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VANAGON archives – February 2004, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. 1986 Vanagon GL for sale

  2. 2004 campouts

  3. 225/75R16 and 235/85R16 tire fitment pics!

  4. : Anyone running a Oettinger powered Van ?

  5. <No subject>

  6. A/C hose replacement - OK to leave compressor belted?

  7. ATVW

  8. After Burning Van

  9. Ah, heated mirrors

  10. Anyone running a Oettinger powered Van( or completed van) ?


  12. BURNINGvAN redux

  13. Battery isolators vs Relays- was- Why do JC Whitney Battery....

  14. Bilstein's on Ebay

  15. Brake Fluid Reservoir-----Where?!

  16. Bus Depot Discount code

  17. CHEAP exhaust fans for propane heater

  18. CarFax?

  19. Cigarete lighter removal

  20. Cigarette lighter removal

  21. Cobb County, GA Mechanic?

  22. Coolant leak from above the oil filter........happenned to you?

  23. Copper Crush Gasket

  24. Copper Crush Gasket, Mobil 1

  25. Cubic Zirconia Mats (was WTB: Rubber Diamond floor plate for Westy)

  26. Customer's 86 Syncro for Sale

  27. Diesel Engine on eBay - Funny Paintjob

  28. Diesel Engine on eBay - Funny Paintjob + LINK

  29. Diesel engine on ebay



  32. ECU Power;

  33. ECU question

  34. ECU question, w/ O2 disconnected

  35. Ebay vanagon in Lothian MD

  36. Engine Temp?

  37. Engine temp problems/was thermostat

  38. Everybus 2004 Kid's Activities

  39. FOR SALE: Good used mirrors

  40. FS 84 vanagon GL $500 near pleasant hill, MO USA

  41. FS Aircooled Mahle Oil Filters

  42. FS, Carat/Audi wheels with new tires

  43. FS: '89 Vanagon Carat - $2500

  44. FS: 1985 camper $3950 USA Chambersburg, PA

  45. FYI - Mr Heater Buddy

  46. Fiberglass bumper repair & installation of ground effects?

  47. Flashing Temperature LED

  48. Freezing throttle cable

  49. Freezing throttle cable temporary fix

  50. Friday - the unsexy vanagon

  51. Friday - the unsexy vanagon--- a different version

  52. Friday Bug Remover

  53. Friday: Right Brain/Left Brain

  54. Fridge's heat exchanger fell off!

  55. Fwd: Cigarete lighter removal

  56. Fwd: Why do JC Whitney Battery isolators have this VW caveat?

  57. Fwd: [not_a_vw_club] "Convertible" Vanagon!

  58. HELP- Oil light blinking

  59. Has anyone installed an ABA-based engine conversion?

  60. How long have your shocks lasted?

  61. I Win the Friday Bonehead Award

  62. I need Diagrams Oil Heater & Water Pump 86' Vanagon

  63. Information on Klimaus or Kilma Headliner Air Conditioners.

  64. Installing front syncro shocks-HOW TO??

  65. Internal cargo hooks

  66. JM060356@AOL.COM

  67. Kudos to Vanagain

  68. Las Vegas, NV camping

  69. Las Vegas, NV camping(NVC)

  70. Late Frydaye Follies - Don't you just love critical thinkers???

  71. Lights behind heater controls

  72. Looking for convex mirrors for Vanagon

  73. Looking for convex mirrors for Vanagon - shorter url

  74. Me Too: Remote control door unlocking?

  75. Mechanic in Knox, TN?

  76. Metalic brakes

  77. Metalic brakes / Brake Squeal

  78. Metallic brakes

  79. Metallic brakes / The Rest of the Story

  80. Middle Seat Removal from Passenger Vanagon

  81. Mounting VDO sender

  82. NVC - Friday Humor

  83. NVC - Fryeday Humor

  84. NVC but Interstellar, dude

  85. Need 86-91 low mileage quiet tranny.

  86. Need help with container shipping size info from Europe

  87. New Westy Product

  88. New things happening at Van-Again Forum

  89. Noise from rear...

  90. Oddball Dokas

  91. Oregon Double Cab Orange in seattle this weekend???

  92. P/Steering hose# ??

  93. Part For sale

  94. Parts for Sale

  95. Please recommend 15" tires

  96. Problem with gearshift lever bearing - 84

  97. Propane heater @ Camping World

  98. Rear seats for next to nothing...

  99. Red Line cv-2

  100. Removal of the A/C switch panel

  101. Repair Manual

  102. Replacing Rear Axels tips and tricks?

  103. Report on A/T rebuild

  104. Right Brain/Left Brain

  105. RoadHaus - Las Vegas shop question

  106. RoadHaus - Reflections on 2003

  107. RoadHaus - US & Canada VW Campout Event Schedule

  108. Rosarito, Mexico;

  109. SPAM EATER at

  110. SPAM EATER at NVC

  111. Sink Faucet for Vanagon Camper

  112. Source for GOOD high pressure FI tubing & clamps?

  113. Spare tire holder?

  114. Straight-up VS. Tilt-up - the best Westy Top

  115. Straightening Audi Alloy Wheel

  116. Strange hard start when warm, symptom getting worse

  117. Stub Axle - Service and Bearing Replacement

  118. Stub Axle / Grease: Enough Is Too Much

  119. Stupid Question of the Day - Sliding Door Latches Poorly

  120. Switch

  121. Syncro Decoupler with needle bearings

  122. Syncro Doka with snow plow on ebay

  123. Syncro Side Tent Recommendation

  124. Syncro parts van update

  125. THREAD OVER RE: simple-minded like me?

  126. THREAD OVER! RE: simple-minded like me?

  127. TOW BAR

  128. Traveled Europoe in a Vanagon?

  129. Type of propane fittings on Westy?

  130. Ultimate Cheapo Headlight Upgrade

  131. VW logo break light

  132. Vanagon Manual

  133. WANTED: Graphic design ideas for my TriStar

  134. WARNING !- Diesel Engine on eBay - Funny Paint Job

  135. WTB: Diesel Intake Snorkel Assembly

  136. WTB: Eperspacher Diesel Aux. Heater (DA6)

  137. WTB: Rubber Diamond floor plate for Westy

  138. WTB:skylight hinges

  139. Was Ottinger, now Porsche 3.0

  140. Was: Won't Idle When Hot

  141. What's the biggest 15" the front spare carrier can hold?

  142. Which end?

  143. Whoa, look at that Doka! (or attn David Marshall)

  144. Why do JC Whitney Battery isolators have this VW caveat

  145. Why do JC Whitney Battery isolators have this VW caveat?

  146. Your message to vanagon-request@GERRY.VANAGON.COM

  147. [Syncro] Re: Freezing throttle cable temporary fix

  148. amphibious pop top

  149. anyone ever upgrade their faucet

  150. carpet sets

  151. cv joint service (cv-2?)

  152. diesel flywheel

  153. folding wheel step

  154. fridge spark wire needed

  155. front brake and rotor job

  156. headliner material for westy

  157. heat exchanger

  158. ignition switch part #

  159. in vehicle head repair

  160. left front side mirror?

  161. need Headlight fixtures

  162. please report any problems (see message body) - apology

  163. re need tranny

  164. re. I Win the Friday Bonehead Award

  165. rear bumper repair in Costa Mesa...

  166. shifter parts

  167. simple-minded like me?

  168. simple-minded like me? / You Got That Right.

  169. slipping out 4th/ syncro 86

  170. snowplow

  171. source for diesel flywheel

  172. speedo 85 vanagon....DPO and the use of various adhesives?

  173. speedo/odometer for an 85 vanagon

  174. speedometer reads fast----what size tires are supposed to go on?

  175. starting issues

  176. syncro doka w/plow

  177. test message, no content

  178. trade?

  179. trailing an adventurewagen to the west Coast

  180. unclassified WTB 14" Factory Alloy wheels

  181. vanagon Digest - 2 Feb 2004 - Special issue (#2004-94)

  182. vanagon on googlism

  183. was starting mechanic questions

  184. where can I find more about this? Syncro plow mount

  185. where is your coolant needle

  186. why does my electric clock stop and go?

  187. wisdom of DOT 5 brake fluid

  188. wisdom of brake fluid res. location

  189. z bed for an 85
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