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VANAGON archives – April 2008, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '85 GL manual - Draining old coolant

  2. '? Steve Dolan- need contact info

  3. 1985 Vanagon - Extracting its case studs/inserts

  4. 4 pin fuel pump relay(s) question.

  5. 52 degree Inline 4 hydraulic lifters leaking down

  6. 85gl sitting for 3 weeks


  8. =?windows-1256?Q?BZ_shelf=FE?=

  9. A Friday Comment On Responses To Questions

  10. ASI screens

  11. AW: [Syncro] Off to Germany!

  12. AW: heater cointrol lever differences by year?

  13. Austin Veedub

  14. BZ & VanaLong -

  15. BZ =?windows-1256?Q?shelf=FE?=

  16. BZ shelf

  17. Back in one piece

  18. Best Tint?

  19. Bob Stevens

  20. CV Joints

  21. Coolant Leak?

  22. Corol code again.... please :-)

  23. Crash Survivor

  24. Diagnostic Skills Test

  25. Distributor woes

  26. Distributor woes; carry JB weld

  27. EMT (electrical conduit) for transitions in Vanagon cooling system? (engine convers

  28. EMT (electrical conduit) for transitions in Vanagon cooling system? (engine conversion)

  29. Electrical question re: Jetta conversion ign. coil supply

  30. Extend-A-Stay Propane Kit

  31. Extend-A-Stay Propane Kit - Carrying 1-lb cylinders

  32. Foam/Foil Noise Insulating Material

  33. Foot actuated parking brake

  34. For the emergency brake area..

  35. Front Heater

  36. Fuel pump on for one second normal w/key to "ign." position?

  37. Fw: Odd ignition issue

  38. Getting closer!

  39. Harmonic clutch

  40. How much gas will your Syncro take?

  41. How much gas will your syncro take?

  42. How not to bleed the brakes. Help needed!

  43. I know some vans have a cooling problem, but is it that bad?

  44. I'm back---- Just picked up my 91 Westy!!

  45. Inline 4 gas motor in a van at 52 degrees..

  46. Jack

  47. Ladies and Vanagons

  48. Looking for a charcoal filter valve

  49. Looking for a good RV service shop in Calgary area

  50. Looking for parts

  51. Miles in a borrowed AC Vanagon

  52. Monday multi-post (from a digester)


  54. Need the Mid-Curtain Hardware (Male)

  55. Need to repair/replace deteriorated instrument panel connector

  56. Off to Germany!

  57. Oil light : on-off-on-off - - -

  58. PD9130

  59. Pics of the Extend-A-Stay valve

  60. Pretty cool...shelf

  61. Rear Seat Re-installation question.

  62. Rebuilding manual steering rack? (+ crossing the creek)

  63. Refrigerator exhaust part

  64. Replaced my totaled Vanagon! (Also Camper & Parts FS)

  65. Routing the antenna for a Sat. radio

  66. Run engine without coolant for a few seconds?

  67. Rusted Power Steering lines

  68. Rusted Power Steering lines - Buses by the Beach

  69. Satellite Radio Antenna Wire

  70. Screens for sliding windows?

  71. Shipping Container from Germany

  72. Silly mistake: Closely related to "how not to bleed the brakes"

  73. Sources for westy faucet?

  74. Stuck Oil Drain plug

  75. Sudden Propane Venting from Tank Valve

  76. Sure beats the Sportsmobile (NCV).....

  77. Syncro de Mayo '08 Registration - Now open to 2WD or 4WD - 15 spots

  78. The Metric Dollar - LVC

  79. The clock is still not going, despite ...

  80. The relay that "purrs"

  81. This is why we're driving a Vanagon :)

  82. Turning around the middle bench in a Westy

  83. Two Vanagons

  84. Updates to my Stretch Vanagon website.

  85. Vacation Day 1

  86. VanaLong -

  87. Vanagon/Jetta timing issue. Use RPM sensor hole to find #1 TDC mark?

  88. Was: Distributor woes; ... JB weld Now: JB Weld Shelf Life?

  89. Westfalia museum trailer

  90. Westy Faucet

  91. Westy On 340 Outside Berryville Virginia

  92. What's a good radio/CD player for the vanagon.

  93. Where is the Vanagon email disappearing?

  94. Why are the lifters so hard?

  95. Wire gauge: smaller to larger ok?

  96. Wrong answer; Re: Why are the lifters so hard?

  97. Yahoo (and possible other) E-mail issues - NVC but List related

  98. blinkered

  99. detailing, restorations, etc

  100. e-code headlights- possible to replace just one lamp?

  101. extend-a-stay

  102. flow-through muffler -> cool cat -> FAILS emissions

  103. flow-through muffler -> cool cat -> failes emissions

  104. heater cointrol lever differences by year?

  105. high idle on startup

  106. in search of engine

  107. less than one?

  108. more insulation questions, and lessons learned

  109. mystery vents

  110. rear heater in weekender

  111. syncro

  112. testing coolant level sensor?

  113. tube bumpers

  114. ventilators in front doors

  115. vw tools?

  116. yellow doka in hood river, yours or. . . trip to Maupin gone wild.
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