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VANAGON archives – April 2011, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. "Do ya wanna trade?"

  2. '91 Vanagon Westy Cruise control diaphragm needed

  3. 88GL Steering wheel part needed

  4. A Good Cigar Lighter?

  5. A sturdy little fuse box?

  6. AT cooler?

  7. AW: VWPIX.ORG - feast your eyes

  8. Anyone here can do a little machining?

  9. Brake Bleeding Hose?

  10. Brown Window Crank

  11. Buffing video done

  12. Buses by the Beach Bus Benefit Early Bird T-Shirts on Sale Now!

  13. Buying a Van

  14. Coleman Fuel For You CamperHeads

  15. Consistent cutout at 3k rpm

  16. Country Homes Top onto a Westy?

  17. David B.'s trip progress, was Re: vanagon list it everyone or just me?? Re: rdurham_92037

  18. Engine R/R question

  19. FS - 1984 Vanagon Engine (Rebuilt 2.1L), Stand, Hoist, & Parts

  20. FW: Start problems need help on the road

  21. Friday - more aircraft pics

  22. Fuel Pump No Juice

  23. Happy Friday

  24. Horn Ring Contact Finger

  25. Horn gap and column pictures

  26. How Do You Know If Your Springs Need To Be Replaced?

  27. I guess if I'm putting on a tencentlife oil cooler . . .

  28. Installing Steering Rack and Pinion...

  29. Insurance shenanigans.

  30. Insuring a VW Camper as a "motor home"

  31. Japan Vanagon Community

  32. Miles Per Tank - 2.1L Syncro.

  33. NVC: It's a death mobile powered by ... two screwdrivers

  34. Need Missing front shock absorber bottom bolt

  35. Need Stuff!

  36. Newbee question

  37. Nexen Winguard 231 Ice Snow Tire?

  38. Oil pressure -- normal range?

  39. Oil/gas leak from passenger cv joint

  40. Rain-X .... What's your experience?

  41. Reflections on working on a waterboxer. :-)

  42. Replacing Voltage Regulator.

  43. Report: gas mileage, in town, 1.9L AT

  44. Sad story

  45. Start problems need help on the road

  46. Steel Rim Question

  47. Stock Alloys

  48. Subject: Insurance shenanigans

  49. Tach drops fast when it cuts out

  50. Taking electric mirror's off the door

  51. Tencentlife Oil Cooler

  52. Tips on sealing heater box flaps, and while the dash is out . . .

  53. To bleed or not to bleed

  54. Total Mystification!

  55. Upper Control Arm Bushing: Lemforder?

  56. Upper Control Arm Nut Grade Matter?

  57. Upper Steering Column Shaft Woes

  58. VWPIX.ORG - feast your eyes

  59. Vanagon Heater control levers wanted

  60. Vanagon Radio Antenna Install video

  61. WAS: Upper Control Arm Nut .... NOW: Apology. :)

  62. Walker Quiet Flow VS Ernst Mufflers

  63. Wanted - Horn actuator (horn switch) for '88 GL

  64. Was: Happy Friday Now: Same Owner?

  65. Weekender with table in Chula Vista

  66. Well. THAT wasn't a pain or anything!

  67. Who made this piston?

  68. Why We Keep Odds & Ends (bolts etc.)

  69. Wipers STILL don't work!! Arrgh!!

  70. [NVC] Toyota camper

  71. [WetWesties] Reflections on working on a waterboxer. :-)

  72. another coolant question

  73. excursion with David B.

  74. fuel expansion tank hose

  75. headlights (all) - poof! - continued...

  76. heater cover plate removal?

  77. problems with lock on gas tank cap

  78. radio whine - solved

  79. radio whine - success, failure, success

  80. tires in canada

  81. vanagon list it everyone or just me?? Re: rdurham_92037
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