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VANAGON archives – September 2007, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. '82 Vanagon Diesel on eBay

  2. '87 syncro 36K miles 3.2porsche engine

  3. 1.9 heads on a 2.1 motor?

  4. 15 deg I-4?

  5. 3rd brake light?

  6. 88 Vanagon For Sale

  7. ADMINISTRIVIA - Doesn't Anyone Read The Messages They Respond To?

  8. Accessing the B pillar from under the van

  9. An Auxiliary Air Regulator puzzle

  10. Any experiences with GoWesty Engines?

  11. Archives on DVD?

  12. Available non-power steering rack out there FS?

  13. Battery dies due to excessive draw

  14. Battery dies due to excessive draw on fuse #3 (accessories)

  15. Body seam gap - How to repair?

  16. Brake pedal/high idle issue

  17. Broken-down bay window on GA 400

  18. Bus Depot dash tray

  19. Buzzy inline 4 from Tiico

  20. Canadian Eurovan truck info needed..

  21. Canadian Eurovan truck info needed...

  22. Canadian dealership

  23. Causes of rear brake soft pedal


  25. Dash warning lights?

  26. Dead mouse benind Westy cabinets?

  27. Doesn't Anyone Read The Messages They Respond To?

  28. Doors , hatches Available

  29. Doors Available

  30. Driver's side dashboard vent VERY hard to open & close

  31. ECU firmware location

  32. Ebay Syncro scam, VIN swap?

  33. Engine removal by Zoltan

  34. Engine removal, long winded...... Seeking advice

  35. Estate Sale - Northern Californa

  36. FS: OEM cruise control setup for vanagon, and OEM power window setup for vanagon

  37. FS: OEM rear 3 pt. shoulderbelts for the vanagon and westy

  38. FS: childs cot for westy

  39. FW: Stuck in Alturas with electrical mystery

  40. Failing water pump?

  41. For those of you who know German

  42. Forgot..I am a digester..

  43. Fuel injector info req'd

  44. GAS recommendations

  45. Headlight switch repair

  46. Hello! We have some questions...

  47. Help using FILES

  48. Help with central locking system.

  49. Idea for gauge placement

  50. Interesting Vanagon ad

  51. KELLYS Island Almost Here.

  52. Krylon Grey Color for kitchen unit

  53. Looking for parts

  54. Looks like a steal

  55. Measuring engine RPM based on Hall sender/coil signals

  56. Michelin Agilis Tires

  57. Mike's TP switch question from digest

  58. Monarch Crest trail trip report

  59. My van has about 220k miles

  60. My van has about 220k miles, what are the chances that the manual tranny has never been rebuilt?

  61. NJ Transporter Syncro siting (ron maxon's syncro panel)

  62. Need Help Diagnosing Auto Tran problem

  63. Need a part #

  64. New fridge replacement option for the Dometic

  65. New fridge replacement option for the Dometic - UPDATE ON PURCHASE

  66. Newer Vanagon Technology in older Vanagons?

  67. No, not the silver socket

  68. Overheating Advice

  69. Patch a small tear in the tent

  70. Plugging leaks in intake manifold

  71. Pony Pitch Campout

  72. Propex/Trumatic heater for sale

  73. Replacement AFM technology

  74. Replacement AFM technology and ecu

  75. Resistance of Coil Wire?

  76. Significant improvment: Less wind deflection

  77. Silver Socket amperage capacity

  78. Something good to reattach velour and vinyl to interior door panels etc

  79. Speaking of the Wing Vent Window

  80. Spring Cleaning comes late but in progress

  81. Stuck in Alturas with electrical mystery

  82. Success!

  83. Sunroof drains

  84. Syncro question

  85. Syncro speedometer

  86. The New Rear-Engined VW UP!

  87. The two throttle valve switches

  88. The two throttle valve switches, question

  89. The two throttle valve switches, redux

  90. The ultimate Westy Gathering?

  91. Tiico buzz / vibration / whine

  92. Tired of that...

  93. Trip Photo Albums

  94. Trip Report (longish)

  95. Trip report -- the short version

  96. Troublshooting High Idle 87 2.1 wbx

  97. Two possibly related symptoms?

  98. Unforseen, but very nice...Improved accuracy of Gas Guage.

  99. Update on my Westy!

  100. Update on my westy!

  101. Upper Control arm Woes

  102. Upper control arm woes

  103. VW Crafter

  104. VW gas I4 Engine Conversion

  105. VW gas I4 Engine Conversion input needed. (I think I've made my choice)

  106. Vanagon Fuel Injection Controller

  107. Vanagon No. 19

  108. Vanagon armrest remvoal--- was-->Re: new interior stuff

  109. Vanagon in US fashion magazine

  110. Was; Stuck in Alturas with electrical, SOLVED

  111. Westy Propane Tube Size ??

  112. Westy left rear shoulder belt pattern?

  113. Westy top pops at top speed

  114. Which Wheels

  115. Window motor out?

  116. [NVC] A few photos

  117. [Syncro] sexiest syncro alive on ebay?

  118. [VWVANFULLTIMERS] New fridge replacement option for the Dometic

  119. [WARNING - NOT VIRUS SCANNED] Can we weld new exhaust manifold flanges on our heater boxes?

  120. anyone have CARFAX?

  121. archives??

  122. bow-wow blues

  123. cleaning interior

  124. elec window motor

  125. engine theory, ECUs , AFMs and whatnot

  126. front shock bolt

  127. new interior stuff

  128. pressure gauge range for vanagon

  129. recommendation for san francisco peninsula body shop?

  130. second '86 rear-facing seat in my '86 weekender

  131. sexiest syncro alive on ebay?

  132. test

  133. trip report, Portland, Oregon>Bishop, Ca. return.

  134. vanagon Digest - 25 Sep 2007 - Special issue (#2007-1043)

  135. westy decal kit for kitchen unit LED panel (was Re: Krylon Grey Color

  136. wing vent rubber replace
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