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VANAGON archives – January 2009, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "Axle" wheel nut removal?

  2. A question for those smarter than me about Fuel pressure

  3. APB Looking For A Ride To Denver/Ft.Collins

  4. Air vs. Water

  5. Alabama Vanagon Owners

  6. Automatic transmission cooler-advice wanted

  7. Bear Attacks Camper NVC

  8. Body shop in South Bay

  9. Butterfly hunting vehicle

  10. Call for VW stories, poems, haiku and other cool drivel

  11. Digital Bently, Scanning for PDF

  12. Exhausts that delete the heaterboxes completely on aircooled Type IV engines?

  13. FS DOKA? in San Antonio

  14. FS in San Antonio

  15. FS or Trade for Ride to Vancouver-81 GL in San Antonio

  16. FS: Vanagon alloys (5 w/tires, caps & hw) in Portland, OR

  17. FW: Renewal of your subscription to the vanagon list

  18. FYI- NY Vanagon camping 2009 season schedule

  19. Finding trustworthy mechanics; was RE: heads- bus depot or van cafe??

  20. Free Stuff-see pics

  21. Head gasket leaking. Bummer.

  22. How do I remove a wiper arm?

  23. How to tell what kind of bear is there!!!

  24. In Alaska, Bear Attacks Camper NVC

  25. Insurance insider stuff .. so they say

  26. Intermittent starting

  27. Karl Von Salzen

  28. Lower Ball Joint Adaptor Questions (PICS)

  29. Minimal Heat (2.1)

  30. Moderator all read please Re: Sorry about the test post...

  31. My VanaJetta Conversion Passed Emissions!!

  32. NVC test NVC

  33. Need Lights from a '90 GL?

  34. Odometer failed, any advice?

  35. Odometer fixed..and "how dumb am I? (gas guage)

  36. Parts request? Boost inside

  37. Pop Top Canvas Replacement & Paint;

  38. Quieting noisy lifters (was: Head gasket leaking. Bummer)

  39. Rarely seen in Indiana

  40. Recommendations for Aircooled Engine Rebuilder

  41. Removing axle question - - the outcome

  42. Rumored parked-Westy finds--One available in VA

  43. Safety wire hardware - was South America & Mexico

  44. Shipment from Germany

  45. Sorry about the test post everyone I'm having gerry trouble

  46. South America & Mexico

  47. Speaking of Heaters, who's got a QUIET plug in they like?

  48. Strut Bar Removal Tips

  49. Stuck Strut Bar Bolts

  50. Tiny Url; Pop Top Canvas Replacement & Paint;

  51. Tire Blocking Safety Question (not the usual one :)

  52. Trip Report - Buses by the Bridge XIII

  53. VW Slot machine-Fryday NVC

  54. WANTED: 28 spline 22" / 65cm Porsche 930 CV shaft

  55. WTB driver side door latch

  56. Will these wheels fit my 91GL?

  57. Wiper Adjustments?

  58. Wiring Diagrams-some VW no Vanagons

  59. Wiring diagram design software

  60. [Fwd: [T2] H2O Vanagon part needed - pic included]

  61. [NVC] Laptop Computer Repair

  62. [Syncro] Need Lights from a '90 GL?

  63. [T2] Exhausts that delete the heaterboxes completely on aircooled Type IV engines?

  64. [WetWesties] Exhausts that delete the heaterboxes completelyon aircooled Type IV engines?

  65. [WetWesties] secure storage?

  66. aircooled waterboxer

  67. bearly in time ... Frydaye's Frivolous (and Futile!) Follies ... Show Tunes again!

  68. gummy locks

  69. heads- bus depot or van cafe??

  70. need vin check... carfax>?

  71. rusty nuts ...

  72. secure storage?

  73. torque converter failure

  74. who is sean garrett used to be -- Renewal of your subscription to the vanagon list
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