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VANAGON archives – March 2010, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. (NVC) Fryeday - Rear end of car skips

  2. 1981 Vanagon & Camper Manual Photocopy Available

  3. 1988 Vanagon won't start

  4. 2 dokas for 4 grand

  5. 2.1 L WBX Basket Case - Save or Junkyard

  6. 2.1l AFMs available new

  7. <Frydaye> LVC - Engine swap?

  8. AATransaxle Out Of Touch For A While


  10. Apology to List

  11. Are Vanagons pretty?

  12. Auto Tranny R&R&R completed (finally)

  13. Baja trip report, whales, rain, GO!! long

  14. Binding Steering....

  15. Bosch H4 Headlight Installation in Vanagon (plus EV MV seat adapter)

  16. Brand new fuel injection parts

  17. Broken Accelerator Cable - 1987 Syncro non-camper

  18. Buses by the Beach Bus BRR 2010 Trip Report

  19. Bypassing the FireStarter fuel line fitting - was t-stat discussion

  20. CARFAXen available

  21. CV Axle Boot Options. Whats the best?

  22. Cleaning intake parts

  23. Dates for Buses by the Beach Bus Benefit

  24. Digifant overview/troubleshooting / stabilant 22

  25. East coast to West coast Transportation company??

  26. Engine is in, a new saga begins.

  27. FREE westy propane tank

  28. FREE: 14" Nexen Tires + Wheels, Vancouver B.C.

  29. FS 1960 Volkswagen Van - $1500 (los gatos CA)

  30. FS 1987 SYNCRO $1500

  31. FS snow tires on 14 inch rims $160

  32. FS westy flue vent cover

  33. FS..vanagon alloys... cheapest ive ever seen

  34. FS: 15" SA vanagon steelie

  35. FS: 15" SA vanagon steelie(was: Now alloy lug nuts

  36. FS: 3 westys and 3 GL's for 6 grand... (one is a 89 westy)

  37. FS: intermittant adjustable wiper relays for Vanagons (allows u to custom set it

  38. FS: rare single swival middle westy seat on

  39. Free "carfax" report via Ebay classifieds

  40. Friday question

  41. Friday topic: MP3s in a vanagon?

  42. Fryday!!!! - New Bus

  43. Fryedaye Vanagon Alternative

  44. Fwd: High top

  45. Fwd: Re: Vent Question

  46. Fwd: Toasters....are vanagons like them?

  47. GoWesty Alternator Bracket

  48. Good Bye Grover :(

  49. High top

  50. Hightop Conversions Questions

  51. How To Disable Steering Wheel Lock

  52. How many Vanagons were sold in Russia?

  53. It's still friday... NVC

  54. Java programmers on List?

  55. LVC: Popular Science Puts Entire Scanned Archive Online, Free

  56. Location of paint code for 1980 Westy

  57. Loctite 518 uses on Vanagon?

  58. Looking for Ronal R9's

  59. My AFM died

  60. Now what have I done.... Flashing oil light??

  61. OMG...non shredded shreddy tan corduroy!!

  62. Oil Leak advice needed

  63. Oil Pump Leak Advice


  65. Phone Dials for Vanagon!!

  66. Photo Campground competition

  67. Planning stages for 10th Annual Van-O-Rama ... also T-shirt designed wanted

  68. Priming the oil pump

  69. Rear window washer line problem

  70. Removed the front fan/heater core assembly.

  71. Restoration of 1991 Carat MT

  72. SS Exhaust sale reminder

  73. Samba ad response

  74. Sliding Window Latch

  75. Snap On 17mm 21mm trans wrench $1

  76. Spark Plug Tester

  77. Three Items - Follow-up

  78. Toasters....are vanagons like them?

  79. Ugliest Vanagon Dash?

  80. Vanagon gifts from the google ad bar

  81. Vent Question

  82. Virii in list messages


  84. WTB: Used rim for spare tire (with or without tire)

  85. What's wrong with my brakes?

  86. [WetWesties] PROPEX HEATER

  87. adventurewagen highroof window for sale

  88. bad shock? Tire ovals

  89. bad shock?tire ovals

  90. brand new AFMs

  91. cheap '91 westy

  92. coolant hose name?

  93. interchangability of parts

  94. need sway bar end link syncrp

  95. question about thermostat ... or not

  96. question about thermostat ... or not NOW fuel fittings and hoses

  97. replacing padded part of dashboard

  98. replacing padded part of dashboard/ brown dashpad FS

  99. source for oem Carat alloy wheel centercaps?

  100. still cranks, won't start

  101. subject Friday question

  102. thanks to benny boy ...and many others re fuel lines

  103. vanagon images

  104. water in the engine lid area
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