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VANAGON archives – September 2006, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. "Click" when I depress clutch pedal

  2. '85 AC

  3. '85 with geysering coolant (Update)

  4. '86 GL - fuel or ignition?

  5. '86 GL stutters, stumbles and dies intermittantly

  6. '86GL - fuel or ignition?

  7. '87 adventurewagon for $4000 on SF craigslist

  8. '91 GL Westfakia

  9. 2.1l Pistons and Cylinder sets available at Van-Again

  10. 2002 Eurovan For Sale & Vanagon/Jetta Parts

  11. 6th Annual Van-O-Rama is this Saturday 09/09/2006 in SSF

  12. 85 Vanagon camper

  13. 85 liter fuel tank

  14. 87 Vanagon Engine Overheating problems

  15. 88 Vanagon radiater fan issues

  16. A little help, Literally

  17. A visit with Joy

  18. Add my Business to Vendor List??

  19. Air/Watercooled- Confessions of a VW Van lover/(hater)

  20. Another restoration....

  21. Any vendor sells this?

  22. Attn. 2L Air cooled experts. Is this a bad idea?

  23. Aux Air Valve Officially Obsolete

  24. BNNTA#21 wrap-up...

  25. Beer-themed Vanagons?

  26. Behr AC? (Was: Re: Who synchro knows-it-all?)

  27. Better Cat converters: OEM or aftermarket?

  28. Blinking coolant level light

  29. Brake Problem or Nature of the Beast?

  30. Burned off end on coil

  31. issues

  32. Caution, syncros at work!

  33. Chrome molding

  34. Complete MotorSport outta Coast Mesa ??

  35. Connecting Rod Bolts

  36. Crappy Parts Rant

  37. Debunking GoWesty!

  38. Did the mechanic do something?

  39. Did the mechanic do something? Update

  40. Does the list have a photo gallery?

  41. Does the list have a photo gallery? YES

  42. Dont do this at home ( I didnt)

  43. Duluth Trading- was Silicone tape was '85 with geysering coolant (Update)

  44. End of the Rustagon

  45. End of the Rustagon 56k BEWARE!!!

  46. FI hose clamp size/torque ? (searched archive+ other sites)

  47. FIRE!! How did it happen? How to fix?

  48. FS: westy slider window screens..

  49. Fan housing grille on air cooled engine

  50. Finally...... ;^)

  51. For the Newbies - Vanagon secrets revealed- under front seat

  52. VW content, only O. J. Simpson.

  53. Fridge air pump question

  54. Fw: center console

  55. Fwd: Re: a/c

  56. Fwd: [VANAGON] Fwd: [VANAGON] algebra-impaired

  57. Fwd: [VANAGON] algebra-impaired

  58. Fwd: a/c - Sorry

  59. Gas Tank Groms

  60. General skylight question

  61. Get GPS system ditch these Atlas was ..Re: For the Newbies - Vanago

  62. Get GPS system ditch these Atlas was ..Re: For the Newbies - Vanagon secrets revealed-

  63. HELP needed: Converting to Auto Trans... need neutral switch wiring

  64. Hard start relay- NAPA p/n

  65. Head gasket replacement driver's side only.

  66. Help in Germany needed

  67. In need of an obscure A/C part.

  68. Injectors, Plugs, and Performance (Long)

  69. Interesting Subaru Vanagon For Sale, Austin TX

  70. Interior: benind the sidewalls, below the windows?

  71. Issues with CIP?

  72. KAW springs anyone?

  73. Keys

  74. Koni shocks

  75. Labrador Trip photos...

  76. Lights While Towing My Westy Home

  77. Looking to borrow / buy Vanagon 50 degree Diesel oil pan

  78. Lousy Cigarette Lighter Plugs was inverter lighter plug cable?

  79. Maiden voyage in the new-to-us '87 Westy

  80. Master Brake Cylinder Install

  81. Metallic "click" when depressing clutch pedal (Searched archives)

  82. More cheerful curtains?

  83. More grom info

  84. My R134a experience

  85. NLA Parts wanted

  86. NVC - Chiles from Hatch, NM

  87. NVC - Korean Cars - was Re: Blinking coolant level light

  88. New TV Show! Flip This Vanagon!

  89. New Tire for 15 Rims From Continental

  90. O2 Sensor Idea (long)

  91. OT , now Bass Lists

  92. OT: Gardening

  93. Outlaw parts Van the picture

  94. Please check link to my new Vanagon site?

  95. R-12 alternatives

  96. Radiator cooling fan question

  97. Re-useable oil filter

  98. Re; friday--little miss sunshine

  99. Refrigerator: Fup...Fup............Fup

  100. Rhein Wheels on a Mercedes

  101. Rusty hubcaps with pictures

  102. San Antonio Vanagon Mechanic?

  103. Searching the archives, suggestions for successful searching

  104. Silicone tape was '85 with geysering coolant (Update)

  105. So,what is this thing/

  106. Starting Issue - Ran for 3hrs, shut off engine, lights fully on, interior lights on, but would not start.

  107. Subject: Re: key code??

  108. Suckers

  109. Super Blue

  110. Thanks

  111. Tristar for sale - in Sweden though

  112. Underside of tranmission housing glazing.

  113. Update: Sept 8-10 -- 10th Annual WetWesites/BusPilots ReUnion -- Sept 8-10

  114. V6 TDi Vanagon Tiptronic, FINISHED

  115. Vacuum leak?

  116. Vanagon Delivery Vehicle

  117. Vanagon-themed beers?

  118. Very neat Vanagon pickup

  119. WAS Engine Overheating problems, Now Sherlock Holmes with LVC

  120. Want to bet on bad fuel lines?

  121. Wanted: 86 or newer vanagon

  122. Was: Attn. 2L Air cooled experts.... Now: New working link to my site/AC mod. pics

  123. Westy or AW rental in The OC of CA next week?

  124. Who syncro-knows it all?

  125. Why am I not surprised? (charging wires)

  126. Will This Ruin an O2 Sensor or Cat Converter?

  127. Will a 12V DC motor run an AC system?

  128. Wiring Question: White wire=high beam; yellow wire=low beam?

  129. [NVC] Good Burning Man Coverage

  130. [SPAM] Re: Searching the archives, suggestions for successful searching

  131. [Vanagon-Westfalia] Road emergency - Need clutch work near Denver/Boulder...

  132. [non]Newbee question - silver box behind dashboard?

  133. [vanagon] anyone have any experience w/ Van-Cafe's 48" hi-lift Jack??

  134. a/c

  135. a/c - Sorry

  136. a/c - includes r134a conversion links

  137. accelerator linkage

  138. air intake boot repair

  139. air-cooled vanagons are cool

  140. algebra-impaired

  141. anyone getting thru to Roger Sisler?

  142. anyone have any experience w/ Van-Cafe's 48" hi-lift Jack??

  143. anyone have any experience w/ Van-Cafe's 48" hi-lift Jack?? / rubbing iss...

  144. anyone have any experience w/ Van-Cafe's 48" hi-lift Jack?? / rubbing issues

  145. anyone looking for a syncro tranny?

  146. apology to list.... (was "key code")

  147. archives

  148. blinking temp gauge

  149. cheap $650 sunroof vanagon GL on samba w/ 80k orig miles

  150. cheap '88 westy for sale.. $5000

  151. county wants my parts vanagon taken to the crusher

  152. electrical insulation

  153. electrical insulation - source for fusion or silicone tape

  154. got it, thanks!

  155. inverter lighter plug cable?

  156. key code??

  157. keys and locks

  158. looking at a Vanagon In Topeka, KS w/ auto trans problems

  159. looking at an older bus

  160. looking for transmission repairer or used

  161. nearly embarassing non-newbie newbie rear hatch lock question

  162. paper bus

  163. power window issues, like, in a lot of pieces

  164. probe port on exhaust

  165. project 2: fuel lines done, now on to fan

  166. should I replace my cat before even getting an emissions test?

  167. sidewalls

  168. speaking of hubcaps..'85-'91 style wheelcovers for sale..

  169. sudden failure to fire

  170. vanagon Digest - 2 Sep 2006 to 3 Sep 2006 - Special issue (#2006-733)

  171. vanagon Digest - 31 Aug 2006 to 1 Sep 2006 - Special issue (#2006-727)

  172. vanagon Digest - 4 Sep 2006 - Special issue (#2006-737)

  173. vanagon Digest - 5 Sep 2006 - Special issue (#2006-740)

  174. vanagon Digest - 6 Sep 2006 - Special issue (#2006-744)

  175. wasn't someone looking for an adventurewagen?

  176. water pump 1.9 there a preferred one?

  177. waterboxers in Mass.

  178. waterboxers in Mass./ coolant redux

  179. wiring diagram for 91 GL

  180. info... was:Re: 85 liter fuel tank
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