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VANAGON archives – July 2005, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. $30 group 41 battery

  2. '76 Westy FS

  3. '87 GL AC

  4. 1.9 loss of power

  5. 1984 Westphalia

  6. 2.1 L Engine rebuilds

  7. 20W50 did the trick

  8. 20W50 did the trick (10W40 in the winter.)

  9. 20W50 did the trick/cross post ;) sorry

  10. 4 wheel drive tires

  11. 86 Auto Vanagon: would not start

  12. 87 GL Sythetic oil vs. regular

  13. 87 Vanagon, 2.1, oil buzzer?

  14. 91 Westy, low idle stall, low power! (LENGTHY REPLY)

  15. AC high pressure line adaptor valve VAG 1637?

  16. AFM cover

  17. AVP Engines

  18. AVP Kudos

  19. Air fuel tuning technique - Gurus wanted

  20. Alternator died

  21. Another silly trivia question: Bluestar

  22. Anyone have carfax account right now?

  23. Attn: Jim Degenero, FSGreen Westy 28Kmiles

  24. Automatic trans


  26. Biodiesel

  27. Black Bears vs Westy Canvas?

  28. Black Bears vs. Westy Canvas?

  29. Bluestar

  30. Bostig Dyno Day is being rescheduled

  31. Bus Depot

  32. Bus Depot Rebuilt 2.1L - opinions?

  33. Calculating Proper Inflation PSI for Tires

  34. Can you still get Reinforced Synthetic Syncro Wallace AFM isolators for a Vanagon?

  35. Cigarette Lighter socket..."tighter" ones available?

  36. Core 2.1L motor wanted

  37. Cost surprises in a VW search

  38. Did I meet you at WagonWorks?

  39. Did John Wallace Crash The List?

  40. Earned my "JW merit badge" Fwd: NDN: Re: John Wallace Day

  41. Engine drain

  42. FREE - 14" Steel Wheels and Wheel Covers

  43. FS: Out the door with the 84

  44. FS: vanagon engines and transmissions

  45. Friday NVC: Bad writing: carbs & bosoms

  46. Fridge Question - Maybe Aux. Batt. Related

  47. Front Suspension Part needed 1990 Carat: Passenger Side: STRUT ARM

  48. Fw: Re: No start..... rebuilt engine.... over my head...

  49. Fwd: NDN: Re: busted your fiberglass...autoresponders

  50. Fwd: Overheating

  51. Fwd: Re: rear seat foam

  52. Gas smell from front...

  53. Gas tank replacement

  54. German Westfalia accessory catalogue

  55. Happy Bicycling"

  56. Heli-Coil an Engine Oil Drain?

  57. Heli-Coil an Engine Oil Drain? / From the Real World

  58. How bad is a scored cylinder wall? -I4

  59. How to search the archives

  60. How's this idea for diagnosing overheating?

  61. I broke my tach

  62. I've just been "Wallaced" again!!! Re: So who the heck is "John Wallace"..

  63. Interesting sighting today

  64. Is Gerry Running???

  65. Is the list down?

  66. John Wallace

  67. John Wallace - Safety Issues

  68. John Wallace Day

  69. John Wallace Day clearance sale

  70. John Wallace Info

  71. John Wallace and A Black Bear

  72. LVC/ Re: Why Americans Are the Jerks of the World!

  73. Le Tour VWs

  74. Le Tour and vw's

  75. List of external factors for engine replacement;

  76. Looking for Vanagon parts delivery to Buses of the Corn

  77. Milan show event schedule

  78. NDN: Re: Gas smell (Wallaced!)..

  79. NDN: Re: busted your fiberglass...autoresponders

  80. NVC - Reply vs Reply All

  81. NVC - So who the heck is "John Wallace" NVC

  82. NVC Why Americans Are the Jerks of the World!

  83. NVC/ Re: Why Americans Are the Jerks of the World!

  84. Nice, low mileage '87 Westy FS

  85. No start..... rebuilt engine.... over my head...

  86. OT Happy Bicycling" happy friday :)

  87. Oil pressure light and buzzer

  88. Overheating

  89. Packing a '90 Westy

  90. Painting the poptop fuzz

  91. Part no. help

  92. Parting out 85 Westy

  93. Power lock actuators / years the same?

  94. Question RE installing late radiator into 83 diesel

  95. Radio/CD players seem to die to fast.

  96. Refrig door

  97. Removing Engine Tin;

  98. SA trailer hitch and odometer fix question

  99. Shop for rent in the Bay Area - perfect for Vanagon lovers...

  100. So who the heck is "John Wallace"

  101. Sorry. Your message could not be delivered to: John Wallace

  102. Stainless vs Copper exhaust nuts

  103. Starters for 85GL 1.9L

  104. Steering rack do it yourself rebuilding?

  105. Syncro gas tank on ebay cheap

  106. Syncro w/driveline vibration - but not the driveshaft?

  107. Temporary glue for expansion tank?

  108. Test

  109. Test 123

  110. Testing

  111. Traveling with a Laptop

  112. Traveling with a Laptop, packing

  113. Two Week Warning: Buses Of The Corn 2005

  114. UPDATE - Bostig Dyno day - Sunday July 31st!!

  115. Urgent part request for 82 California van

  116. Van-Again is expanding to cover buses and toll free number

  117. Vanagon GL 1986 - Odometer problem

  118. Vanagon westfalia camper interior for sale...also poptop section for sale

  119. WELCOME To WALLACEWORLD-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha--ha-ha-ha..

  120. WTB Behr AC switch and switchplate

  121. WTB: Front Fiberglass Vanagon bumper

  122. Was 2.1l Engine.

  123. What's the opinion on the Bus Depot VW reman engines?

  124. What's the small yellow-top Optima?

  125. Why Americans Are the Jerks of the World!

  126. air conditioning

  127. busted your fiberglass bumper/skirts? i'll fix it!! also fiberglass bum...

  128. busted your fiberglass bumper/skirts? i'll fix it!! also fiberglass bumpers FS

  129. carbon monoxide leaking through the head gasket into the cooling system test.

  130. cleaning westy matress covers

  131. cleaning westy matress covers > Reinstallation Tip!

  132. cleaning westy mattress covers

  133. effort involved in tuning a non-stock engine?

  134. engaged?

  135. exhaust bolts

  136. fixing power lock actuators...Re: Power lock actuators / years the same?

  137. flue vent rubber seal

  138. for sale - 1.6L na diesel conversion

  139. free engine

  140. free wifi in iowa

  141. heads up on vanagon jack

  142. how to remove driver's side "engine tin" pushrod cover

  143. how to remove driver's side "engine tin"/ Burn, Baby, Burn.

  144. i got Wallaced! for the umpteenth time.. Re: John Wallace

  145. more stuff FS:capt chairs, hitch, swival seats, westy screens, middle seats..

  146. mouth washing soap

  147. need power window motor

  148. re the ranting CUT IT OUT!

  149. rear seat foam

  150. reccomendation for fuel pressure gauge

  151. regarding head gasket failures on water cooled engines....

  152. regarding head gasket failures on water cooled engs....

  153. replacing all carpet - what else...

  154. small adapter needed - air cond.

  155. some vanagon stuff for sale...

  156. still looking for Wolfsburg side pieces

  157. stranded in Yellowstone...

  158. trip report: Montana's Pryor Mtn wild horses and boiling gasoline(!)

  159. volume of oil

  160. water pump replacement

  161. westy mattress replacement foam source?

  162. wood grain or not
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