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VANAGON archives – November 2004, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '88 TD - *occasional* rough idling/loss of power

  2. '88 Westy poptop seal

  3. 1980 Vanagon (Missing knob for temp. control?)

  4. 1989 Carat Vanagon For Sale... Southern Pennsylvania

  5. 1990 Vanagon brochure PDF up for download, also I want to link to your vanagon info

  6. 200k

  7. 82 Westy for sale, Gainesville, FL

  8. 82 air-cooled eating idle stabilizers

  9. 87 vs 93

  10. <F> OT: Free satellite radio offer

  11. Alternate tools for measuring RPMs?

  12. Alternator upgrade

  13. Any interest in VANAGON.COM Stickers

  14. Anybody have any old canvas??

  15. Anyone with Carfax?

  16. Are all Vanagon ATs interchangable?

  17. Behr A/C unit taking up space in my basement

  18. Brake bleeding tips

  19. Brake lights stayed on...

  20. Brakes Fixed. Thanks!

  21. CARFAX reqest

  22. Cabin Heat / Aux Heating / Propane Heater/ camping heater

  23. Cabin Heat / Aux Heating / Propane Heater/ camping heater / pics

  24. Canadian Maps for Vanagon Travel

  25. Clutch Master Cylinder Removal?

  26. Clutch Master Cylinder Removal? Plus Weight Add-On

  27. Digitool info located

  28. ETKA

  29. ETKA scrolling

  30. ETKA scrolling - ETKA wont even load

  31. Even More New Info RE: Can't Search Archives: 1.9 stalled at speed, won't restart...

  32. Everything you ever wanted to know about O2 sensors

  33. FS: 1.9L WBX and accessories

  34. FS: Beautiful 85 Vanagon Westfalia

  35. FS: Complete Westy Interior from an '83.5

  36. FS: boston accoustics and pioneer front speakers for vanagon -drop right in

  37. FS: tan westy side curtains, hatch screen, skylite hinges

  38. FS:rear facing jumpseat or short second row bench for westy

  39. Fixed...was 1.9 won't start/restart

  40. Free Removable non-OEM Captain Chair for Pick-up only.

  41. Fuel gauge sender problems

  42. Fuel injection problem

  43. Fw: cooling hose part number

  44. GPS Recommendation

  45. GULP! Syncro GL to Syncro Westy backyard conversion...I am not afraid!

  46. Head Replacement

  47. Heads

  48. Heads - Argh! Here we go again....

  49. Heat/cooling lever knobs

  50. Heater Fan Quit 83.5 westy

  51. Heater control cables - '82 Diesel

  52. I have a dificult one (Very thecnical/Aircooled) NVCBBC

  53. Inline Fuel Temp?

  54. Is it the same guy?

  55. Kellen, It's yer aux heater knob that's missing...

  56. Key code on door lock?

  57. Lettin the van run dry

  58. Location of 120V land line outlet - Canadian models

  59. Lubing CV Joints, Struck Oil... more questions

  60. Makin keys

  61. Making keys

  62. Mid-Atlantic Holiday Bus Fest: two weeks away...

  63. Millenium Falcon III Rolls over the 200k

  64. Missing key for water hook up.....

  65. Missing key for water hookup

  66. More New Info RE: Can't Search Archives: 1.9 stalled at speed, won't restart...

  67. My List Withdrawl :-(

  68. NVC - List Members - Homebuilt XGA Projector with 6 foot display screen - $300


  70. NVC Whole Earth Map

  71. Need a hubcap, what's the going price?

  72. New Info RE: Can't Search Archives: 1.9 stalled at speed, won't restart...

  73. Now horn ring was manual thermostat / heater flap control?

  74. Now horn ring was manual thermostat / heaterflap control?

  75. OT: Another free satellite radio offer

  76. OT: Free satellite radio offer

  77. Oil filter

  78. On Oil Coolers, Cooling System Design and Engine Life

  79. Painting cabinet Seals

  80. Pimp my ride!

  81. Possible Plat Cat heater for sale

  82. Propane/LNG Conversion Kits for WBX engines

  83. Proper tire inflation?

  84. Re; Dynamat ,Heat, Rust, & Noise in VW's

  85. Red lights come on_thanks for the help

  86. Repeat post:

  87. Retiring 84 Vanagon, parts available

  88. Rolled Vw's

  89. S&S muffler installation - anybody got photos?

  90. SVX

  91. Scrollin, scrollin, scrollin

  92. Second Row Bench Seats

  93. Starting Troubles...again

  94. Stuck bolts;

  95. TDI transplant?

  96. Teardrop Trailer Camping

  97. Test

  98. Testing my spam blocker

  99. Tiico RPM, with Westy story

  100. Trip Report and oil leakage

  101. Under Seat AC

  102. Undercoating your Westy

  103. Upholstery Source Needed

  104. WTB - Camper inlets - All 3

  105. WTB - Camper inlets - All 3...and also rear fiberglass bumper and more...

  106. WTB - quarter vent window

  107. WTB Vanagon Mud Flaps

  108. WTB: Headlight assy for '86 and up

  109. WTB: Headlight assy. for '86 and up

  110. Weight Capacity

  111. What is your screen resolution?

  112. What's the definitive word on tires??

  113. Window behind wardrobe

  114. Wood Stove Westy

  115. Wording of adds. Re: [vanagon] FS: boston accoustics

  116. Your message to vanagon-request@GERRY.VANAGON.COM

  117. [Diesel-Vanagon] On Oil Coolers, Cooling System Design and Engine Life

  118. [Syncro] Fuel gauge sender problems

  119. [Syncro] Is it the same guy?

  120. [Syncro] meet tim...

  121. any interest in Badgeless grilles?

  122. anyone have a carfax # ??

  123. brake bleeding sequence

  124. brake pedal going to floor

  125. brake pressure regulator

  126. cooling hose part number

  127. delayed mail?

  128. flex plate bolts

  129. flywheel bolts stuck

  130. fuel line kits

  131. fuel line kits -NAPA is junk

  132. gear oil cv lube

  133. inline fuel temp gauge

  134. key tumblers

  135. looking for dynamat feedback...

  136. making keys

  137. manual thermostat / heaterflap control?

  138. mark poptop transplant

  139. mirrors

  140. new tranny growls

  141. oh shit, here we go again

  142. oh shit, here we go again (NVC)

  143. oh shucks, here we go again

  144. oh shucks, here we go again (NVC)

  145. parking Matilda in Phoenix

  146. parts transport: East Coast

  147. plastic cap 025 133 100 ID ?

  148. please help-caliper torque specs

  149. poptop seal needed for ASI Riviera top.

  150. rear facing jumpseat or short second row bench

  151. screen and speed

  152. shift linkage concept question

  153. spam: OT: Another free satellite radio offer

  154. test

  155. test --- delete me now

  156. thanks for the Dynamat feedback

  157. update (and VW mechanic for the lists) was RE: oh shit, here we go again

  158. vanagon Digest - 16 Nov 2004 to 17 Nov 2004 - Special issue (#2004-1105)

  159. vanagon Digest - 18 Nov 2004 (#2004-1109)

  160. vanagon power mirrors for all vanagons

  161. weeping tranny seal at cv joint

  162. what do you have in it

  163. what do you have in it / Or Hung from It?

  164. what do you have in it [NVC]

  165.       ETKA scrolling
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