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VANAGON archives – February 2004, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "green" cars (NVC)

  2. '89 Westy in PHX

  3. '91 Vanagon GL Tornado Red for Parts

  4. (NVC)Re: Best way to ship long block?

  5. 1.9 in a 2.1

  6. 1981 flooding issue

  7. 1982 Vanagon Westfalia-no engine - $800 obo

  8. 1984 sales brochure

  9. 83 coolant expansion tank/more troubles

  10. 85 Camper Engine replacement, Calif Air Resources Board and Importing

  11. 87 Westfalia (blown motor) for sale $2500

  12. 89 Interior Parts Needed

  13. 93 eurovan 2.5L 5 spd

  14. 94EV Westy near theft: Update and Question

  15. A Sad Day

  16. Adding A/C on a wasserboxer - practical?

  17. Adding Coolant

  18. Amen

  19. Any 1.9 T.D. Conversions in California??

  20. Anyone have a large front Sway Bar FS?

  21. Anyone seen a picture of a Vanagon changed to a pickup?

  22. Are there any list members in the Southeast?

  23. Backup sensor systems? (MVC)

  24. Being irresponsible: anyone have a diesel westy or gas multivan for sale?

  25. Being irrresponsible: anyone have a diesel westy or gas multivan for sale?

  26. Best way to ship long block?

  27. Billy Bones death rattle?

  28. Bus Depot Now Hiring!

  29. CARAT Wheel Bolts & Nuts

  30. Can someone in Dallas look at a westy for me? Compensation provided!

  31. Can't close door after body work!

  32. Changing auto Trans. to Manual ??

  33. Commandments Of The Garage - By Matt Farr

  34. Considering Purchase 83.5 water cooled Westfalia

  35. Diesel Valve Clicking!

  36. External Gas Filter

  37. FREE: 2.1L Cat/muffler/J-pipe

  38. FRIDAY FUN...

  39. FS 1985 Vanagon w/sunroof, $1800

  40. FS : 91 Carat 4sp in SC

  41. FS : 91 Carat 4sp in SC ...explanation

  42. FS: 15" SA rims - SOLD

  43. FS: 87 Vanagon GL near SF $700

  44. FS: BRAND NEW Jail Bars On eBay

  45. FS: SA 15" Alloys

  46. FS: Set of nearly new Michelin XC LT4 LT195/75/14 on Carat Alloy wheels near SF

  47. FS: Vanagon Stuff

  48. FS: Vanagon Stuff - Heater cable!

  49. FS: Wolfsburg - Carat Jump Seats

  50. FW: "green" cars (NVC)

  51. FW: Smooth shifting!

  52. Finger Sparks

  53. Florida Camping

  54. Florida Camping and CCW

  55. Florida Vanagon Owners!!

  56. Florida camping

  57. For Ben: recommanded Florida campgrounds part 1

  58. For Ben: recommanded Florida campgrounds part 1 revisited

  59. For Ben: recommanded Florida campgrounds part 2 revisited (sorry about the mess).

  60. Front swivel seats

  61. Fuel Tank FS or Trade!

  62. Fwd: RE: Listmom... "<Vanagon>" in message headings? The cure...

  63. Going south... Canadian Camping question

  64. Going south... dam* Canadian weather...(FL Camping question)

  65. Head gasket question...

  66. Inch pound torque wrench for sale

  67. LVC - international payment options

  68. Left head ground

  69. Linkage problems,

  70. List Members in Southeast.

  71. Listmom... "<Vanagon>" in message headings?

  72. Looking for a diesel vanagon

  73. Manual Trans Oil Chg Question

  74. MexiCali Rose in Oaxaca

  75. NVC "Political Satire"...Don't shoot

  76. NVC - Wireless Internet Report

  77. NVC Re: Possible list virus making rounds

  78. NVC Re: RoadHaus - Wireless Internet Report

  79. NVC/R.I.P. 'Rocky Mountain' Motorworks/U.S. $ vs Euro

  80. NVC: Internet Cafes in Europe

  81. NVC: RE: Possible list virus making rounds

  82. NVC: Re: RoadHaus - Wireless Internet Report

  83. Need roof AC vents? Free!

  84. New syncro driveshafts?

  85. Oil Change Woes- Helicoil? Trasko? What size do I need?

  86. Once again, What's the biggest tire that can fit in the STOCK spare carrier?

  87. PS Re: will these wheels fit???

  88. Poaching WiFi

  89. Pop top canvas

  90. Pop-top transplant dude going NO-MAIL for a while...

  91. Possible list virus making rounds

  92. Printed circuit board.

  93. Problem with local service shop (vancouver, BC)... slight rant

  94. R.I.P. 'Rocky Mountain' Motorworks

  95. Rear Axle Wiggle

  96. Rebuilding Man. Tranny-Questions regarding taller gears??

  97. Refrig Experiment

  98. Removing the Power Window Guts for repair

  99. RoadHaus - Escaping Air Sound?

  100. RoadHaus - Wireless Internet Report

  101. Sagging Wolfsburg/Carat Table

  102. Smooth shifting!

  103. Stan's wireless quote

  104. Stan's wireless quote NVC Friday

  105. Still another Audi wheel question

  106. Stuck Lock Cylinder - Sliding Door

  107. Subaru Donor Car in the NY LI area

  108. Sweet 89 Westy FS

  109. Tech part of rant - anything else sound like lifters?

  110. The Old Buy with a Cashiers Check & Send the Balance Scam...

  111. Trip Pix, Hurricane, UT

  112. Vanagon "Rescue" list? (Same as AIR)

  113. Vanagon Instrument cluster (needed)1980 model

  114. Vogel State Park This Weekend

  115. WOW! Bentley discussions

  116. WTB interior door panels

  117. WTD: One Used 14" Tire for Spare (So Cal)

  118. Website and Maintenance--The missing Link--FOUND!!

  119. Website and maintenance

  120. Westfalia Interior FS Seattle

  121. Westy Water Inlet Connector Question

  122. Westy propane tank capacity?

  123. Westy sighting, only in L.A.

  124. Where to get 205/70-14 Tires

  125. Which end?

  126. WiFi Antenna

  127. Wow MT90 Redline is great.

  128. Your OAXACA responses

  129. [NVC]: Any BMW 2002 owners?

  130. [WetWesties] RE: AMPHIBIOUS CAMPER (NVC)

  131. amphibious camper (NVC)

  132. amphibious camper (NVC) - it is Friday

  133. anyone ever use one of these?

  134. anyone have a copy of the '84 wolfsburg edition sales brochure?

  135. archive

  136. audi alloy wheel ques

  137. bolts

  138. broken vanagon..whats it worth?

  139. can your vanagon do this?

  140. clutch smell

  141. diesel tranny

  142. early vanagon brake upgrades

  143. fridge upgrade test results-long

  144. might be a good project for someone? engine transplant maybe?? 89 $1000 USA CA

  145. new manual from haynes (NVC)

  146. new propane tank ques

  147. o/t truck rentals...moving

  148. piston & cylinder sets on ebay?

  149. pittsburgh vans

  150. price for a tune-up

  151. pulling fridge and related electrical--and still driveable?

  152. sliding door lock cylinder stuck

  153. source for plastic flooring material?

  154. spray bed liner photos

  155. springs

  156. syncro speedo ques

  157. trading 1962 buick for a V W for the wife

  158. um..Dash lightbulb removal

  159. um..Dash lightbulb removal(done)

  160. unclas : Florida Camping

  161. unclas bolts

  162. upgrading from 14 to 15 wheels

  163. using rhino liner in engine bay for that nice and tidy look?

  164. vanagon Digest - 17 Feb 2004 (#2004-135)

  165. wanted: used driver power mirror

  166. westy wiring ques

  167. what color are the '89 wolfsburg/Bluestar vanagons?

  168. what do "bulli" and "samba" mean...

  169. where is the expansion valve for A/C located

  170. who had the vanagon in kissimmee?

  171. will these wheels fit???
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