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VANAGON archives – September 2012, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. "Like"

  2. '87 Westy 2.1L, Running Rough, No Power, Dies at Idle (Long)

  3. '88 Exhaust help

  4. 1982 diesel Westy with AAZ 1.9TD for sale in New Hampshire

  5. 1986 + Brake Caliper Bolts. 200 Ft lb ?

  6. 82 Vanagon

  7. 86 Vanagon Parts available

  8. 88' GL FS in Nashville, TN

  9. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IFtWQU5BR09OXSBTcGFyayBwbHVncw==?=

  10. =?utf-8?Q?Re:_Trying_again=C2=97need_2.1_valves_and__springs.?=

  11. =?utf-8?Q?Re:_[VANAGON]_Another_dometi?= =?utf-8?Q?c_question=E2=80=94does_size_matter=3F?=

  12. =?utf-8?Q?Re:_[VANAGON]_Re:_[VANAGON]_Another?= =?utf-8?Q?_dometic_question=E2=80=94does_size_matter=3F?=

  13. =?windows-1252?Q?Another_dometic_question=97does_size_matter=3F?=

  14. =?windows-1252?Q?Re=3A_=5BVANAGON=5D_Another_dometic_question=97does_size_m?= =?windows-1252?Q?atter=3F?=

  15. =?windows-1252?Q?Trying_again=97need_2=2E1_valves_and_springs=2E?=

  16. A/C system over heating and proper evaporator fans current draw

  17. Accelerator cable

  18. Anyone done a before and after test with FI cleaners??

  19. Anyone have a set of 2.1 valves and springs for sale?

  20. Anyone use this Heater for their Vanagon?

  21. Bentley on DVD

  22. Blinker fuses keep blowing

  23. Bostig Conversion: Unable to Transport to MA. Need Recommendation for Installer Elsewhere

  24. Broken down in Barstow with a bad head gasket leak

  25. Buses By The Depot (& Annual BusDepot Warehouse Sale)

  26. Camping Vancouver Island

  27. Camping Vancouver Island - On second thought

  28. Conversion Choices

  29. DOT Approved Stainless Brake Hose Questions. VC SS Kit Opinions?

  30. Data tag - anyone fluent in these?

  31. Dennis Haynes has shared a folder with you

  32. Flex Neck LED Lamp

  33. Foamy auto transmission fluid

  34. For Sale 1989 Westy Listed on the Samba

  35. Fram Gas filter

  36. Friday NCV: how far can you drive without oil.

  37. Friday Stuff

  38. Fridge question

  39. Front Spindle Condition? PIC

  40. Gas pedal woes

  41. Gas pedal woes (somewhat Friday now)

  42. Head Gasket leaks

  43. How does coolant circuit to oil cooler work?

  44. I only need fifteen more "Likes"

  45. Interesting Thing About My Brakes....

  46. Iron-y And, Thanks Frank Condelli ! (Radius Rod Space Sleeves)

  47. Jalopnik article featuring a 85 Westy....

  48. LED bench/barbeque lamp

  49. Labor day- laboring??

  50. Low compression, more test results

  51. Made the mistake of checking compression

  52. Need 2 Rear Wheel Studs

  53. New Shurflo faucet

  54. Porterfield R4-S Brake Shoes?

  55. Power mirrors on an '85?

  56. Problem fridge 12V circuit

  57. Problem with fridge on 12V ( addendum)

  58. Recommended RV CO monitors and placement?

  59. Rescue Squad App for the iPhone

  60. Running The Van Low On Fuel

  61. San Diego area: pressure tank or cap test adapters?

  62. Something wrong ...

  63. Spark plugs

  64. Still need HELP with hot start problem 84 Vanagon!

  65. Stuck Grease Cap? Try This PIC.

  66. Stuck in Barstow with coolant leak

  67. TRW Brake Pads? (1988 Westy)

  68. Tire Pressure - Hankook RA08 185R14C

  69. Tire rotating -- when?

  70. Today's Friday, ain't it?? Blatantly NVC

  71. Trying =?UTF-8?B?YWdhaW7Cl25lZWQgMi4xIHZhbHZlcyBhbmQgIHNwcmlu?= =?UTF-8?B?Z3Mu?=

  72. Trying =?windows-1252?Q?again=97need_2=2E1_valves_and_?= =?windows-1252?Q?springs=2E?=

  73. Trying again—need 2.1 valves and springs.

  74. Was: Radius Arm... Sleeve Measurement Now: PICS, Thoughts On Sleeve

  75. Water Coolant Pipe, Looking

  76. Wire sets from Busdepot 1985 Vanagon

  77. [VANAGON] Another dometic question-does size mat ter?

  78. [WetWesties] Friday Stuff

  79. broken ignition lock

  80. cool doka.

  81. leak down tester- wass Made the mistake of checking compression

  82. syncro fuel gauge sender ground

  83. transmiision problem

  84. transmission problem - additional info

  85. transmission problem - resolved

  86. vanagon Digest - 3 Sep 2012 (#2012-132)
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