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VANAGON archives – March 2011, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '85 vs '90 : Gas tank and Gas tank Straps

  2. 1.9 engine need HG for the taking in SF.

  3. 1.9 or 2.1 starter for a 2.1 in an 85

  4. 115V AC wiring question

  5. 15" Wheels Wanted

  6. 2.1L harness question

  7. 3 window tent screen measurement request

  8. 87 Octane Gas

  9. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IFtWQU5BR09OXSBBdXRvIHRyYW5zIC0gMm5kIGdlYXIgYnJha2UgYmFuZCBhZGp1c3Rpbmcgc2NyZXc=?=

  10. And now - still trying for NEW TIRES

  11. And now - still trying for NEW TIRES - HAKKA

  12. Appreciation of List members

  13. Are Vanagons pretty?

  14. Audi Rims - Again

  15. Auto shifter cable: Ideas on making it longer?

  16. Auto trans - 2nd gear brake band adjusting screw

  17. Auxilliary batteries

  18. Bostig, CARB EO, the reasons why not WAS: [WetWesties] Washington state...changes in vehicle licensing rules..

  19. Can Dennis Haynes contact me? I'd like to buy a hitch.

  20. Castor oil as lubricant

  21. Castor oil in automotive applications

  22. Diesel Swap info request (update)

  23. Diesel conversion

  24. ECU & Coolant Temp Sensor

  25. Electrical Device

  26. Fix or replace? - was Surface Rust on Gas Tank (with pics)

  27. Frydae Flyer for a Fryer

  28. Frydaye - New achievement

  29. Fryeday Follies-Some Vanagon Content

  30. Fuel Line Size

  31. Fuel pump

  32. Fw: Gas Saving Tips

  33. GW aux battery kit + dash battery warning light

  34. Gas Saving Tips

  35. Gas tank, etc. Diagram

  36. Honing and cylinder painting

  37. How about - Favorite Websites for Camping spots (or apps)

  38. How to get that (bleep) spare tire out (Part 3)

  39. How to get that (bleep) spare tire out (continued)

  40. How to save gas

  41. I'll be in Seattle

  42. IR Temp guns - use with caution

  43. IR emissivity tables metal and nonmetal

  44. Japan's Tsunami and our Left Coasters

  45. LED lighting - Dash Lights

  46. LH5U - Dove BLue Metallic

  47. Looking for LED Equivalent High Beam Indicator Bulb

  48. Lost Vortex - Friday Fun

  49. NVC the last moments of my friday involve a non vanagon related post about jappan

  50. New to list kinda nad new vanagon

  51. Nice low mileage 88 Westy for sale in Sacremento

  52. No Clock & No Temp Gauge?

  53. Now what? Engine idles then revs up

  54. OT: anybody here race FSV?

  55. Plat Cat anyone?

  56. Private Re: Auxilliary batteries

  57. Repair compounds

  58. Replacing windshield seal

  59. Road trips (CA and OR)

  60. SOLD: Vanagon AT

  61. STP Gas Treatment

  62. Santa Barbara shop or..

  63. Shop to rebuild 1.9 Wbxr engine Dallas TX area

  64. Sunroof Vans on Craigslist (California) today

  65. Surface Rust on Gas Tank (with pics)

  66. TAPS (Friday NVC)

  67. The deal about the Tail Light Fairy

  68. This is Yosh from Japan.

  69. Time lapse (was Re: Time to paint, should I film it?)

  70. Time to paint, should I film it?

  71. Time to paint, should I film it? - Heck yeah!

  72. Trip Report: Snowbird NW>desert SW>NW (long)

  73. Unidentified part

  74. VW stamped battery terminals warning

  75. Washington St Plates in Florida - Van sighting

  76. Water tank

  77. Westy Rentals in Europe

  78. Whoops Re; Electrical Device

  79. Wurth PS 3 spray gun available

  80. Yosh - he's ok

  81. [WetWesties] Leaving Louisiana, Heading West, then North, then East. Ending in NB/ME.

  82. [WetWesties] NVC the last moments of my friday involve a non vanagon related post about jappan

  83. back together...

  84. bio based motor oil (no vanagon content)

  85. bolts et al

  86. charing voltage to battery - 85 vanagon

  87. collant pipes (was gas tank and straps)

  88. digging deeper...

  89. gasoline was STP Gas Treatment

  90. injector test...

  91. intake gasket?

  92. new engine for our Vanagons, maybe only on Fridays

  93. seat belt retraction

  94. so you're stuck in the mud?

  95. sometimes it just won't go...

  96. temp gauge flasing LED goes off instantly on start uip

  97. tsunami

  98. yoshi ok?

  99. video: transforming a Vanagon

  100. water tank pump and freezing

  101. webasto coolant heater for sale bbw46
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