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VANAGON archives – June 2004, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. $20 Reciver hitch in Cornish, Me

  2. '85 westy f/s $11,900

  3. 1.9 Throttle Body

  4. 2004 Event calendar ideas for vw camping trips in PNW

  5. 85 1.9 failed smog

  6. 86 Syncro Westy - harness replacement

  7. 87' Weekender for sale

  8. AT slipping

  9. Alignment Question

  10. Alignment questions

  11. Alko Shocks

  12. Alko shocks... anyone tried 'em?

  13. Another what is this westy worth??

  14. Anybody ever make a trailer out of a vanagon?

  15. Auxiliary Battery Hook-up

  16. Bleeding Hydraulics

  17. Bleeding clutch

  18. Blown Engine

  19. Blown engine: Over-filled?

  20. Blown engine: Update

  21. Bus Depot discount code

  22. BusFusion News

  23. Calling .....

  24. Cat Surprise

  25. Catalytic Converter question

  26. Center Air Flow Duct on 86-91 Wolfsburg/Carat Recall?

  27. Coil killer found! vanagon single electrode plugs

  28. Differential pan gasket

  29. Does anyone have carfax? (NVC)

  30. Driving yesterday

  31. Dual-Battery Question

  32. Empty trailer wants to hitch a ride

  33. FOR SALE: Dual Carburetor 2.1L wasserboxer engine

  34. FREE VAN

  35. FS 81 camper automatic, san jose, ca ... $750

  36. FS 87 WLE Daytona Beach, FL $750

  37. FS: Misc. 1.9L Parts

  38. FS: O2 Sensor and AFM Harness...

  39. FS: Westy Stickers All. Authentic repros.

  40. FS: tan capt. chairs/front seats w/ all vanagons

  41. FS: vanagon carat alloy wheels & tires

  42. FS: vanagon westfalia camper interior....make your van into a camper!!

  43. Felt washer in flywheel, make your own? ... and more

  44. Free Vanagon in Virginia Beach

  45. Fridge blowing out. Where to seal air leaks

  46. Front Brake Pads - How To?

  47. Front differential lock light question

  48. Fuel system...follow up

  49. Good engine is knocking!

  50. Headlight Switch Replacement (Melted Connector)

  51. How do I adjust (bleed?) the clutch?

  52. How much oil?

  53. Idle Stabilizer Control Unit damage

  54. Interesting item on eBay web site item# 2481449788: Westfalia für Bastler

  55. Is John right about the temp gauge

  56. Is an '89 engine compatable with an '87 Syncro??

  57. Is my clutch going out?

  58. It was a great ride . . .

  59. Lessons from a dumb donkey

  60. Looking for Air Cond Service in Southern Ontario

  61. Low Beams quit working!...Is it the switch?

  62. Maple grove Super Jam VW show sunday (tomorrow) reading PA..

  63. Multiple messages

  64. NAPA Part Number for Hose?

  65. NEW Owners Manuals & Dealer Tech Books (Ltd. Quantity, N.O.S.!)

  66. NEW section, engine swap on Roadhaus....

  67. NO MAIL

  68. NVC-Helicopter Cracks ... on Fryedaye

  69. New Vanagon Owner!

  70. New and used parts Blowout sale!!!

  71. New tire chains and front heater blower for sale

  72. Nice 89 Westy GL up for Auction!

  73. No Start, No Pump, HELP!

  74. No Start, No Pump, HELP! - Resolved!

  75. Noisy Fuel Pump - '84 Westy

  76. Non-Family Hauler

  77. O ring size

  78. Oil halfway up dipstick=Higher Oil Pressure

  79. One more time...FS:85 vanagon 800$

  80. Ontario Air Cond Service

  81. Oops - NVC but VW enough

  82. Overheating problem


  84. Parting out 87 GL White

  85. Parts data base

  86. Re Fridge blowing out

  87. Recommended VW shop for inspection around Barrie (Ontario)

  88. Reminder - VW Campout in Lanesboro, MN, June 19-21

  89. Replacement Camper Inlet Covers Now Avail!

  90. Replacing heater blower - Need clips please

  91. Restoration - Part 3

  92. RoadHaus - the road is back in the Haus

  93. Roadhaus - Trip Report to Bus Fusion

  94. STOLEN Vanagon alert - Tacoma WA

  95. SV: Re: Thermostat on aircooled - how dos it work?

  96. Sacramento, CA repair shops

  97. Seattle to SB, CA

  98. Shipping van

  99. So I bought another Westfalia - pics

  100. Source for Exhaust Analyzer bung?

  101. Spark plugs

  102. Special Thank You - Ron of Bus Depot

  103. Stolen Dipstick!

  104. Storing the vanagon for two months

  105. Subject: Noisy Fuel Pump - '84 Westy

  106. Switch circuit to Aux Battery ??

  107. Syncro linkage problem

  108. Syncro tranny problem

  109. Thanks for your help, everyone! (New Vanagon Owner)

  110. Towing warning from Bentley for Digifant, maybe for Digijet

  111. Update on the New Engine Timing Issue..

  112. Update on the New Engine Timing Issue....And finally idle problem solved.

  113. Vanagon sighting - NJ

  114. WTB DIESEL crank

  115. WTB Front License Plate Bracket

  116. WTB: rear mosquito screen

  117. WTB; camper fuse box...

  118. Wanted: Syncro camper body, no rust

  119. Was: Why are campers higher at the rear? NOW: Westy air drag

  120. What Would You Do With The Wienermobile?

  121. What is this thing?

  122. What is this westy worth..?

  123. Why are campers higher at the rear?

  124. Window Vent wing

  125. Window Vent wing De Long and Short of it

  126. [Syncro] Re: Why are campers higher at the rear?

  127. [vanagon] Roadhaus - Trip Report to Bus Fusion

  128. aftermarket door speakers

  129. another westy wirng question

  130. any interest in flip out side Tables? mounts to ANY Passenger van..

  131. anyone got a current subscription to carfax?

  132. bleeding the coolant system

  133. bosch va injection pump

  134. breather hose sensor thingie

  135. extended trip hygene

  136. extended trip hygiene

  137. faulty oil fill tube

  138. fuel rail/line recall?

  139. german engine service inc in olympia wash

  140. heater controls

  141. hot starter isues

  142. how much auto trans fluid?

  143. idling probalems

  144. leaky trans

  145. part found

  146. passenger side parking lights not working

  147. plug heat ranges?

  148. preparing your bus for winter. ;)

  149. rear heater valve leaking

  150. replace stabilizer link Q?

  151. syncro in Ocracoke- short trip report

  152. syncro vc install ques

  153. thermostat housing needed

  154. turn signal

  155. turn signal question

  156. ugh!! fridge still blowing out!!FOLLOWUP RESULTS

  157. vanagon

  158. vanagon DIESEL vs Gas crankshaft

  159. vanagon Digest - 11 Jun 2004 - Special issue (#2004-549)

  160. vanagon Digest - 8 Jun 2004 - Special issue (#2004-539)

  161. vanagon It was a great ride

  162. vanagon exhaust analyzer for home use

  163. vanagon single electrode plugs

  164. water inlet for westy
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