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VANAGON archives – May 2006, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. "Easy Off" Aluminum Cleaning

  2. '82 sliding door lock is loose

  3. '87 Westfalia on Boston's Craigslist

  4. 1.9 or 2.1

  5. 14 " Wheels for sale

  6. 2.1 Engine for 87 Westy

  7. 88 manual tranny issues

  8. <No subject>

  9. Accelerator Cable - Broken?

  10. Almost on-topic: Leather protector?

  11. Another Steering Rack Question

  12. Are jump seats the same as regular front seats?

  13. Awning attachment

  14. Awning attachment question

  15. Best for the Westy

  16. Bilstein Shocks

  17. Blinkers, Flashers, and Brakes

  18. Bus Benefit! Buses By the Beach May 19-21 Itinerary

  19. Buses By The Falls, June 23-25th, Niagara Falls Canada

  20. CV removal tips?

  21. CV thrust washers

  22. Can someone host my Vanagon work page?

  23. Cross winds and shock absorbers

  24. Details on my PD 115 installation

  25. Different fire-fighting methods/materials for different fuel formulations

  26. E85 & fuel pumps

  27. East cost Syncro De-Mayo gathering

  28. Engine modifications needed to run E85

  29. Engine modifications needed to run E85?


  31. FS 91 Westfalia "Fritz" - $12,000

  32. FS: Blue Front Seats - SOLD

  33. FS: Carat Wolfsburg Edition Allloy Wheels with good tires. Set of five (5) for $450 including all lugnuts and bolts

  34. FS: Good used 1.9 TD AAZ engine located in San Francisco

  35. FS: Sliding Windows - Passenger SOLD

  36. FS: Used Square EURO H4 Headlights with Headlight washers.

  37. FS?: Yokahoma Y356 C Tires & Wheels

  38. FW: Internet freedom is under attack

  39. Finally repainting bumpers

  40. Friday poptop cleaning

  41. FrontFire?

  42. Fuel pumps

  43. Gas Milage Mystery (Or Not)

  44. Gas Mileage Mystery (Or Not)

  45. GoWesty Headlight Relay Question/Problem

  46. Hard start, cold and warm (1.9)

  47. Has anyone used the Bus Depot or Cip1 body sheet metal patch panels especially on a Doka?

  48. Head Lights - 85-86

  49. Help! Brake bleeding and Brake pressure regulator

  50. How to Drain Gas Tank in 85 Westy?

  51. I Love My New Cruise Control (Long)

  52. Idle issues - cold is fine, warm is high

  53. Inexpensive Side Tent Alternative

  54. Injectors - replace or keep? Rusty Bolts

  55. Interior Plastic & Ductwork: Need to Get Rid of

  56. Interior pop top

  57. Irish alcohol-fuelled Vanagon

  58. Larry Corcoran/Project Management/OEI/Corporate/KI-Inc is out of the office.

  59. Lathe FS (really, its a convenient Vanagon part)

  60. Lesson Learned: If It Ain't Broke......

  61. Need mechanic recommendation for Madison, Wisconsin

  62. Need sale prices for appraisal of '86 Syncro Westy

  63. New cd player

  64. New design for the Westy

  65. New design for the Westy ~ plagerism?

  66. Nice van on eBay?

  67. OT: new beetle bulb replacement?

  68. Oklahoma VLVC

  69. Parts needed for my "new" 82 Diesel Vanagon

  70. Passenger Side Jump Seat For Sale

  71. Paulchen Bike Rack -- How do I lock it?

  72. Paulchen Racks?

  73. Please remove me from the list

  74. Pulling the transmission from a syncro

  75. Ran out of gas? (longish read if you're bored on a Sat night.....)

  76. Real Nice 87 Wolfy (California, no rust) on Ebay...

  77. Refrigerator Service

  78. Reverse Lights

  79. Screens

  80. So what did you use for the heater box foam rubber on the doors

  81. Source for Westy pop top bolts?

  82. Spring for 1.9 liter throttle body

  83. Steering Box

  84. Subject: Re: So what did you use for the heater box foam rubber on the

  85. Sunroof new install in a GL

  86. Syncro de Mayo East next weekend!

  87. Syncro de Mayo Este - May 19 - 21 - planning picking back up

  88. Thanks ... SA Mud Flaps


  90. Valves seats.. for those who care

  91. Vanagon List Member's Web Ring?

  92. Various van stuff for sale

  93. WTB four nice hubcaps

  94. WTB power steering fluid reservoir

  95. WTB trailer hitch for 84 westy

  96. WTB trailer hitch for 84 westy ( Haynes Hitch )

  97. WTB: cheap running vanagon

  98. Westy for sale

  99. Westy interior Blue

  100. What Unobtainium should I keep for myself

  101. Wheel Lugs - Questions

  102. Windows

  103. [Syncro] FS: Carat Wolfsburg Edition Alloy Wheels with good tires. Set of five (5) for $450 including all lug nuts and bolts

  104. [WetWesties] FW: Internet freedom is under attack


  106. bent pushrods... overheated...

  107. buy my vanagon B4 i change my mind again!

  108. cleaning engine aluminum

  109. clutch housing rebuilding questions

  110. fastners

  111. gas prices and a wonderful place to visit

  112. insurance

  113. leaky sunroof 83.5

  114. maybe too much information is worse...

  115. my'88 weekender...

  116. new page on my conversion site

  117. our US trip in a 1982 Vanagon

  118. paging those who asked to buy the used E-code headlights

  119. part needed for sliding door

  120. power steering rack questions

  121. replacing wheel arch sheet metal questions

  122. screens

  123. seats

  124. trailer lights; rap 420

  125. trailer wiring

  126. trailer wiring (did he say wired ??? :o)

  127. transmission is it fixable?

  128. very nice van on ebay/F

  129. where to obtain a poptop for conversion

  130. yokohama super-van tires no longer >available?

  131. yokohama super-van tires no longer available?
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