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VANAGON archives – April 2005, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "Empty" Warning Lights in dash...any uses???

  2. '80 ac vangon exhaust

  3. '80-'84 westy plastic pass side Curtain slider cover

  4. 185 vs 195 tires

  5. 1985 westy a/c problem-insuficent cooling r-12 system

  6. 2.1L P&C Set for Sale

  7. 80-84 curtain rod cover

  8. 86 idle hunting and idle control unit

  9. <No subject>

  10. Accusump pre-oiler installation in 90 Vanagon

  11. Alko shocks - feedback?

  12. Alternator Belt

  13. Archives? Where is it?

  14. Arm Rests Fixed...thanks!

  15. Arm Rests...what breaks and what is the fix?

  16. Audi front brakes on 2WD Vanagon

  17. Audi front brakes on 2WD Vanagon - i'm curious, too...

  18. Auto Tranny Final Drive, Oil Change?

  19. Automatic Transmission sometimes has to wake up...

  20. BREW BUS Volkswagen Campout and Brewfest

  21. Bad gas milleage

  22. Bad has milleage

  23. Bus Depot Clearance Sale - UPDATE

  24. CDN Tire Inverter questions

  25. CHT What range ?

  26. Chopper on hot pursuit - or weird sound from rear-wheel

  27. Classic headlight failure

  28. Coast toCoast!

  29. Convert GL to Westy?

  30. Convert GL to Westy? - add Syncro to a Westy!

  31. Cruise Control engage issue

  32. Curtain Rod Cover Picture Needed

  33. Curtain slider cover

  34. Deluxe dash console

  35. Difference between Sachs, Luk HD, Luk Premium?

  36. Engine Fire - Suppression System Quote

  37. Engine swap step by step.

  38. Erratic AT....Sea Foam flush.......?

  39. Euro-American RV Delta Six's Pete Dead

  40. EveryBus Trip Report Teaser

  41. FS 1985 DOKA german military, Dayton OH

  42. FS 1986 riviera camper, greenfield, MA - $5000

  43. FS 91 Multivan Seattle

  44. FS: '85 vanagon owners manual & packet

  45. FS: Bronze slider cond.. matches 85-86 westy, other vanagon bodyparts

  46. FS: Starter, ECU, Coil

  47. FS: Vanagon front seats and matching door panels

  48. FS: rare '83 5 speed DIESEL SUNROOF vanagon w/ 82k mi!!! $1400!!

  49. FS: vanagon and westy middle and REAR shoulderbelts (3 point mount)

  50. FS:Used custom van seats

  51. Favor needed in Lake Havasu City AZ...

  52. Flushing the Coolant System

  53. Front coolant hose and alloy wheels (mounting bigger spare in carrier)

  54. Front hose and alloy wheels

  55. Hi beams

  56. How long does it take your Vanagon to warm up?

  57. How to install piston pin on #4 & #2 ?

  58. Infinity Reference Series Speakers and Other 4-inchers; Fitment?

  59. Inner Diameter A/C Hoses

  60. Installing plat cat weekend fun...

  61. Is this a good deal??

  62. LVC "Empty" Warning Lights in dash...any uses???

  63. Lake Tahoe Campground Recommendation?

  64. List vendors - anyone sell a complete steel brake line kit?

  65. Looking for 8 passenger options

  66. Looking for Curtains - 1982 to 1984 Westy

  67. Looking for Ken Wilford

  68. Looking for black box white wiring connectors

  69. Misc: Crank Pulley Bolt Size, ECU, AC Duct Fix, VW insanity...


  71. NVC - white smoke = New Pope

  72. Need web address for refrigerator cleaning with pictures, please.

  73. New Body Panels

  74. New Goodies from Europe (incl. tents with real Floors!)

  75. Occasional "dead spot " when the shifter?

  76. Oil pump sealing questions...

  77. Oil pump sealing questions... and more

  78. Painting exhaust pipes?

  79. Parting out a 1985 Vanagon

  80. Phx. Bug O Rama Photos (LVC)

  81. Pics of Agilis

  82. Portland Or. Transmission Rebuilds?

  83. Power Steering Hose Length

  84. Power Steering hose lenght

  85. Problem removing exhaust

  86. Problem with ETKA5

  87. RE Heading down to PA/DE can deliver awning on the way

  88. RE recent posting on white smoke OT

  89. Rims (big ones)

  90. SA grill light part #

  91. Seattle Area Mechanics?

  92. Sliding Window

  93. Small Diagnostic Computer

  94. Southern Utah weather inquiry

  95. Successful install of a new Boston Bob 2.1l Engine! (long)

  96. Syncro Wiring Question

  97. TOM Carrington...Re: Archives? Where is it?

  98. The new VW Commercial range

  99. Tranny filler plug- improved replacement

  100. Valve clearance not at tdc?

  101. Van/camper rentals in Europe?

  102. Vanagon stalling problem

  103. Vanagon(s) Spotted

  104. WOT: Doug from Cape May!

  105. WTB door lock actuator

  106. WTB printed circuit

  107. WTD: Blue Rear Bench/Bed from 85 Vanagon GL Weekender

  108. Wanted: 2.0L Air-cooled Vanagon motor (SoCal preffered)

  109. Wanted: black doorpanels w/ grey velour inserts from '85-'86 GL

  110. Washing Curtains

  111. Washing curtains with hooks on ...

  112. Westfalia box for luggage rack (allegedly) on ebay

  113. Westfalia box for luggage rack (allegedly) on ebay (K.I.S.S.)

  114. Xbox Xperiment (was Re: CDN Tire Inverter questions)

  115. [Fwd: Re: Deluxe dash console]

  116. [Fwd: Who makes GoWesty alloy wheels?]

  117. [vanagon] whats the biggest 16" tire you can run on a 2wd vanagon??

  118. anyone driving up to canada and passing thru PA?

  119. anyone needs a bra....?

  120. can anyone look up a part# on ETKA for me?

  121. catalytic converter failure question

  122. catalytic converter failure question - Bentley Error

  123. cheap trucks! FS: '90 Doublecab $1800 US!!, '86 Doublecab $3500 US!! in m...

  124. cheap trucks! FS: '90 Doublecab $1800 US!!, '86 Doublecab $3500 US!! in michigan

  125. cool aftermarket window cranks, retrofit power windows?

  126. curtain rod parts

  127. curtain rod plastic cover - 80--84 westy pass side

  128. eb

  129. etka 6 on xp

  130. expansion tank - found it..

  131. fuel line replacement (7mm vs 5/16")

  132. headlights not working on an 84 ... funky - fixed!

  133. headlights not working on an 84 ... funky voodoo

  134. here's one for the Diesel folks: FS 82 diesel hightop camper, Dubuque, IA $4200

  135. hooking up fans

  136. leaving list

  137. lifting spacers

  138. looking to buy expansion tank - in Canada....

  139. luk parts

  140. making obsolete plastic parts.? Re: '80-'84 westy plastic pass Curtain ro...

  141. making obsolete plastic parts.? Re: '80-'84 westy plastic pass Curtain rod cover

  142. oil pressure buzzer

  143. place to park Matilda in Chicago

  144. pop top seal - gap in middle of front seal

  145. power drop on freeway at 1/8 throttle

  146. rad shack voltmeter/thermometer on sale

  147. reccomended auto shipper..if u need a vanagon or car shipped

  148. removing engine studs: more questions

  149. removing rear hatch panel

  150. side screen busted? RE-SCREEN IT!!! cuz they are no longer available new..

  151. skylight seal leaking

  152. speedo vs. tach mounts

  153. speedo vs. tach mounts..brittle housing plastic

  154. sprinter rims

  155. sprinter rims - search warning

  156. squeaking

  157. squeaking-upper control arm bushings

  158. tom carrington...Re: Archives? Where is it?

  159. trying to locate Frank Condelli

  160. vanagon Digest - 14 Apr 2005 to 15 Apr 2005 - Special issue (#2005-308)

  161. vanagon Digest - 17 Apr 2005 (#2005-314)

  162. whats the biggest 16" tire you can run on a 2wd vanagon??

  163. white 88 cabriolet top Boot Cover

  164. white smoke = New Pope
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