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VANAGON archives – February 2005, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "Escatorial"

  2. '85 GL For Sale

  3. 1.9 water pump replacement parts confusion

  4. 15" SA Vanagon wheel on an Eurovan 1997

  5. 17"s on a vanagon?

  6. 2 person westy/van middle seats w/ seatbelts

  7. 4 FREE steel wheels for pickup in Seattle

  8. 5x112 EMPI rims?

  9. 86 Vanagon for sale in SF $200

  10. 90 syncro westfalia bogging problem

  11. A/C in Air-cooled Vanagon

  12. Adventurewagen molds - update 2/24

  13. Alloys on an 83?

  14. Articulating T3

  15. Bodyshop recommendations in Boston MA,USA area?

  16. Boston Bob, a prince among men (sorry Bob)

  17. Bus Depot Web Site - Status

  18. BusDepot web site offline?

  19. CV grease

  20. CV joint question

  21. Calling Benny Boy.

  22. Car Talk

  23. Car talk bias - a little off topic

  24. Clutch master/slave failed?

  25. Cool DVD system for $550

  26. Cooling system sealing goo - ideas?

  27. Damage to case behind flywheel. CHECK STUDS TOO...

  28. Damage to case behind flywheel. Interesting...

  29. Dent pulling in rear corners?

  30. Distributor Hall Sender Connector

  31. Engine Still Overheating - Need Advice / Chapter Three

  32. Engine overheating

  33. Eurovan brakes

  34. EveryBus 2005 - coming right up!

  35. EveryBus Update

  36. Exhaust manifold to heads - Studs or Bolts?

  37. FRIDAY: Car talk bias - a little off topic

  38. FS '84 GL, or parts

  39. FS: 2 person westy/van middle seats w/ seatbelts

  40. FS: super clean '84 Escatorial GREEN Westy

  41. FS: vanagon doorpanels (front, sliding, side, hatch etc..grey/blue/tan)

  42. FS: vanagon wheelcovers- '85-'91 "disc" style & '82-'84 spoked style, and chrome

  43. FW: Car talk bias - a little off topic

  44. Filling from a 40-lb propane tank?

  45. Free Rear Hatch

  46. Fuel Gauge Ohm Rating

  47. Fuel pressure Guage

  48. Fuel pressure tester

  49. Happy solution to finicky lock cylinders/keys (with photos)

  50. Hatch Shocks/Dampers

  51. Headlight Switches and other switches

  52. Heads Update (bad news)

  53. Help - electrical problem

  54. Help, stranded. Van won't exceed 55mph

  55. Hose has a brass sleeve (Ferrule) in it

  56. Hose has a brass sleeve in it

  57. How To: Clutch Master Cylinder

  58. Hubcaps, Wheel covers

  59. I cant reach the alternator bracket bolt

  60. Ignition Timing Procedure 1986+ Vanagon 2.1L Digifant

  61. Installing jumpseats

  62. Intermittent starting problem and temp II

  63. Jimmy Buffet's Adventurewagen???

  64. Jimmy Buffet's Westy???

  65. Jimmy Westy's Buffet???

  66. Jump seat help!

  67. Larger Windshield Wipers

  68. Larger Windshield Wipers / Less Can Be More

  69. Late registration California

  70. Lower ball joint

  71. Mercedes rims ET48 - bad idea?

  72. Mercedes rims ET48/info site

  73. Mercedes rims...I have a question

  74. NVC - Weird characters in post

  75. NVC-NYC Central Park - "Gates"

  76. New England area - free dyno time

  77. OT - Sirius radio promo code

  78. OT: XM satellite radio price increase

  79. Oh, what a feeling

  80. Opinions on old diesels with AT

  81. Pop Culture reportLVC Terri Hatcher loves her microbus

  82. Propane tank

  83. Question about pressure bleeder

  84. RE - way OT - re: Sirius radio promo code

  85. Raingutter mounts on Westy top?

  86. Rear main seal replacment

  87. Rough running engine update, sorta, was Re: Boston Bob Big Valve Update? Not really... (LONG)

  88. SIRIUS or XM?

  89. Sealants - which ones to use?

  90. Shipping an engine, Carriers?

  91. Sliding door's slider (window)

  92. Stan ...Re: fix windshield wipers that wont stay in position

  93. Stay out of New Mexico

  94. Stereo wiring question

  95. Strut bar bushings replacement

  96. Temp gauge on hot at cold startup

  97. Thanks and sorry for semi OT post (diesel with AT)

  98. Theory: Clutch Master Cylinder

  99. Timing 1.9,2.1 engines

  100. Unrelated site I found interesting - Sorta off topic, but no PORN

  101. VW Flaps in West Seattle or greater Seattle area,

  102. VW Flaps in West seattle or greater seattle area,

  103. Van related sites I found interesting - a little off topic

  104. Vanagon Engine Weights

  105. Vanagon Engine Weights (Heads)

  106. Vanagon Front hitch??

  107. Vanagon Seams

  108. Vanagon Seams, Car Talk

  109. Vanagon Seams;

  110. Vanagon on ice? -MORE

  111. Vanagon service Chicago or Milwaukee?

  112. Vegetable Motor Oil

  113. Vw news item - first place and last place - daily double??

  114. WANTED 2 person westy/van middle seats w/ seatbelts

  115. WTB - Want Vanagon dashboard switch for Aux power

  116. Wanted: Manual Steering Rack

  117. Water Pump drip -- bad?

  118. Weak Starting

  119. Weird Vibrations at the Clutch Pedal

  120. What is Clutch Disk Disc Thickness?

  121. What is the socket size for the crankshaft bolt?

  122. What say in Geekerdom?

  123. Which car to buy?

  124. Will 2, 1-person middle seats fit?

  125. Window motor saga

  126. You may want to meet this guy.

  127. Your message to vanagon-request@GERRY.VANAGON.COM

  128. [Diesel-Vanagon] Clutch master/slave failed?

  129. [Syncro] Installing jumpseats

  130. [Syncro] Installing jumpseats (Crash test results)

  131. [WetWesties] Engine Still Overheating - Need Advice / Chapter Three

  132. [vanagon] Trade Porsche Boxster for Syncro Westy

  133. can anyone with european ETKA look up a part for me??

  134. cant reach the alternator bracket

  135. craigslist???

  136. drums scraping backing plate

  137. electronic ignition

  138. fix windshield wipers that wont stay in position

  139. flat6 camper

  140. for the curious

  141. got Vintage Air...under there???

  142. heads

  143. hole trip report to San Diego and Anza-Borrego

  144. maggie or warren

  145. ok, stretched beetle limo!

  146. oooooooh kay. here's one for you to figure out! :)

  147. people who dont fix their seam rust....wasRe: Dent pulling in rear corners?

  148. plastic coolant return line reroute

  149. problem with add. heat exchanger

  150. problem with add. heat wxchanger

  151. propane tank

  152. propane tank - valve leak

  153. rear windows

  154. recently spotted.... FS: xtra capacity spare diesel fuel tank

  155. searching for new wheels

  156. stalling after engine cleaned

  157. stay out of New Mexico

  158. stay out of New Mexico - NVC

  159. stay out of New Mexico(NVC)

  160. stay out of New Mexico... we don't need no stinkin' tourists!

  161. the cold sweats, shaking, and headaches are finally over

  162. vanagon Digest - 22 Feb 2005 to 23 Feb 2005 - Special issue (#2005-170)

  163. way OT - re: Sirius radio promo code

  164. weekender sofabeds FS, etc..(was Re: '85 GL For Sale

  165. weight of Westy propane tank

  166. which car to buy? (little vanagon content)
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