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VANAGON archives – June 2000, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. '84 Westphalia for sale...

  2. '85 Starter Upgrade Questions

  3. '87 heater blower motor

  4. '90 Vanagon GL A/C

  5. 1.9 WBX VS 2.0 AC

  6. 1.9 WBX VS 2.0 AC (long)

  7. 2000 Reimo Catalogs In English!

  8. 2nd Battery Wiring Question

  9. 86-91 Rear Heater Leak

  10. AC Expansion Valve access on '90 Westie, what needs to be removed?

  11. Adding Fridge Fans

  12. Air Flow

  13. Alternator Brush Box

  14. Any Info on the new VW VAPOR COLOR?

  15. Any good/cheap AC shops in Seattle?

  16. Any pictures of the tires on your bus?

  17. Anyone interested in Rear Sliding Windows?

  18. Atlanta VW show June 25th

  19. Auxillary batter - isolation device

  20. Battery separators

  21. Bi-Tron

  22. Bleeding the Vanagon

  23. Brand new 2.0 liter Vanagon engines 79-83

  24. Broken Exhaust Manifold Bolts

  25. Buses, Loafs, and Vanagons

  26. CIS-E Fuel system problems

  27. Canoe, To Thule or not to Thule?

  28. Changing fuel filter- what am I missing here?

  29. Cleaning front air dam

  30. Coolant and air bubbles

  31. Darrell Bohler Digitool

  32. Diesel bellhousing to Syncro tranny

  33. Digitool Readings / Gas Mileage

  34. Do I need a new starter???

  35. ETKA V5.3 CD problem

  36. Early ISP Termination

  37. East Coast Events?

  38. Elephant Gears' US dealer


  40. FS Clymer Manual, 80-82 and Diesel --w/ 70's quiz

  41. FS: 1980 Westy water tank and relay

  42. FS: 89 Westfalia camper(NOT MINE)

  43. FW: Darrell Bohler Digitool

  44. FW: Diesel bellhousing to Syncro tranny

  45. FW: Euro-Drive: 87 Volkswagen vanagon, Misfire

  46. FW: Green coolant hurt engine?

  47. FW: Interesting item on eBay web site item#366301228: NEW LUGGAGE RACK: VW WESTFALIA POP-UP CAMPER

  48. FW: Michael the VW Dealer

  49. FW: Overheating on 1985 Westie

  50. FW: Paging Curtis long

  51. FW: Power window problem

  52. FW: Re: westy mirror tightening

  53. FW: What's the breaking info for the 2.1?

  54. FW: Where have all the vanagons gone?

  55. FW: do yourself a favor

  56. FW: heater fan probelm

  57. First Timer Overhaul... Some Questions

  58. Fridge Switch Position

  59. Front eng clunk - miraculous cure!

  60. Fuel and temp guage way off on '84

  61. Full Moon in Joon Trip Report

  62. Fwd: FW: Info. on a Dangerous Prank

  63. Fwd: WTB/ Parts ID cont. 1.6L Diesel

  64. Give this vanagon a good home, dont let it go to the cretins :)

  65. Good camping spots in the UP?

  66. Grumps & Frumps (was Web Site Update)

  67. Head Temperature Readings

  68. Help in Bozeman

  69. Herguth Oil Analysis

  70. Hi; I'm New

  71. High pressure A/C hose

  72. Hot Footwell Kit and Luggage Rack Screaming

  73. How does one get a battery to charge up to where it is supposed to??

  74. How to: 2.1 motor into 83.5-85 Vanagon

  75. I installed 215-85-16 tires on my syncro.

  76. I know it's not Friday, but...

  77. ISO: Mechanic Columbus, OH

  78. ISO: Mechanic in Bozeman, MT

  79. Instrument cluster - 87

  80. Intermittent coolant leak

  81. Is a Bentley worth it?

  82. Jacking Thread? I'm Still Interested!

  83. Lastly Weakly Stats - by Unca Joel 1-12-99

  84. Late-model 120A alternator fit on wasserboxer?

  85. Leak in drinking water system

  86. Lets rip out the Air conditioner

  87. Lets rip out the Air conditioner - 89 vanagon

  88. Liliput

  89. Lilliput sale

  90. Lowering A/C cabinet in a Westy easier than bus ?

  91. Michelin MXTs..

  92. Modified front syncro diff with locking option.

  93. My 91 GL tale (long), or what ever happened to this Vanagon

  94. Need Jumpseat for '85 Westy

  95. Need a new VC. Need to buy.

  96. Need a rear bumper for an '85

  97. Need a travellin' companion?

  98. New Westy

  99. New long block : leaky head :(

  100. New ride, new experiences

  101. Nice worm, innoculated with a couple of mods

  102. Normal oil temp and oil leak

  103. Of spare tires and broken wires...

  104. Oil pressure low around corners in 89 Vanagon

  105. Our beloved Vanagon (was Where have all the Vanagons gone?

  106. Overheating on 1985 Westie

  107. Q: How do we clean the headliner?

  108. Question for Beckett about size 30 deep cycle batteries

  109. Questions about Diesels

  110. Radiator Fan Keeps coming on

  111. Re; Do I Need A New Starter?

  112. Re; Spare tires and broken Wires

  113. Re; Westy door speakers

  114. Re;Of Spare Tires and Broken Wires

  115. Receiver hitch

  116. Repost of Westy Gathering Message


  118. Safe rpm's for 87 wolfsburg edition 2.1L????

  119. Sheared alternator bolt

  120. Spare Tyre Bolt

  121. Spark plugs looking pretty carbon-y

  122. Steering coupling / universal

  123. Sticker News

  124. Subaru Six cyl. Vanagon?

  125. Suggestion - Fuel Line Changers

  126. Syncro fender flares...

  127. The Performance chip from Fast German Auto

  128. Tires for Synchro

  129. Toasted head

  130. Today's PUZZLER... SLWR-VAN won't start

  131. Trans info for repowered vans

  132. Transporter rear hatch badge part number

  133. USDA Forest Service contact

  134. Updated Web Site

  135. VDO Oil gauge...

  136. Vacuum Pump Questions Cont./ 1.6L Diesel

  137. Valve cover gaskets

  138. Vanagon Accessory?

  139. Vanagon Mechanic Needed in or near Hollywood,Ca,Vanagon aftermarket bumpers

  140. Vanagon mechanic near Hol;lywood, CA

  141. Vanagons where

  142. Virus on list, be careful

  143. WANTED - km/h speedo head

  144. WARNING: Syncro Gas Tank Straps Break

  145. Wanted 2.1L Cylinder head

  146. Wanted: Service Manual for '86 Vanagon GL.

  147. Website

  148. Webtv/no vanagon content

  149. Westfalia conversion on Syncro

  150. Westy Speaker

  151. Westy Speaker and other sound items

  152. What does 'powder coat' mean when talking paint?

  153. What's the breaking info for the 2.1?

  154. Where have all the Vanagons gone

  155. Where have all the Vanagons gone?

  156. Where have all the Vanagons gone???

  157. Where to adjust Gas Pressure on 2.1L

  158. Window Crank Handles Anyone?

  159. Yokohama Y356D

  160. Yokohama Y356D - where???

  161. [Audi-VW-Diesels] ETKA V5.3 CD problem

  162. cleaning the canvas

  163. fastgermanauto in chicago area

  164. fridge relay actuator circuit:

  165. gauges: T I T gauge -- calm down : )

  166. helicoil on oil drain plug

  167. help. noise from the rear :)

  168. help. noise from the rear/ CV Joint

  169. idle stabilization, shifting, violent lurching, etc.

  170. list photos

  171. locker diff

  172. rear kyb installation

  173. removing bugs/was mudflaps

  174. thermometers (was dash cover & side table)

  175. unsubscribe

  176. vanagon Digest - 22 Jun 2000

  177. vanagon Digest - 24 Jun 2000 to 25 Jun 2000 - Special issue

  178. westy mirror tightening

  179. westy muffler

  180. westy speaker

  181. where have all the Vanagons gone
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