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VANAGON archives – February 2008, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "They would have been better off with the Microbus." - Rebecca Lindland, Global Insight at the Chicago Auto Show

  2. '90 & '81 Vanagon Parts

  3. 80 to 83 Vanagon heater boxes

  4. 83 westy on craigslist 200$ Needs 2.0

  5. 88 Vanagon for Sale or Parts

  6. 88 Vanagon, new to me, the story so far (long)

  7. ADMINISTRIVIA - The List and Attachments

  8. Another silver Westy appears in Richmond

  9. Anybody Need Rear Swingarms

  10. Anyone traveling from S.CA to N,. CA

  11. Anyone upgraded the horn?

  12. Attn: Air Cooled owners. Take a look. Gas tank stuff (pics)

  13. Bluetec diesel

  14. Bluetec diesel - Urea

  15. CV joints

  16. CV joints - PS

  17. Carat rear springs and bearings

  18. DON'T do this! (Painting tip)

  19. Dinner, Coffee, and sheer lunacy

  20. E-mail Troubles -Yahoo

  21. EBay - Hightop Bay

  22. ETKA 7 is in the mail

  23. Electric Vanagon?

  24. Electric Vanagon? Now really useful tips..

  25. Electric Water Pump

  26. Electric Water Pump (was: Re: Electric Vanagon? Now really useful tips..)

  27. FS: $2100 , 50 degree VW inline 4 powertrain, ready to bolt into van, with trans

  28. FS: 87 Vanagon GL Westfalia Full Camper with Subaru EJ22 Engine

  29. FS: Small Diameter Steering Wheel

  30. FS: Upper Grill for Square Headlights

  31. FS: programmable wiper delay relays....

  32. Failed emissions (DEQ)

  33. Friday Trivia: was: Now: why is there a gap at bottom of lower grill?

  34. Friday Trvia Question

  35. Friday: Dubious Carbon Monoxide Monitor

  36. Fwd: 1991 Syncro 16" panel van w/ 19.tdi for sale

  37. Fwd: CV joints

  38. Fwd: Gerry vs. Yahoo

  39. Gas tank out. How to remove debris from tank? (searched)

  40. Gerry vs. Yahoo

  41. Greg's Pictures!

  42. Head replacement... sooo much easier the second time

  43. Heated air intakes (was: misc mpg discussion)

  44. Install radiator "cardboard" after rad in?

  45. Is this coolant pipe position correct? (Pic included)

  46. Is this new gas saver for real?

  47. Looking for AC cold start valve and Thermo-Time switch/wiring

  48. MOTSS Lunacy and Westfalia by night

  49. More pictures of overhead AC & Leather Interior unique to T3's (Vanagons) in Thailand

  50. NVC- Source for Jetta Transmission?

  51. NVC: Just Bought 88' Cabriolet

  52. New Member and questions

  53. New VW Rotten Unvieled // TDI?

  54. New to this

  55. New to this... Google websites useless

  56. No start after temp II replacement - conclusion

  57. Opinions on quality of Brazilian gas tanks from CI?

  58. Passed DEQ!

  59. Questions about putting westy cabinets into non-westy syncro

  60. R/R Fridge with Shelves Plans?

  61. Radiator cardboard and its replacement

  62. Reality check? -- rebuild comparison

  63. Retrofit Electric Pumps

  64. Retrofit Electric Pumps and a 110V pre-heat circulating system

  65. Rich running incident puzzle

  66. Seam Rust

  67. Shifter - Lower Ball Destroyed

  68. Size of opening for lower radiator grill? (searched to no avail :(

  69. Stainless Steel coolant lines

  70. TCWBC Trip Report

  71. The Sermons of Bob Hoover...

  72. Unreliable Vanagon engines!

  73. Unreliable Vanagon engines! I mean trannies!

  74. Unusual Expansion Tank Fix Question (pic included)

  75. Vanagon Sightings In Batumi

  76. Vgon Locking gas cap - I hate it!!

  77. Vin Numbers

  78. Vin Numbers..3 locations on body

  79. Voltage Stabilizer and headlights connected now....??

  80. WAS: lower rad grill size. NOW: D-OH! and question (PIC included!)


  82. WTB CV joint "backing plate"

  83. WTB: Syncro Speedo

  84. Was Shifter - Lower Ball Destroyed - Now Resolved

  85. Was parting out vanagon 90 white San Jose, now rip-off

  86. Was: Electric Vanagon? Now really useful tips..

  87. Water Pump Impeller Damage

  88. Westy sighting is SE PA

  89. What is THE best battery ?

  90. What just happened?

  91. Zetec diesel

  92. Zetec diesel/Euro Diesels

  93. [NVC] Computer Guru Types Needed

  94. [Syncro] More pictures of overhead AC & Leather Interior unique to T3's (Vanagons) in Thailand

  95. [Syncro] running Nokian Hakkapeliitta CS Tires all year??

  96. cancel subscription

  97. diesel rebuild every 50K miles?

  98. e-bay trim rings...blocked by seller! Now: other vendors?

  99. fixed but now another problem

  100. front wipers

  101. full width blue Zbed in Oakland PNP... Where are you located?

  102. horn upgrade

  103. hose replacement-->coolant dist. replacement-->thermostat housing replacement

  104. more friday trivia..why are accel pedals on automatic vans

  105. more friday trivia..why are accel pedals on automatic vans reinforced with metal

  106. mpg display (was Re: Was: Electric Vanagon? Now really useful tips..

  107. paint design site

  108. prospective '82 diesel -good mechanicals, so-so body

  109. reseal headlight?

  110. running Nokian Hakkapeliitta CS Tires all year??

  111. seat "guide pieces"

  112. two new brochures....

  113. using JB WELD to fix small rust pinholes Re: windshield rust repair cost

  114. vanagon Digest - 15 Feb 2008 to 16 Feb 2008 - Special issue (#2008-203)

  115. windshield rust repair cost

  116. wiper blades

  117.       Anyone upgraded the horn?

  118.       Anyone upgraded the horn?
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