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VANAGON archives – December 2005, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. Luftmassenmesser Umrüstsatz (LMU) ??

  2. '84 GL still for sale

  3. '84 vanagon w/ 6 speed trans and 30 MPG on craigslist

  4. (no subject)

  5. 1.9L Build up help

  6. 1900 RPM

  7. 2.1l Air Intake boot also discontinued

  8. 2.1l stall fixed.

  9. 2006 VW Van

  10. 27" BFG all terrain tires on 82 diesel

  11. 4sale roof luggage rack cargo bag

  12. 83.5 Westy Missing slider door inside lever retaining screw

  13. 83.5 Westy Missing slider door inside lever retaining screw FINAL REPORT

  14. 83.5 Westy Missing slider door inside lever retaining screw THANKS!

  15. 84 vs. 85 differences, swapping AC?

  16. 84 vs. 85 differences, swapping AC? & westy a/c system for sale

  17. 88 westy still for sale west of Boston

  18. Anyone with Carfax?

  19. Are there any e-mail lists for Split vans?

  20. Bad news about gas tank kit

  21. Bah, humbug

  22. Bilstein HD shock valving

  23. Body & Fender Resource Needed

  24. Boogie Woogie Re: Early Vanagon upholstery?

  25. Bright LED Cheap source & usage

  26. Buffalo Mechanics?

  27. Cheep Vanagon on C-list (Berkeley)

  28. Color Coding on rear springs

  29. Comment (helpful) on Vanagon Baby/Kids Hammock over the front seats

  30. Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 14:08:15 -0500

  31. Dealers of parts for 50s Buses?

  32. Death of a 911 (For Stan) (NVC)

  33. Dim lights/bright lights at startup

  34. Discontinued -- Low Beam Horizontal Headlight Adjuster

  35. Discount Code for BusDepot?

  36. Does anyone have experience with high mileage motor oils?

  37. Early Vanagon upholstery?

  38. FS: 1990 Syncro with Country Homes poptop and upper bunk

  39. FS: rear westy table

  40. Fix my vanagon, please!

  41. For Sale: 1.9WB engine for rebuild

  42. For Sale: 82-84 westy front seats (striped fabric - green OR blue)

  43. Free! 1.9WB engine for rebuild

  44. Front Shock Absorbers

  45. Front vs Rear Shock Absorbers

  46. Fuel Tank Cross Over Piece

  47. Fuel flow senders

  48. Gary Lee roof rack and ladder for sale

  49. Gasoline Leak! (and poll)

  50. HIT DELETE NOW - This is only a test!

  51. Haynes Repair Manual

  52. Haynes Repair Manual, 82-91 Vanagon Water Cooled - Any good for a newbie?

  53. Headlite wiring & adding Euro style grille & small driving lites to my 84 Westy

  54. Heat

  55. Heat in Aircooled's

  56. Heated washer fluid

  57. Horn beeps when starting '87 Westy

  58. Inverter at Radio Shack

  59. Journeys under difficult conditions

  60. Kadrons 4 air-cooled vanagon

  61. Laptop TV Tuner?

  62. Luftmassenmesser Umrüstsatz (LMU) ??

  63. Mac vs. WIndows (was: possessive about your new ride??)

  64. Mileage with platimun plugs

  65. Mini Trip Report / Tucson to Death Valley

  66. Missing window crank screws... what size?

  67. My first Vanagon

  68. NVC - Need Mac Assistance

  69. NY Vanagon to Pass California Smog Testing?

  70. Necessity is the muthah of invention (CORRECTION)

  71. Necessity is the muthah of invention (or) Euro Trim for US Vans

  72. Need part Number for N23 Resistor for Blower Motor

  73. New Fullmoonbusclub site

  74. North Florida Camping suggestions for March wanted

  75. Not ANOTHER tyre thread - Pirelli

  76. OT: how to check Bug engine is a 1.3 or 1.6 externally

  77. Old shock Vanagon adsorbers needed in NC

  78. PICS available of Adventurewagen Hightop roof transplant

  79. Popular Westy Xmas Presents

  80. Problem with someone on this List !

  81. Quick cheap fix for pulled-out coolant tube

  82. Raingutter trim

  83. Reminder - Buses By the Bridge Arizona Campout ... coming soon

  84. Sorry about the error on 1.9l intake boot

  85. Spectators Welcome - Zetec Conversion in Dallas

  86. Switched power source for Stereo install

  87. Syncro Only ... but interesting!

  88. Temp. Sender compatibility question

  89. Tire Chains for Syncro

  90. Transporting extra gasoline on/in a Westy Vanagon

  91. Transporting extra gasoline on/in a Westy Vanagon WOW

  92. Van won't start with strong gas smell...

  93. Vanagon Baby/Kids Hammock over the front seats

  94. Vanagon Video's - WRX Quarter Mile, WRX Engine

  95. Vanagon Zetec Conversion update

  96. Vanagon westfalia camper interior for sale...Any in COLORADO?

  97. Vanagon westfalia camper interior for sale...also poptop section for sale

  98. Vanagons in Victoria

  99. Vredestein & Hankook snows for $99! (RE: sucks in snow)

  100. Vredestein Transport Snow Tires are A+

  101. Westy Christmas presents

  102. Westy Seat Base Lower Shape

  103. Westy Seat Base Lower Shape (swival seat lower base available)

  104. Will loud lifters ruin my engine?

  105. [WetWesties] Heat in Aircooled's

  106. [vanagon] 80 Westy seat question...

  107. another part thats no longer available....

  108. anyone need parts transported near I-95 ?

  109. canadian title transfer to Texas

  110. euro taillight filler panels Re: Necessity is the muthah (or) Euro Trim

  111. extra precautions on fuelin up.

  112. flow rate spec on factory new Bosch Fuel injectors ?

  113. gas heater!!!

  114. gutter sarcasm (Re: '84 vanagon w/ 6 speed trans and 30 MPG on craigslist)

  115. horn beeps upon starting

  116. how to check Bug engine is a 1.3 or 1.6 externally

  117. idiot DC drivers (was RE: sucks in snow!

  118. newbie needs help in oklahoma

  119. passing emmission inspection---any advice on fuel additives, etc?

  120. poor gas mileage

  121. poor mileage

  122. possessive about your new ride??

  123. possessive about your new ride?? Mac vs. PC

  124. snow traction, dif. options

  125. snow! Can we talk about heat now?

  126. studding my Hakkapeliitas?

  127. sucks in snow!

  128. sucks in snow!NVC

  129. tire sale at Summit Racing

  130. transmission change: how to turn a/c engine to get at bolts???

  131. update sucks in snow

  132. upgrading interior lights in '84??

  133. water pump 1.9l

  134. westy question

  135. where to install the D1l-C in westy?

  136. which windshield wiper to get?

  137. which windshield wiper to get? - SilBlade
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