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VANAGON archives – February 2006, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. '80 ac square port head

  2. '85 Crewcab for sale

  3. (Updated) 1990 Blinking Coolant Light

  4. 1990 Blinking Coolant Light Mystery

  5. 2 weeks until the True Canadian Winter Bus Campout

  6. 24 hr clock

  7. 59 Westfalia Trailer FS on Ebay

  8. 80-82 vanagon shift linkage adjusting.

  9. 85 Vanagon GL stereo upgrade

  10. 85 crewcab F/S

  11. 89 Wolfsberg For Sale


  13. Any .040 turbo diesel pistons out there for sale?

  14. Automatic Gear Shifting Console Lights not working, need assistance

  15. Ballpark price for a 1990 Vanagon GL with newish Tiico engine?

  16. Blinking Coolant Light Mystery (to me)

  17. Brake Line replacement update, need help in figuring this out...

  18. Broken alternator bracket studs

  19. Brown Sliding Door Panels- $199

  20. Buses by the Beach - Bus BRR Next Weekend!!!

  21. Cars play soccer!

  22. Checkin Z Lifters

  23. Custom Cabinets on Vanagon List;

  24. Dead Van in SF Update (Final!!!) ;-) trip report

  25. Death Valley Camping/Sightseeing in a 2wd westy?

  26. Death Valley Preparations

  27. Early bird got the worm...

  28. Engine siezed . . . Next steps?

  29. FS 1989 Vanagon GL 4-speed $500 in Cincinnati, OH USA

  30. FS: '91 Syncro SVX Ebay

  31. FS: Rebuilt 2.1 Liter Engine - Cheap!

  32. Femco drain valve was Re: Lazy mans way to oil changes-Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve

  33. Fresh coat of paint or not?

  34. Fw: Go Westy's 16" wheel offset ?

  35. Go Westy's 16" wheel offset ?

  36. Headlights work better with the reflective material still present.

  37. How to - or not - bleed the cooling system

  38. How to fix your warped doorpanels.. please read!

  39. Installing Dash Volt-Meter?

  40. Instrument lamps

  41. JB Weld question

  42. Just looked up and down this weeks vanagon postings

  43. Just replaced the throttle switch and am having drivability issues

  44. Last post - Stereo install for 1985 Vanagon GL - sorry!

  45. Lost ALL gears, then they came back

  46. Lost ALL gears, then they came back, then it was fine, then shifting

  47. Lost ALL gears, then they came back, then it was fine, then shifting got wierd, then it was fine

  48. Magic clock

  49. Metric this metric that

  50. Metric this, metric that

  51. Metric this, metric that NVC

  52. Mr. Buddy propane heaters on sale @ Home Depot

  53. Mystery wires, fried

  54. NVC -Lil' Ol' Ladies, Vintage Cars, Full Service and things attendant thereto

  55. NVC: Avoiding TurboTax this year

  56. OXS sensor placement for 82 aircooled Vanagon

  57. Of course a vanagon is a bus!

  58. On the Rebound .....

  59. Peach State Transporters (Georgia) - Dead of Winter Campout this weekend - February 3-5

  60. Propex saga part II

  61. Propex update

  62. Re : JB Weld question

  63. S&S Headers Stainless System for Vanagon?

  64. Shocks Update

  65. Shocks ~ Koni's anyone?

  66. Shocks ~ Konis anyone?

  67. Silver socket for your John Deere.

  68. Steeler WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Strange location for a fuel filler?

  70. The Last Trailer

  71. UPDATE: burred spark plug threads

  72. V8 T2

  73. V8 into Vanagon?

  74. VDO gauges for sale...(was Re: Installing Dash Volt-Meter?

  75. VW Bus "Arizona Roundup - Campout" ... Details

  76. Vanagon 1/4 windows

  77. Vanagon List Meet/Campout Version 1.?

  78. Vanagon Sighting

  79. Vanagon insulation - the modern solution

  80. Vanagon service in Mesa, Arizona

  81. Virus/Worm warning (Windows, of course)- NVC

  82. WANTED: parcel tray "glove box" tray from early vanagon kombi or transporter

  83. WTB 15 inch alloys

  84. Why not a rolling list camp out meet?

  85. [Syncro] Anybody interested in having Burning Van in SF first week

  86. [Syncro] anybody have 1.9TD w/ air cooled tranny

  87. [vanagon] Replacing Seats With Non-Vanagon Seats

  88. [vanagon] how do you get the digi clock off of Millitary time?

  89. anybody have 1.9TD w/ air cooled tranny

  90. are sensor wires polarity specific?

  91. are sensor wires polarity specific?--OOPS!

  92. blue stuff free to a good home

  93. carfax request

  94. cracked right side case...i'm in TROUBLE! (was crank pulley bolt...argh!)

  95. engine parts wanted

  96. flashing light

  97. grinding noise under steering wheel while turning.. read!

  98. hidden Vanagon

  99. hidden bus

  100. how do you get the digi clock off of Millitary time?

  101. installing rocker arms

  102. ipod dash mount ideas

  103. my new van (bus)

  104. mystery mechanics

  105. of course a vanagon is a bus

  106. recap (still not fixed) Re: Update (not fixed...) Re: FIXED? (and, advice needed...) (was: Re: low voltage, starter running intermittently, but alternator is okay?)

  107. running hot....any ideas

  108. running hot....any ideas, caveats?

  109. running hot....any ideas?

  110. running hot....any ideas? UPDATE

  111. running problems, 2.1

  112. spring spacers

  113. the VW-DC van announcement

  114. vanagon Crewcab sighting

  115. vanagon Digest - 5 Feb 2006 to 6 Feb 2006 - Special issue (#2006-103)

  116. vanagon Digest - 6 Feb 2006 - Special issue (#2006-104)

  117. vanagon sightings
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