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VANAGON archives – September 2007, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. "Campnit"plate

  2. '87 Syncro

  3. 'Battery Guard' on sale this week

  4. 1990 2.1L Digijet European Caravelle wiring diagrams

  5. 2200cc liners

  6. 50 Worst Cars

  7. 50 worst cars

  8. 50 worst cars, and the vanagon isn't one of them

  9. 50 worst cars..

  10. 70's automatic Vanagons?

  11. 85 1.9L Water Pump Installation

  12. 85 Westy for sale

  13. 924 cv joints

  14. A Successor to the Hippie Van

  15. A.C. Evaporator in Top luggage rack?

  16. A/C and High Radiator Fan Questions

  17. ADMINISTRIVIA - Re: 50 Worst Cars

  18. AW: What's a "carat"?

  19. Alignment at (Sears/Pep Boys)?

  20. An engine transplant: ? (subie alterntaive) long post.

  21. An engine transplant?

  22. Analog clock experts?

  23. Any European Vanagonauts on this list?...

  24. Any good Vanagon Mechanics in the State College, PA area?

  25. Anyone see this

  26. Atwood Furance

  27. Bentley for the Eurovan

  28. Best Cars to go 200,000 Miles

  29. Best way to access upper head bolts to fix leak

  30. Birmingham AL Vanagons

  31. Brake master Res. Cleaning?

  32. British Vanagon Wiki

  33. Bus Boo Hoo

  34. Bus Depot Rear Sofabed Kit

  35. Busdepot

  36. Buses By The Depot, Sat. Oct. 20 - IT'S A GO! (Info Here)

  37. Buses by the Beach Bus BOO!

  38. CV Joint Bolts in Portland OR

  39. Carbon Fiber Top

  40. Carbon fiber van tops...?

  41. Compression

  42. Compression Typo

  43. Conversion Subaru 2.2 engine FS in WA state

  44. DOn't use SM rated oils Re: Flickering Oil Light 84 auto

  45. Disassembling Westy interior for Seam Rust battle?

  46. Dometic and mpg

  47. Entertaining eBay listing - 1990 Carat

  48. FS on Epay new Syncro shift knob

  49. FS: 2.1 Engine & Auto Tranny


  51. FS: TAN vanagon capt. chairs w/ armrests

  52. Flickering Oil Light 84 auto

  53. Friday Rambling( Bay Bashing)

  54. Friday Topic: Facebook

  55. Fuel Pump Wos.......

  56. Go Westy Fridge update kit

  57. Help with coolant light flashing randomly - no leaks

  58. Hi resolution pictures of Wasserboxer

  59. How do you check compression?

  60. I hate it when that happens....

  61. I need to unsubscribe

  62. I really hate CPOs.

  63. ISCU Bench test

  64. Is there a bug in the list ?

  65. It's Alive... just in time for the Bus Boo

  66. It's time to hit that idle Stabilizer on the head!!!

  67. It's time to hit that idle Stabilizer on the head!!! (was: ISCU Bench test)

  68. Last Tan Sliding Door Interior Panel

  69. Master Cyl. Res. Cap;

  70. Measuring engine RPM based on Hall sender/coil signals

  71. Moab BLM Plan - LVC

  72. My first post to VanagonWiki

  73. My poor MPG, O2 sensor seems okay

  74. My poor MPG, compression tests results

  75. Need help near Saginaw/Bay City Michigan

  76. Not running right

  77. Off to Walnut Valley Festival, KS

  78. PHRYDAYE Rambling...


  80. Paging MICHAEL TEVIS (Ebay ID "noctcerid") of Chico, CA

  81. Pop-top of carbon fiber

  82. Porsche Conversion

  83. Porsche in a van

  84. Porsche>Van conversion?

  85. Rear Facing Wolfsburg Seat

  86. Rolls the die.... Hope I do ok... Newest Vanagon owner.

  87. Screen room recommendations?

  88. Screen room recommendations? Wal-Mart

  89. Seattle newspaper ad for Vanagon service

  90. Shameless plug for Westies at Watkins Coming up October 5-7

  91. Significant improvement: Less wind deflection

  92. Significant improvment: Less wind deflection

  93. Signing Off - Thanks Everyone

  94. Silver socket plug

  95. Sink drain pan parts needed

  96. Starter won't engage ring gear when sit for a while

  97. Step up the idle

  98. Subject: Re: Screen room recommendations?


  100. TDI parts available

  101. TiiCo diesel conversion announced

  102. Toledo show and Bus Boo

  103. Trip Report, long and rambling

  104. VW Solar Battery Charger Location - Westy Roof Vent

  105. Volvo reliability , Bah Humbug

  106. WINDOW Winder Track Parts NEEDED

  107. WTB: Grey jump seats in Ontario

  108. Washing the Westy top

  109. Well shoot.. .

  110. What a real VW mech @ the dealer has to says about a vanagons

  111. What a real VW mech @ the dealer has to says about vanagons

  112. What's a "carat"?

  113. [Syncro] Sink drain pan parts needed

  114. [vanagon] Sink drain pan parts needed

  115. anybody used these Mud Flaps

  116. anyone in Dallas, TX that can help out a fellow van owner/purchaser?

  117. my experience

  118. battery guard on sale this week..., was cake and eat it too

  119. blinking coolant light -- opinions on diagnosis needed

  120. champion starter

  121. cracked AMC heads question

  122. custom interior mods

  123. fryeday: anyone said they wanted a westy with toyota reliability?

  124. - a for real site to find money owed (NVC)

  125. near Salt Lake City? want a westy to convert to subaru? here's your chance! ;)

  126. new VW model has rear engine "waterboxer"

  127. new VW model has rear engine "waterboxer" - NOT

  128. oil viscosity 1.9 vs 2.1 differences

  129. other materials, was Re: Carbon fiber van tops...?

  130. porsche engine conversions

  131. rage against the check engine light

  132. syncro vacuum tank

  133. the last U.S. westfalia is gone

  134. turned 200,000 on the odometer!

  135. vanagon Digest - 10 Sep 2007 - Special issue (#2007-984)

  136. vanagon sighting in Princeton, NJ!!!

  137. vibration

  138. volvo into vanagon

  139. water-cooled alternator bracket

  140. where did the starter bushing go?

  141. window part needed
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