  63. Re; radius rod question!

  64. Rear Wheel (Bearing?) squeak

  65. SYNCRO.ORG Blog

  66. SdM XIII Photos

  67. Service interval?

  68. Several vans for sale here at Van-Again

  69. Sizes of large fastners?

  70. Slow turnover when starting.

  71. Stranded World Travelers

  72. Subject: Door locks only work when doors are closed?

  73. Temp Gauge -- why did this happen

  74. Temp Gauge -- why did this happen?

  75. Temp Gauge -- why did this happen?-now flushing tee-

  76. Today not so lucky!

  77. Vanagon T-Shirts - 2nd Call

  78. WBX: Paint Fuel Injector Body and Brackets with POR-15?

  79. Where to post pics for List to see?

  80. Which Engine To Install and by Whom

  81. [EDIT] Baffles next to headlamps

  82. forwarded: Westy Vanagon help needed - Glastonbury, CT

  83. friday wierdness: Volkswaffe

  84. intermittent starting issue vanagon

  85. loose shoelace

  86. loose shoelace-Or Rear Coil Springs Revisited

  87. more information on engine swap/fuel pump woes

  88. removing input shaft seal

  89. top paint color?

  90. trouble installing new starter bushing

  91. vanagon Digest - 12 May 2012 to 13 May 2012 - Special issue (#2012-299)

  92. vanagon Digest - 14 May 2012 - Special issue (#2012-304)

  93. vanagon Digest - 9 May 2012 - Special issue (#2012-286)

  94. what clues about engine health can I get...
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