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VANAGON archives – November 2002, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. #+Fixed#+Re: rough running 82

  2. 1.9L Rough cold idle-solved

  3. 1967 VW Bus Convertable?

  4. 1980 Westy For Sale

  5. 1983-1985 Dash Wiring Diagram

  6. 1988 Westfalia for sale, nice!

  7. 2.1L ISV and AFM for sale

  8. 2nd request: photo of Z bed hardware installed?

  9. 82 air cooled running rough

  10. 82 starter & 80 engine compatible?

  11. 84 Viper Red Vanagon w/sunroof for sale

  12. 85' low idle, loss of power/compression, surging please help

  13. 85' low idle, loss of power/compression, surging-UPDATE

  14. 86 Syncro Vanagonw/Weekender Iinterior FS

  15. 87 GL needs loving home

  16. 87 Westy - Unknown Steering Boots

  17. 88 Syncro value in Ontario or Eastern US

  18. 88 Westy FS

  19. 89 Vanagon Camper

  20. <No subject>

  21. AHHH! I'm leaking ATF again!!

  22. AHHH!! I'm leaking ATF again!!

  23. ATF and Final Drive

  24. Air Cooled Vanagon Auxillary Oil Cooler

  25. Air Cooled Vanagon Won't Start in cold weather

  26. Any late model Vanagons in Pittsburgh area FS?

  27. Attention TDI Gurus! What is hotter, oil or compressed air?

  28. Aye my bucko

  29. Bagawest

  30. Blowing Smoke

  31. Broken down in memphis

  32. Bus Depot Now Hiring!

  33. Buy these wonderful vans!

  34. CARFAX avail

  35. Carat springs wanted

  36. Carat springs wanted - carats are lowered from the factory...

  37. Catalictic converter

  38. Clean Engine and Engine Bay

  39. Clutch going....going...gone?

  40. Colored lights (was: Re: any interest in clear/smoked/all red vanagon taillights?)

  41. Compression Test Question

  42. Coolant Pipe Installation-84 Vanagon

  43. Costa Rica to States in Vanagon (NVC)

  44. Cutting Out resolved

  45. Cutting out

  46. Damaged coolant Lines

  47. Davids Hot Water System?:

  48. Dead Tach

  49. Does anybody have any info/experience with this vendor?

  50. Dreaded Orange Drips on Driveway..............

  51. ECU

  52. EGR filter

  53. Engine break in

  54. FREE: blue 3-person rear bench in SF / also brown fronts

  55. FREE: gray Eurovan jumpseat in SF Area

  56. FS 1980 camper (engine fire) $750 in Alabama

  57. FS 1991? syncro in MA .. auction, current bid $1400

  58. FS 86 Vanagon $500 OBO

  59. FS 86 vanagon $500 OBO near Boulder, CO

  60. FS Mag Wheels, 120v 5000 watt generator, oil cooler

  61. FS Westfalia Air Conditioner

  62. FS Westfalia OEM water tank

  63. FS: '91 Vanagon GL - *Still for Sale*

  64. FS: Check-out RARE 1985 Caravelle Oettinger 2.5 118hp

  65. FS: fiberglass front "aero" bumpers and front door skirts - fit ANY vanagon

  66. FS: locking cap for early style water tank

  67. FS: new locks with factory rubberhead key(s)

  68. First Trip on New Engine (long)

  69. For Sale: 5 Alloy Wheels

  70. Friday Topic: Short Vans

  71. Front Heater Core Retrofit (Save money!)

  72. Front folding jumpseats project

  73. Fw: Window Screens for Vanagon

  74. Happy Thanksgiving + Marginal VW Content

  75. Has anyone tried other jumpseat makes

  76. Heater Retrofit (Friday)

  77. Hesitation after stopping

  78. How To: syncro fuel tank removal

  79. I Need to buy Carb

  80. I got it! 89 Vanagon Westy

  81. I love this list...but way too much email...

  82. ISO: Fuel filler hose, syncro

  83. Internet Usage on the Road - Verizon Billing Caution

  84. Is the Idle control module adjustable or is it just bad?

  85. Is this thread dead yet?


  87. Jump seat single bed project.

  88. Jumpseat for sale - add to any camper or van

  89. Know any good, fast mechanics in Austin Texas?

  90. Kustomer Service from Van-Again Ken

  91. Leaky diesel

  92. Locating Waxoyl

  93. Looking for CT Carat

  94. Looking for Listee in Gapland, MD with parts FS

  95. More ECU questions

  96. My new Westy friend, now home with NO problems!

  97. Need bad ECU or connector / adapter

  98. Need diesel ring gear or flywheel


  100. New 1.9 camshaft FS

  101. O2 sensor function


  103. OXS Light... what model years was it used

  104. OXS Light... what model years was it used?

  105. P1 heater repair?

  106. Question about Oxygen Sensor Signal Wire PN

  107. ROAD SALT..Re: Warning - WA Dept of Trans & Chemistry

  108. RV: States to Costa Rica in a Vanagon?

  109. Radio codes : more info.

  110. Radio codes : more info. (FISH)

  111. Radio codes : more info. FISH breath

  112. Rear Heater

  113. Rear Heater THANKS

  114. Replacement computer

  115. Revisited Dreaded Orange Drops On Driveway

  116. Road Salt in Wa State- We need to protest!

  117. Robert


  119. SA grill; anybody have one for sale?

  120. Smoke from dash

  121. Starting problem

  122. States to Costa Rica in a Vanagon?

  123. Su.V/

  124. Sunroof/Moonroof/Marine Hatch

  125. Syncro to tame for you?

  126. TDI engine conversion kit availability

  127. Ten Bar oil pressure .......... you gotta be kidding. Long

  128. The Truth About Florida

  129. Tranny woes solved we think - update

  130. Ultimate method for dealing with tailgaters

  131. VW Van & Camping Stuff For Sale

  132. VW junkyards around Wheeling WV

  133. Vanagon Cruise Control Installation

  134. Vanagon Stuff FS

  135. Vanagon parts FS

  136. Vanagon replacement engines -- when & what?

  137. Vanagons in Boulder Co.

  138. Vans in South America

  139. Vw junkyard near I77 and 70. CORRECTION

  140. Vw junkyard near I77 and 70..Cambridge Ohio (name of it?)





  145. WTB - nasty brown vinyl middle and rear seat, cargo area carpet

  146. WTB Round Headlight Grill

  147. WTB: Syncro instrument cluster

  148. WTB: gray VINYL upholstery from later models

  149. WTB: pre-86 front grill

  150. WTB: rear engine carriers from 83 diesel

  151. Warning - WA Dept of Trans & Chemistry

  152. Waxoyl

  153. Waxoyl Alternative

  154. Waxoyl questions

  155. Weird pressure in water reservoir and behavior of red light ?

  156. Westy Photo Trip Report to Mt. Baker, Washington

  157. Westy luggage area weatherproof storage?

  158. Westy tires

  159. Will an 85 starter fit/work on a 2.1 liter?

  160. Window Screens for Vanagon

  161. Windshields - OEM vs Aftermarket

  162. Winter camping

  163. Winter camping heat! (Propex heater for sale)

  164. Wire Wheels

  165. Wire Wheels..

  166. Wont start at all now...

  167. Wont start update

  168. [OT] CIS-E Motronic trouble code retreival

  169. [Syncro] FREE: GONE...also brown fronts

  170. [Syncro] Happy Thanksgiving + Marginal VW Content

  171. [Syncro] TDI engine conversion kit availability

  172. [Syncro] another Calif stretch Vanagon project

  173. [T2] Wont start update

  174. [WetWesties] VW Van & Camping Stuff For Sale

  175. [WetWesties] Warning - WA Dept of Trans & Chemistry

  176. [subaruvanagon] RE: Upgraded Brakes

  177. adjusting rear view mirrors

  178. another Calif stretch Vanagon project

  179. antenna

  180. any interest in clear/smoked/all red vanagon taillights?

  181. any interest in clear/smoked/all red vanagon taillights? (purple hair)

  182. any interest in clear/smoked/all red vanagon taillights? FISH

  183. anyone parting out a westy poptop camper??

  184. ball joint issues

  185. clear tailights and a job

  186. dead hall sender-where to get replacement?

  187. dual battery relay

  188. emergency brake doesn't work well?

  189. emergency brake doesn't work well? - Non VW content

  190. emergency brakes

  191. glad to meet you

  192. how to HOT-WIRE a Vanagon?

  193. iso 12v relay for 86 golf

  194. no heat ! .. the saga continues

  195. o2 sensor wire

  196. oil filler tube gasket for diesel

  197. on fog and driving lights

  198. parking fish?

  199. parking light fix

  200. parking light?

  201. re. Radio codes : more info.

  202. relay cost question

  203. road salt...Re: [WetWesties] Warning - WA Dept of Trans & Chemistry

  204. saggy rear end fixed

  205. smoked rear taillights found - Re: clear tailights and a job

  206. states...

  207. tank 403b or 403A

  208. update: CARFAX avail

  209. vanagon Digest - 21 Nov 2002 (#2002-1361)

  210. vanagon Digest - 25 Nov 2002 to 26 Nov 2002 - Special issue (#2002-1375)

  211. wbx camshaft vs type1 aircooled camshaft

  212. westfalia 2nd battery question

  213. windshield prices--big variance??
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