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VANAGON archives – March 2008, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. -Now Engine Conversion - doing your own soobie wire harness

  2. 1991 Vangon GL

  3. 85 Vanagon - manual trans. fluid change

  4. 88 Vanagon FS: Last Update

  5. =?windows-1251?Q?60_Years_VW_Bulli_=96_The_Book_-_Conclusion_&_More?=

  6. A/C and P/C brackets, hoses for I-4 or Tiico conversion

  7. A/T was run with low oil too long ...


  9. AW: Need help on color!

  10. Accessing the B or C pillar to run a water pipe

  11. Annoucement - Buses in Ruins Campout / October 2008 - Register Today

  12. Bad Fuel Pump?

  13. Battery Bracket - Where to get one?

  14. Bonehead TDI question

  15. Bostig Jim is selling a USED VW inline on Samba

  16. Bulli Books

  17. Buses in Ruins Campout / FULL

  18. Canadian winter (funny)

  19. Carfax anyone?

  20. Carfax help please

  21. Coolant leaking at upper head nut

  22. Craigslist findings: "vw westfalia bus"

  23. Cut tranny input shaft while still in tranny? (for engine conversion)

  24. ETKA 7

  25. Electrical Fire and wiring help

  26. Engine Is In!

  27. Engine Removal

  28. Engine adaptor for Audi 5 cyl?

  29. Engine compartment reservoir

  30. FOR SALE: 82 Diesel Westie and 85 Vanagon $2K

  31. FRYDAYE Why does it hurt when I pee WAS: Re: fuel tank capacity?

  32. Fixing rippled or shrunken cabinet molding

  33. Fuel Milage

  34. Fuel and Coolant gauges not working?

  35. Full Timer Needs Help In Colorado

  36. Glass needed

  37. Golf engine mount brackets same as Fox? (for my Vanagon engine conversion)

  38. Have a Behr AC on Ebay

  39. Head sealants??

  40. Help! Cant get folding table to open !! :o)

  41. Hi to Joy and Matilda

  42. How Long Running to Charge the Battery After Starting?

  43. How does powerwindow motor come out of the door?

  44. I'm in Hot VW's magazine!

  45. I'm in Hot VWs magazine

  46. I4 conversion exhaust

  47. I4 conversion exhaust - some comments

  48. Jalousie (louvered) windows in a Vanagon

  49. LVC: TDI Problem

  50. Linear or Cross-linked plastic in Brake Fluid Reservoir?

  51. Looking for two inline conversion parts

  52. MPG in the Bostig Conversion ?

  53. MotorBike carrier

  54. NVC - auto parts for older Nissan

  55. NVC: shower (WAS: Accessing the B or C pillar to run a water pipe)

  56. Need help on color!

  57. Needed: Steel wheel

  58. New email address

  59. Old Gas?

  60. Opinion regarding new lowered 88 2wd Doublecab w/ Porsche/Pirelli 17's

  61. Opinions on this .... door

  62. Opinions on this bus

  63. Oppinions / Best deals on Bilstein shocks?

  64. Overall Timing Advance, Air Cooled

  65. Powerwindows?

  66. Rear Hatch Lock

  67. Rear hatch lock-2

  68. Replacing Fuel Lines

  69. Sasquatch Festival?

  70. Sheesh! Wildflowers? No real vanagon content

  71. Sirius radio antenna for Westfalia

  72. Solar panel question

  73. Spark plug wires

  74. Spark plug wires - Embarrasment to follow

  75. Still Running like Crap: Episode IV - A New Hope

  76. Still running like crap, the saga continues

  77. TD Westy FS on Seattle CL

  78. TDI Problem

  79. Tach year breaks/ part numbers

  80. This about sums up the bus life!

  81. Tranny Repaired!!!

  82. Turn signal system failure

  83. Turn signal voodoo and juju and thanks

  84. VW Radio connector

  85. VW of America

  86. Vanagon Sticker

  87. Was parting out vanagon 90 white San Jose, now rip-off

  88. Was: Tranny Repaired!!! Now: Shifter PM

  89. Was: cut input shaft Now: PICS and measurements of tranny dry mounted to KEP plate.

  90. Water Tank pump wire connections?

  91. [Adventurewagen] Accessing the B or C pillar to run a water pipe

  92. [NVC] Anyone using Ubuntu Linux OS

  93. [NVC] Computer Stuff - file transfers between members

  94. auto trans console shift slider repair

  95. body work vs. mechanical work

  96. body work vs. mechanical work-Now Engine Conversion

  97. clutch slave seal

  98. diagnosis of high oil temperature--is my engine dying?

  99. fuel tank capacity?

  100. green westys was Re: 1991 Vangon GL

  101. i-4Conversions-List of donor engines that replace a Tiico

  102. its time........

  103. sliding door arm protective cap

  104. troubleshooting sliding door operation

  105. vanagon Digest - 13 Mar 2008 to 14 Mar 2008 - Special issue (#2008-307)

  106. vanagon Digest - 8 Mar 2008 (#2008-289)

  107. was spark wires , now about the future of diesel and fuel prices
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