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VANAGON archives – March 2010, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. "Kitchen" table in Westies?

  2. '83.5 westy - $500 bucks

  3. '84 GL on craigslist in Indiana

  4. '85 Vanagon - Craigslist South Bend, Indiana

  5. '89 westy w/ subaru motor.. $6400

  6. (NVC) Any other LT owners on the List?

  7. (NVC) Time Magazine VW Bus Gallery

  8. .................... and vanagons

  9. 02 Wire Resistance Questions

  10. 82 Runs on Cooking Oil

  11. 82 Westy cleaning and/or painting of the Pop Top?

  12. 86-91 labeled diagram of engine/engine compartment

  13. ASA Type 8 (Mercedes) wheels from tire rack for a vanagon

  14. ASA Type 8 (Mercedes) wheels from tire rack for a vanagon - Any steel ones??

  15. All Grown up with solder and shrink tubing

  16. Antenna Help

  17. Anza Borrego Desert Wildflowers


  19. Bostig suspending AT kits

  20. Brake Fluid Capacity

  21. Broken Accelerator Cable - 1987 Syncro non-camper

  22. Craigslist SCAM involving a '95 EV camper....**warning**

  23. Cruise Control

  24. Did this GL suffer a small engine fire?

  25. Doka on eBay

  26. ECU 022D error codes?

  27. East coast sunshine Treffen 2010 ~6weeks looming

  28. Engine Interrupted. Any Ideas, Please?

  29. FREE westy propane tank

  30. FS FM modulator to make line in for any stereo

  31. Fiberglass rear bumpers (vanagon)

  32. Final Drive Allen Size

  33. For Sale 86 7 passenger, Philly

  34. Fwd: ASA Type 8 (Mercedes) wheels from tire rack for a vanagon

  35. Fwd: Glass Sun Roof

  36. Gettysburg PA campgrounds, anyone have any insights?

  37. Glass Sun Roof

  38. Heater hoses '85 Vanagon

  39. Hey, Ben, looks like they put a picture of your van...

  40. Holy cow: rear hatch latch

  41. How To Disable Steering Wheel Lock

  42. I'm outa touch too (Was AATransaxle Out Of Touch For A While)

  43. Ice Cream Camping

  44. Inside auto-electronics dope (Fryeday)

  45. Last ride of the Backmobile

  46. Looking for headlamp ground on 87

  47. Lubes&Protectants


  49. Memory Foam for Rear Mattress

  50. Memory Foam to quiet wind noise?

  51. Mike Collum status :-)

  52. More Diesel Vanagon Coolant Hose Explanations

  53. Motive Bleeder Recs

  54. Need a RELIABLE VW junkyard

  55. No fly-by-wire in MY vanagon.

  56. Oil Pump Leak Advice

  57. Oil Seal Question

  58. On the Road Again

  59. Online Hawaii Radio Station that's great

  60. Production numbers

  61. RMW bumpers live

  62. RMW bumpers live - CRASH TEST

  63. Rear Hatch Struts

  64. Removed the front fan/heater core assembly.

  65. Resurrecting an 88 GL

  66. Syncro cooling system parts on a 2wd 2.1 waterboxer

  67. Time Magazine VW Bus Gallery

  68. Upper COntrol Arm Bushing '85 GL

  69. Use of VW Dealers computer

  70. Vanagon & VW camping GTG Syracuse,NY Saturday march 20th 2-4pm

  71. Vanagon spring height differences?

  72. Vent Question

  73. WTB: 2.1 Muffler bracket

  74. What adhesive to use on dash foil?

  75. Who's reading your vanagon mail?

  76. Yahoo mail users

  77. [Syncro] I'm outa touch too (Was AATransaxle Out Of Touch For A While)

  78. [WetWesties] AATransaxle Out Of Touch For A While

  79. alloy wheel centers--was Three Items

  80. anybody in Northampton MA?

  81. assistance no longer required thanks

  82. cheap '88 westy in long beach

  83. easy test of Hall unit and ignition spark system

  84. electrical problem--apparently solved

  85. gas tank crap..... again

  86. hey guys, this is COMPLETELY NVC, and off topic, but I need to update my summer wardrobe and was looking for some advice~

  87. hey guys, this is COMPLETELY NVC, and off topic, but i need to update my summer wardrobe and was looking for some advice~

  88. looking for good vanagon shop near Surprise, AZ, about 20 miles west of Phoenix

  89. parts available from Orly Blue '88 Wolfsburg weekender

  90. rear anti-sway bar

  91. require assistance ...

  92. ronal r9 replicas?

  93. size of nut (bolt?) on crankcase pulley?

  94. subject Glass Sun Roof

  95. subject Re: Ice Cream Camping

  96. subject Re: Memory Foam for Rear Mattress

  97. testing Hall sender

  98. vanagon Digest - 8 Mar 2010 to 9 Mar 2010 - Special issue (#2010-202)

  99. vanagon images

  100. weekend work

  101. what to do? (part out or what)...
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