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VANAGON archives – October 2008, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. "84 westy stalling problem

  2. "High" Pressure Oil Switch Electrical Questions. (Jetta conversion) PIC

  3. 1.6na to 1.6t

  4. 30-50 Vanagon Challenge

  5. 83.5 front heater/blower assembly

  6. 86 Syncro for sale Altoona PA not mine

  7. <No subject>

  8. A/T seal change

  9. Air-cooled Bentley wiring typo.

  10. Audi Turbo motor swap

  11. Best source of parts for a rebuild

  12. Both low beams burnt out at same time?

  13. Brake hydraulic pressure

  14. CV Joint Wear

  15. Can someone please help me with a part number?

  16. Can't find ...

  17. Clicking under the dash?

  18. Coolant into the bleeder screw hole?

  19. Don't cry for me Wasserboxer

  20. Door Plate Tire Pressures

  21. Engine Conversions

  22. Eurovan help needed, 2002 westy, tranny stuck in park , desperate

  23. FS 1.9 engine Pittsburgh

  24. FS Front Vent window rubber seal (L&R)

  25. FS in VIRGINIA (before you ask) CL

  26. FS/1.9 low mile engine

  27. FS: 15" and 16" alloys for the vanagon...CHEAP

  28. FS: 15" and 16" alloys for the vanagon...CHEAP..$150 for all four

  29. FS: High-mileage 1.9L WBX with good heads/exhaust

  30. FS: vanagon power window setup

  31. Favour from anyone in Portland, OR?

  32. Frydaye - Chinese VW Jetta gets flattened......

  33. Frydaye Stock Market Report

  34. Frydaze funniez - Traffic Circle Prank Video - Vanagon Westy - corrected link.

  35. Frydaze funniez - Traffic Circle Prank Video - Vanagon Westy sighting

  36. Fwd: Please PARTICIPATE in Study and FORWARD to Your Email List (NVC)

  37. Gauges

  38. GoWesty Motor Options

  39. Headlight Adjustment

  40. I love my Bus

  41. IXLR8

  42. It's Friday: Hoppe's #9 Powder Solvent

  43. Kayak/Luggage Carrier for 91GL

  44. Kelleys Island Ohio. Who is Goin??

  45. Magical cast iron suspension?

  46. Modified alternator bracket

  47. Need Power Window Regulator

  48. Need:a driver's side high beam

  49. Non Vanagon related brake line question

  50. OT: how far back can you trace car records?

  51. Oh Deer, Oh Deer

  52. Oh Deer, Oh Deer & Air Bags

  53. Oil dipstick pushed out of the tube

  54. Ovens (was Re: VW Bus Cookbook - a must have)

  55. PayPal... anyone know how to contact a living organism there??

  56. Please PARTICIPATE in Study and FORWARD to Your Email List (NVC)

  57. Questions on Winterizing a Vanagon

  58. REPLY TO should go to list, not poster

  59. RPM at 60 MPH?

  60. Rear side reflectors on North American cars

  61. Recent Car Talk Shows

  62. Recent Car Talk Shows - re air bags

  63. Removing radiator bleeder screw

  64. Replacing shocks: spring compressor?

  65. Running without a cat...?

  66. SS screws and bolts was Re: Magical cast iron suspension?

  67. Sizes for T3 (Vanagon) tires

  68. Speedo accuracy

  69. Speedometer/Odometer connections

  70. Starter and Automatic Transmission Probelms

  71. Syncro on Vancouver CL Cheap!

  72. T3 (Vanagon) tires

  73. Technical question re: Injector firing signal

  74. The Value Of a Mechanic That Knows the Vanagon

  75. The big trip - observances

  76. Tire pressures

  77. Transporters at the Point5

  78. Trip Report

  79. Turn Your Car Into a Plug-In Hybrid

  80. VOSA-VW San Antonio

  81. VW T1 toys (handmade) on Vancouver Island

  82. VW's 'new' van

  83. Valves?

  84. Van Sighting in Indy

  85. Vanagon Sighting; Mall of America

  86. Ventilation for the Vanagon

  87. Wakins Glen 2008

  88. Welding stainless exhaust

  89. Western trip: Trip report

  90. Westfalia interior roof cleaning

  91. Westifarian

  92. Westys @ Watkins

  93. Where is the fuse/relay for the power mirrors in a 86 Westy Syncro?

  94. You need a spare temp 2 sensor NOW!

  95. [Diesel-Vanagon] 1.6na to 1.6t

  96. [WetWesties] pumped out -VOODOO

  97. [vanagon] FS: 15" and 16" alloys for the vanagon.

  98. [vanagon] FS: 15" and 16" alloys for the vanagon...CHEAP..$150 for all four

  99. adding Gauges

  100. air cooled oil pump diagram

  101. baby boomers

  102. creaking from right side upper control arm

  103. dash lights (was: [WetWesties] pumped out -VOODOO)

  104. drain plugs - coolant - what now?

  105. loose cigarette lighter

  106. map pocket repair

  107. map pocket repair. from digest

  108. selling our magic bus :(

  109. subject Re: subject Re: UPDATE: Personalized Plates!

  110. testing radiator fan

  111. trimming replies in gmail

  112. vanagon Digest - 11 Oct 2008 - Special issue (#2008-1106)

  113. vanagon sighting mid PA (Fall leaves)
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