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VANAGON archives – January 2010, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. "The pump don't work cuz the vandal stole handle"?

  2. '87 Vanagon GL - FOR SALE $1,500

  3. '87 Vanagon GL- FOR SALE

  4. 1.9 Compression?

  5. 1.9 engine HELP!!!

  6. 1991 VW Vanagon Synchro the perfect "getaways" vehicle Article 2010

  7. 1991 VW Vanagon Syncro the perfect "getaways" vehicle

  8. 1991 VW Vanagon Syncro the perfect "getaways" vehicle Article 2010

  9. 85 stereo wiring

  10. A/C front duct

  11. Adjusting Rear Camber

  12. Alternator Repairs

  13. Another Westy vanishes

  14. Anyone Win those new Syncro OM EMU - Now Bilstein HD

  15. Anyone Win those new Syncro OM EMU shocks on ebay?

  16. Australian list member

  17. Barb Cotton status - 11:15 am CST today

  18. Bassackwards Bay Window

  19. Brake Fluid vs Hose Material

  20. Broke down in Effingham, IL...

  21. Characters in Messages...Why?

  22. Conversion?

  23. Conversion? JETTA ENGINE??

  24. Conversion? JETTA ENGINE?? Now Some TDi Comments (Shortened Version)

  25. Conversion? JETTA ENGINE?? Now Vanagon TDi Transmission Survival Strategy

  26. Cool DIY diagnostic tool on Samba

  27. Cup holder and tach

  28. Cupholders

  29. Cupholders Pics Correct Picasa Link

  30. DK vs AB (wbx) Transmission PICS

  31. December 24 LVC

  32. Diesel starter removal

  33. Dual Fuel Tank plumbing

  34. Electric Problem Solved - I Hope

  35. FRYDYE Big VW Bus

  36. FYI: DOKA For sale in BC

  37. Feast your eyes....

  38. Free Parts

  39. Front Window meassurements?

  40. Frozen emergency brake

  41. Fuel pressure regulator?

  42. Fw: Alternator Repairs

  43. Fw: Re: Sliding door comes open...

  44. Fwd: Lake Havasu Trip Information??

  45. Fwd: [VWVANFULLTIMERS] Broke down in Effingham IL

  46. Fwd: dash and center consoles

  47. Happy New Year

  48. HasenWerk 2010 Grand Opening

  49. Help determining VW single cab value

  50. How do I determine the brand of my calipers?

  51. Insurance..... some forethought.

  52. Kinda NVC but....

  53. Lake Havasu Trip Information??

  54. Leak, leak go away!!

  55. My T3 website on PhotoBucket

  56. My T3 website on PhotoBucket: V8 Bay disaster

  57. My T3 website on PhotoBucket: adding albums

  58. NVC Re: Characters in Messages...Why?

  59. NVC. stealth camper project

  60. Need Fiberglass Bumper Bolts

  61. New Orleans B&B Rec?

  62. New Product - Fuel Tank Crossover Pipe Assy

  63. No heat at stoplights.

  64. Now Vanagon TDi Transmission Survival Strategy

  65. Oettinger syncro van FS


  67. Phrydae Musings

  68. Power Steering

  69. Propane tanks

  70. REVISED ;0) '87 Vanagon GL FOR SALE

  71. Rear hatch will no longer lock, sliding door iffy

  72. Return of the 14' BFG TA KO | LT195/75R14/D

  73. Road Trips & Fun Things to Do

  74. Rubbing Compound-It's a Good Thing

  75. Safe at home - what an adventure!!!

  76. Sliding door comes open...

  77. Sliding door handle required for 87 Vanagon in Toronto.

  78. Snow tires... 2 or 4?

  79. Solution to Reliability Problem

  80. Solution to Reliability Problem - sorry, long

  81. Speaker replacement

  82. Sputtering along...suddenly

  83. Substituting Tachometer for Clock

  84. Swap Entire '85 Shift Linkage into '81?

  85. Tapping under rear passenger wheel area

  86. Tapping under rear passenger wheel area AND FUEL LINE Replacement(?)

  87. Thanks Frank! Bacon saved!

  88. Vanagon Christmas Ornament

  89. Vanagon Man & the Oil Wars

  90. Vanagon sightings, new CBC show "Republic of Doyle" & Invictus

  91. Who is interested in auxilulary fuel tanks ?

  92. Windshield de-icer in a can?

  93. [Syncro] Fwd: [VWVANFULLTIMERS] Broke down in Effingham IL

  94. [VWVANFULLTIMERS] Broke down in Effingham IL

  95. bURNINGvan 2010

  96. bleeding difficulty?

  97. cash for clunkers youtube videos of vanagons getting destroyed...sick..

  98. cup holder

  99. engine issues

  100. free 86 underdash wiring harness in Vancouver BC

  101. happy new year..and those '85 vanagons are now 25 yrs old!!

  102. heading through the deep south soon, anyone on my route?

  103. one last effort to get the temp control gauge under control

  104. raised instrument cluster

  105. tires wheels and accidents

  106. vanagon heaven in trouble

  107. vanagon heaven in trouble (

  108. wanted: Westy single middle seat in brown

  109. youtube video of vanagon on fire..
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